Best 15 Inch Wine Coolers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Aobosi 2. Phiestina 3. Phiestina
Aobosi 15-inch Wine Cooler Best 15 Inch Wine Cooler Undercounter Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Are you tired of searching for wine coolers that could fit under your countertop? It is easier to narrow down your appliance size based on the room available to accommodate them.

A 15-inch wide wine cooler is a great addition to fit in your kitchen cabinets. The best wine cooler always comes at some price. But it surely ensures powerful cooling and something you can trust on for storing your wine collection.

Most wine coolers made these days keep in mind the limited space available to fit them. A 15-inch wine cooler is luckily the most common size manufacturers make these days. It is compact and designed to seamlessly fit in your tight kitchen spaces.

Time to enjoy some classic dining with a glass of sparkling wine stored in the best 15-inch wine cooler under counter. Here we list down some of the best 15-inch wine coolers for you to make the best choice.

Top 10 Best 15-inch Wine Coolers 2021

1. Aobosi 15-inch Wine Cooler

Aobosi 15-inch Wine Cooler Best 15 Inch Wine Cooler Undercounter

The Aobosi 15-inch wine cooler under counter has an extremely exquisite design. The wine cooler frame is made of seamless stainless steel and has a double tempered glass door.

This freestanding wine cooler has a classy and fashionable look. It can fit into any home decor, club, cafes, and restaurants. The sleek design of the wine cooler will be an eye-catching feature.

This 15-inch wine cooler includes a built-in powerful, and professional compressor. It runs with low operating noise of around 42 dB, and the vibrations produced are quite low. It also exhibits an energy-saving feature.

It helps in maintaining the taste and maturation of your wine. Aobosi wine cooler is a dual-zone cooler that fits under your countertop. It provides a touch-screen control panel that allows you to customize the temperature settings in just a single touch.

The temperature ranges between 41-54 degrees Fahrenheit in the upper zone, whereas 54-68 degrees Fahrenheit in the lower zone. The different temperature zones were included to ensure the perfect chilling of wines at their respective optimal temperatures.

This dual-zone 15-inch wine cooler has the capacity of holding up to 28 wine bottles. If you plan to store larger wine bottles, the capacity may vary from the standard that has been stated.

The inside of the wine cooler has beech wooden shelves. They can be easily assembled or disassembled and are easy to slide out. The structure is strong enough to hold your wine bottles.

This model is an upgraded version of its predecessors. One of the recent features it enables is that it restores the temperature to the set value after it is back from a power cut.

It includes a security lock and a lock screen function to protect the set program from being disrupted due to any accidental operation.

It is indeed the best 15-inch wine cooler with a unique design to preserve your wine and fit into any home decor.



2. Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator

Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator

We often believe that compactness and portability complement each other. Phiestina beverage cooler refrigerator is a 15-inch compact cooler to fit under the countertop at your home, bar, or office.

This Phiestina model is a combination of beverage cooler properties and refrigerator temperatures to store your pristine wine collection.

This is the best 15-inch beverage cooler in terms of portability as it offers 6 removable shelves. The two stoppers on each side at the end of the wall prevent the movement of the shelf and protect the bottles from falling.

The trays inside the cooler have been designed in such a way that they maximize storage and minimize space. It can hold up to 96 bottles of your favorite wine.

This beverage cooler refrigerator is not only used to store wine but can also accommodate beers and sodas.

The wine cooler unit offers a high-tech compressor and an air duct system. It makes sure that every corner of the cooler receives the cold air with minimum noise possible.

This is a tall, sleek, and flawless model with a classic design for personal as well as professional use.

Phiestina beverage cooler is constructed of a stainless steel door frame with a transparent glass door. The handles are ergonomically designed to provide a non-slippery and comfortable grip every time you open the door.

A front vent is embedded in a nicely designed kick plate to ensure that heat can go out from the front but does not stay in your cabinet. This beautifully designed kick plate is an add-on to the cooler’s appearance. It aligns the lower part of the cooler refrigerator to the cabinet’s kick plate.

It offers you buttons to set the temperature. The temperature is available in both Fahrenheit and Celcius. The available range of temperatures to perfectly chill your wine is between 38 -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature memory function of this refrigerator allows resetting the temperature quickly after the power cut.

Get this best 15-inch wine cooler and get access to some fine quality of chilled wine.



3. Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

This Phiestina 15-inch dual-zone cooler wine model is a mix of refreshment cooler properties and fridge temperatures to store your perfect wine assortment.

This is the best 15-inch drink cooler as far as movability is considered as it offers 5 removable racks. Towards the end of the inner wall lies two stoppers each to avoid any kind of movement and protect the wine bottles from falling.

These shelves are constructed in such a way that they can accommodate a maximum number of wine bottles in minimum space. It can hold up to 29 bottles of your preferred wine.

We frequently accept that conservativeness and movability supplement one another. Phiestina 15-inch wine cooler has a dual-zone designing with a freestanding design.

This wine cooler refrigerator offers a cutting edge blower compressor and an air circulation framework. It ensures that every corner of the cooler gets the cold air with the least noise production and higher efficiency.

The stainless steel door frame and a transparent glass door allow this model to cater to any kind of home or office decor. It also has a tall, sleek, and flawless design.

This model contains a reversible door hinge, meaning you can use the left-side door hinge to reverse the opening side of the door.

The temperature range of the upper zone of this dual-zone wine cooler ranges between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is generally preferred for white wine. Whereas the lower zone temperature lies between 50-66 degrees Fahrenheit, which is most likely to store red wine.

There is an extended front vent from the kick plate. It has turned out to be an extremely strategic decision to ensure that the heat can be let out from the front without staying in the cabinet.

The front vent aligns the bottom of the wine cooler with the kick plate and acts as a bonus point in terms of the appearance of the wine cooler.

This is the best 15-inch wine cooler you can buy to enjoy some classic dining with a serving of sparkling wine chilled in your own Phiestina dual-zone wine cooler. It is made available for both personal and professional use.



4. 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator- NutriChef PKCWC150

15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator- NutriChef PKCWC150

This wine cooler refrigerator is a white and red wine countertop wine cooler. It is structured in a way to hold standing wine bottles. It has the maximum capacity to hold up to 15 bottles.

The 15-inch wine cooler refrigerator introduced by NutriChef includes a high-tech built-in compressor with a fan cooling technology. It also consists of a touchscreen digital panel for display.

This model features an adjustable temperature control option with temperature settings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It is integrated with LED lights in addition to a sensitive touch screen power control unit embedded on a blue glass temperature display.

The doors are constructed with reinforced glass, and the wine cooler features a built-in circulation fan and a ventilation grill. This 15-inch wine cooler features contoured and polished chrome 4 racks along with 1 bottom rack. It exhibits a freestanding design for floors and tables in addition to countertops. This can indeed be the best choice of gift for any wine enthusiast!

This NutriChef wine cooler offers a temperature ranging between 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit to enjoy some pristine quality wine as per your taste. This temperature controller is located near the door, which avoids regular opening and closing of the fridge to set temperature and thus supports energy efficiency.

The ultra-quiet operation of this model allows the advanced cooling of your wine at optimal temperatures without producing much noise.

Nutrichef 15-inch wine cooler has enabled the feature of automatic locking in 20 seconds since the last time a button is pressed. This control panel lock feature prevents your kids from accidentally varying the set levels. This child-safety auto-lock system is an impeccable feature of this model.

Grab this best 15 Bottle Wine Cooler by Nutrichef to access some fine quality wine!



5. Allavino VSWR30-1SSRN Wine Refrigerator

Allavino VSWR30-1SSRN Wine Refrigerator

This Allavino wine cellar features up to 6 racks holding 5 bottles, each making the capacity of this wine cooler to hold 30 bottles.

The strategic spacing between the racks enables you to store bottles of variable diameters. This prevents the removal of racks and does not expect you to reduce the quantity for proper assembly of the bottles inside the cooler.

The maximum storage capacity can only be hindered if you plan to accommodate larger Pinot or Champagne bottles inside the wine cooler.

This 15-inch wine cooler supports full range digital temperature control. The unique design of this model is embedded with a control panel offering with a clear digital display.

It includes customer-oriented push-button controls that let you manage and monitor the internal temperature of the cooler. The temperature range of the cooler lies between 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the optimal temperature for storing white or red wine.

In a single push, the control panel can be used for lighting the cool blue LED. They are cooler than the normal bulbs and even provide an elegant illumination to your wine bottles.

The Allavino 15-inch wine cooler is designed with durable metal shelves. They are strong enough to carry the bulk of weighted bottles without sagging, and on the other side, they are thin enough to provide maximum storage facility.

These shelves are attached to ball-bearing tracks to provide easy sliding access. The fronts of this wine cooler are made of stainless steel and wooden slats that prevent any sort of harmful vibrations to enter in and thus save your wine.

This wine cooler has a black cabinet with an all-black interior and a stainless steel framed glass door. The cooler provides some edge-cutting technology to cater to an ideal environment for your wine collection.

It features a 25% energy-efficient advanced cooling system in addition to internal fans to circulate air inside the cabinet. Overall, it provides an impeccable performance, less noise, and minimal vibrations.

Allavino 15-inch wine cooler is indeed the best 15-inch wine cooler that features a front-venting design. It is versatile due to the presence of both curved and towel bar handles, which could be used to customize the look as per your preference.



6. Karcassin Wine Cooler

Karcassin Wine Cooler

Karcassin wine cooler is an intelligently designed 15-inch wine cooler with easy installation in a cabinet with built-in storage or can also be used as a standalone unit.

It features a double-layered glass to ensure effective cooling. The addition of a kick plate aligns the bottom part of the cooler with the cabinet.

Karcassin wine cooler is equipped with a high-tech advanced compressor. The main aim of including such a compressor is to prevent vibrations and disturbance of sediments to ensure evenly matured and good flavored wine.

It is embedded with a special carbon filter with an internal circulation that promises avoidance of any kind of foul smell and keeps the air pure, fresh, and cold. This wine cooler includes internal fans that provide adequate and controlled air circulation and ensures that the bottles are stored at an optimal temperature.

Karcassin 15-inch wine cooler is a dual-zone model. With two independently controlled temperature zones, this wine cooler allows you to store red and white wine separately in different compartments as per their required temperature.

The upper zone temperature ranges between 41-54 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the lower zone compartment’s temperature lies between 54-64 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature memory function is capable of restoring the set temperature level once the machine is back on after a power cut.

The Karcassin wine cooler offers a sleek and stainless-steel finish where you can store your wine bottles in a well-organized manner and at the right temperature. This wine cooler keeps the wine crisp, cool, and sparkling.

This wine cooler features beautiful interiors with 4 beech wood racks with easy sliding capability. It can hold up to 28 bottles of size 750ml each. This model features a reversible door, and trendy blue lights add to the modern appearance of this model.

Karcassin wine cooler is one among the best 15-inch wine cooler under countertop with a security locking feature and a captivating design to store your prestigious wine collection.



7. Staigis Wine Cooler

STAIGIS Wine Cooler

This STAIGIS wine cooler has the capability of taking your home bar to another level. This model is constructed of a stainless steel door frame and a glass door. This structure includes a sleek, concealed handle to add some elegance to any home or office decor.

It enables quick-cooling technology. You can keep your Merlot and Chardonnay chill with STAIGIS wine cooler. It ensures that your crisp white wines and fruity red wines are stored at optimal temperatures.

It has a digital temperature control that allows you to adjust the temperature between 40-66 degrees Fahrenheit.

This wine cooler is more comfortable and ergonomic. It provides larger opening angles, which make it easier to pull out your wine bottles. They offer hidden handles that concise your kitchen space.

It comprises of stylish and elegant LCD temperature display and touch screen panel. The intelligent temperature memory function allows the machine to restore its previous state after a power cut and protects your wine collection from being affected.

It features a security lock to keep kids away so that there is no occurrence of any accidental operation. It also prevents the door from being opened inadvertently.

It can be easily installed under a countertop, and it allows you the flexibility of removing racks to fit in larger bottles. The shelves can slide in and out very smoothly.

STAIGIS wine cooler has a freestanding structure that has the maximum capacity of holding 30 bottles.

It is one of the best 15-inch wine coolers that can be installed in any home decor and allows you to enjoy some fine quality wine serving at your table.



8. NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler

NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler

The NewAir AWR-290DB wine coolers offer you one sleek and easy-to-use appliance to stock your entire wine collection. It is a space saver and ensures that your wine is stored properly in the right environment.

The NewAir AWR-290B features dual-zone technology. In enables you to store fruity red wines and crispy white wines separately as per their required temperatures in a single cabinet.

The upper zone temperature ranges between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit where white wine can be perfectly chilled. At the same time, the lower zone temperature ranges between 50-66 degrees Fahrenheit where you can stock your red wine.

You can easily control the temperature with the help of the easy-to-use thermostats this wine cooler provides.

This energy-efficient wine cooler is spacious inside with compact outside dimensions. It has enough room to hold up to 29 bottles. The reverse swing door available in this wine cooler allows you to customize the door according to the layout of your room.

It contains three beech drawers with an easy-to-slide feature. It also features a soft blue light that enables you to read the labels on the bottle and give the cabinet an elegant and classy look.

This design provides you flexibility in adjusting the height of your shelves so that you can properly fit your bottles inside the chiller. It features a high-tech compressor to enable perfect storage facilities.

The NewAir wine cooler protects your collection from any kind of damage, theft, or accidental operation. It features a double-paned glass that is tinted to prevent or limit the UV penetration and secure your wine from the effects of sunlight.

It features a locking mechanism that tends to hold the door tightly in the closed position unless you are ready to retrieve a bottle.

NewAir AWR-290DB is a powerful and intelligently designed wine cooler. It is one of the best 15-inch wine coolers, which act as perfect storage for your pristine wine collection.



9. Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler

Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler

This 15-inch Kalamera wine cooler is capable of holding up to 30 wine bottles of standard size.This wine cooler includes a double-layered glass door. It helps in keeping the internal temperature cooler and more stable. This tempered glass prevents the accumulation of fog to enable a clearer view of the contents of the chiller.

Kalamera wine coolers offer an additional temperature memory control function that resets the temperature level to the set level before the power cut when the power restarts. It is one of the most important features as it prevents heat damage, which is caused when the temperature fluctuations are sharp.

It constitutes an LED controlled display. This allows you to regulate the temperature of the cooling unit. This avoids the random guessing you would have to do to set the unit’s temperature in case of its absence. Anomalies can be detected faster, especially in case of sharp fluctuations.

The Kalamera wine cooler has an advanced high-tech compressor to lower the vibrations and limit the noise produced. Hence, it stores your wine reserve without disturbing any sediments to ensure good taste.

This 15-inch wine cooler has a reversible door hinge. It enables you to customize your door as per the layout of your home. The door of this wine cooler is embedded with a security lock to keep your reserves safe and avoid any kind of accidental operation.

The interior of this cooler has 6 beechwood racks designed strategically to store your wine bottles. The interior is also equipped with a proper air circulating system with an embedded carbon filter to protect against any foul smell.

Kalamera 15” wine cooler is one of the best 15-inch wine coolers that has everything to allow you to enjoy some finest quality chilled and tasty wine.



10. Titan 15” Wine Cooler

Titan 15” Wine Cooler

Titan 15-inch wine coolers is a stylish model, including a seamless stainless steel single zone cabinet.

The wine cooler includes a roller glide wooden shelf. The shelves could be glided in and out smoothly and effortlessly. You can slide them till the end without the fear of scratching any of the labels.

The Titan wine cooler is crafted in such a way that it can be used for both personal and professional use. The strategic design of racks allows it to hold variable sizes of bottles, including standard Bordeaux, Cabernet, Burgundy, Pinot Noir, etc. The bottom rack provides some additional room to accommodate large-sized wine bottles.

It features a smart temperature memory function that restores the set level of temperature after a power outage. This protects your wine reserves from any kind of heat damage and avoids sharp fluctuations in temperature.

It also comprises of a high-temperature alarm system. This door alarm notifies you in case of rising temperature or if a door left ajar.

If you are a wine enthusiast, you would certainly know that continuous opening and shutting of the cooler’s door can introduce some foul smell that could hinder the process of wine preservation.

Keeping in mind the above issue, the Titan 15-inch wine cooler is embedded with carbon filters that purify the air inside the cooler. This protects it against any kind of bad smell and maintains ideal conditions for your wine collection so that you can enjoy some fine tasting wine.

The design of this wine cooler includes convenient touch controls, and an easy-to-read LED display. It enables you to monitor and adjust the temperature as per your cooling needs. The interior lights are energy-efficient and allow you to read the labels easily.

Titan 15” Wine Cooler is one of the best 15-inch wine cooler under counter. Just switch on the additional display light to transform your wine collection into a sleek home décor element. Enjoy some classic sparkling wine at your dinner table stored in this 15-inch wine cooler.



Factors To Look For While Buying The Best 15-inch Wine Cooler Undercounter

If you intend to buy an under-counter 15-inch wine cooler, there are many factors that must be taken into account to choose the best chiller that suits your required cooling needs. Some of the crucial factors to give a thought to before the purchase is:

1. Placement

The first thing that should strike your mind while buying a good and efficient built-in wine cooler is whether you have enough space to fit in your appliances. The best thing to do is to eliminate your choices is to determine how limited you are regarding the size.

The under-counter wine coolers are more flexible than freestanding coolers in terms of their placement. As a potential buyer, you should have a clear picture of where you are willing the fit the wine cooler at your home or office.

Generally, built-in coolers are fixed under the countertop.

If you are renovating or building a new house, you have enough choice to select the best fitting wine cooler. But if you wish to fit the wine cooler in a predefined space, then you need to limit your options, and the models available to you would be limited.

As of today, there are many different sizes in the market to match your preferences and layout. Therefore, it is advisable to know the correct measurements before you buy the model.

2. Capacity

One of the most essential criteria to give a thought to before buying a wine cooler is how many bottles the cooler can accommodate. Space is one of the major criteria to choose the wine cooler’s size and thus choose how many wine reserves can be stored.

Many kitchens and bars tend to have a restrained space and thus generally pick small wine coolers. If space is not a problem, you can definitely concentrate on the number of bottles you wish to preserve.

The capacity of the wine cooler is one of the most essential specifications a manufacturer could provide. For easy assembly and avoiding clashing of bottles, you need to look out for the capacity factor.

The wine coolers’ capacity is generally based on the standard size of the wine bottles, which is approximately 750 ml.

As per observations, many wine coolers offer removable racks. This enables you to go for a wine cooler with a higher capacity than the bottles you intend to accommodate.

3. Number Of Zones

The best-suited temperature for fruity red wines and crispy white wines are different. For storing both the wines in the same cooler cabinet, the cabinet needs to have dual-zone compartments.

Depending on your choice of wine, whether it is only red wine or only white wine, you can go for a single zone wine cellar. But, if you are a wine enthusiast with great taste in both the wines, you need to opt for a dual-zone wine cooler.

There are also wine coolers where compartments are divided into two, one for storing wines and the other for different beverages. It is preferable to go for this type of model if you intend to enjoy wine and other beverages.

The number of zones provided in the model hold great importance when you chose a wine cooler. It is highly based on your preference and taste.

4. Noise

The majority of the wine coolers are embedded with an advanced high-tech compressor, which produces minimal vibrations. The two types of cooling techniques generally found in wine coolers are compressor cooling or thermoelectric cooling.

The technology used lays a significant impact on the noise produced by the cooler. The thermoelectric coolers are quiet appliances. If you wish for a quiet surrounding, this is the model you would like to go for.

The alternate option of a compressor cooler is still an option if you are fine with a little noise. It is noisier than the thermoelectric wine cooler.

But, the best products entered the market with more advanced compressor coolers that limit the noise produced, prevent vibrations, and are energy efficient.

Noise is a big factor that will help you in limiting your choices and determining the best wine cooler to match your environment to enable you to enjoy some high-class sparkling wine at your dinner table.


The industry of wine coolers is evolving and innovating as time passes. It has advanced from big and steady wine coolers to produce some fine quality compact and portable wine coolers.

The 15-inch wine coolers are optimally sized wine coolers that fit under any countertop or table or suffice in a small place. Space is a considerable limitation in households these days, preventing you from purchasing wine coolers to preserve your pristine wine collection.

These 15-inch wine coolers come as a solution to this space problem.

These wine coolers feature an advanced high-tech compressor to provide an energy-efficient storage machine. They are also embedded with a touch display for proper adjustment and monitoring of temperature levels.

Some of these wine coolers also comprise a temperature memory function that allows the cellar to reset the temperature once it is back from a power outage. This protects your wine reserves from heat damage that could have been caused due to fluctuations in temperatures.

Using these wine coolers allows you to have an impeccable dining experience with your favorite wine served at the table. They provide an ideal temperature for storing your wine. If the wine is not preserved at an optimal temperature, it will lead to a loss of freshness, aroma, and taste.

These 15-inch wine coolers enabled with LED lighting not only act as a storage unit but add an elegant touch to your decor. Having a 15-inch wine cooler is the wisest decision if you are a wine enthusiast, collecting wine for personal use or occasional purposes.

The above listed 15-inch wine coolers are the 10 best 15-inch wine coolers under counter. They are perfect for use in any kind of home or office decor and offering great storage for some best quality wine.


1. Do Wine Coolers Use A Lot Of Electricity?

The regular fridges use electricity up to 350-800 Watts. On the other hand, wine coolers use 100 Watts of energy on average. Energy efficiency is also based on the type of compressor you use.
Energy consumption can also be affected by the mode of operation of the wine cooler. It is preferable to use a wine cooler embedded with a high-tech compressor if you wish really wish your wine cooler to be energy-efficient. It’s easily worth it since it is one of the most important wine accessories.

2. Do Wine Coolers Need Ventilation?

Proper ventilation is required in any under-counter wine cooler to dissipate heat and protect the wine from heat damage. The under-counter wine coolers generally offer a front vent which not only allows the heat to flow out but also aligns the bottom of the wine cooler with the kick plate.

3. What Should Be The Ideal Bottle Quantity?

The capacity of the wine coolers depends on the size of the bottles you wish to store. The ideal capacity for a 15-inch wine cooler might range between 23-28 bottles of standard size. If the size of the bottles increases, the capacity automatically comes down.

4. Shall I Go For A Single Zone Cooler Or Dual-Zone Cooler?

Whether to buy a single zone wine cooler or a dual-zone wine cooler completely depends on your wine preference. White wines and red wines have different optimal temperatures. If you prefer one among these, a single-zone wine cooler will work for you. But, if you wish to store both types of wine, it is advisable that you lookout for a dual-zone wine cooler.

5. What Is The Perfect Temperature For Wine?

The optimal temperature for serving light dry white wines lies between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure maximum taste and freshness. Whereas fruity red wines are generally served at a temperature between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit for perfect aromatic execution and taste.

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