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We picked the name because it simply encapsulated what we wanted to do more than anything, sell the world’s best wines…online. 

Tris and I know there are plenty of folks out there who buy wine online because, in our previous lives, we helped pioneer the concept of selling ‘vino’ on a computer.  Yet we also know there are even more folks that still want that passionate, tactile experience of discovering a great bottle of wine after their local wine merchant gives them the ‘411’.  Maybe it was a great story about the winemaker, maybe it was the age of the vines, maybe it was the passion you saw in the eyes of that merchant as they were ‘going off’, telling you just how great a bottle they held in their hands. Regardless, it is that passion that fires everyone up when it comes to wine.

Our goal is to bring the same passion you'll find at our retail store to the internet.  We want you to feel as psyched about that next bottle of wine you buy from us as we were when we discovered it.  Wine is fun, it’s relaxing, its sharing…and it is for drinking.  We want you to drink the wine we sell, though some of it might require a ‘hands off’ policy for a few years to work out the kinks. When that’s the case we will let you know. But, in general, the wines we select for our shopping experience should be ready to go…now.  Thus, be on the lookout for older vintage offerings as you work through the site and our sales floor, there will always be a few gems with some bottle age, hand-picked by us on our buying trips, which are available for a song.

Tris and I want you to have a terrific experience every time you log on or stop by.  Watch the videos, check out the deals, and see what our crew, with a combined 50 years in the biz come up with next.  And please, let us know your thoughts, opinions, wishes and desires when it comes to your complete in-house and/or online wine shopping experience.  We are people…and we have ears.

All the Best,
Kyle and Tris
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