Best Red Wine Glasses 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Sensational Revival 2. JBHO 3. ELIXIR
Season Revival Red Wine Glasses Best Red Wine Glass JBHO Hand-Blown Italian Style Crystal Bordeaux Glasses Elixir Glassware Red Wine Glasses

The kind of glass you pour wine in for your guest says a lot about your taste and personality. It is therefore wise to invest in a set or two of distinguishable red wine glasses, especially for the times when you want to leave an impression on your friends, family, or boss.

Shopping for these accessories requires a keen-sight that can tell the difference between what is fine and what only appears to be. Good glassware also contributes to the dining and wine tasting experience. So, before opening up your next bottle of expensive red wine, you may want to get some new wine glasses.

The process of choosing the best red wine glasses can seem as complicated as choosing the wine itself. This guide will take you through some of the best options from the glassware industry to help you choose for yourself.

Top 30 Best Red Wine Glasses 2021

1. Season Revival Red Wine Glasses

Season Revival Red Wine Glasses Best Red Wine Glass

The unconventional design of these glasses can be a conversation starter during your fine-dining session. With the mouth being relatively wide and the bowl having defined edges, this glassware design is uncommon.

It’s not just the design that makes this glass set unique; it is the size of them too. It is large enough to hold a good quantity of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Pinot Noir. The distinct design and size make these glasses suitable for use during family gatherings.

The dimensions also make it easier to keep these glasses clean. The mouth of these glasses is 3.1”, the widest part of the bowl is 4.3” and the height is 9.2”. Since these glasses are slightly larger, they can be hand-washed easily. They are dishwasher safe, but their size could cause an issue if you have a smaller dishwasher.

They are not too fragile for glassware and are made of premium lead-free crystal. It surpasses some of the strictest laboratory tests in the glassware industry, including lead-cadmium free, temperature test, drop test, and the dishwasher test. You can trust these glasses to last.

Its sophistication and elegance make this glass set a perfect gifting item too.



2. JBHO Hand-Blown Italian Style Crystal Bordeaux Glasses 

JBHO Hand-Blown Italian Style Crystal Bordeaux Glasses

This Italian style Bordeaux glasses will please the crowd that likes their glassware simple and classy. The traditional Italian design is all about classic luxury and will elevate your wine drinking experience.

When it comes to quality, JBHO boasts that it gets its glassware made from experienced artisans. It is this quality craftsmanship of these 18-ounces glasses that makes them light in weight yet sturdy to hold. These glasses are hand-blown using twenty-three different procedures to give them the best possible shape and strength.

As far as the shape and size are concerned, these glasses come with a deep bowl with a low-dip. The dimensions are 3.74L x 3.74W x 9.45H inches, which make them a medium size, suitable for everyday or occasional use. The rim features a cold-cut that enhances the taste of the wine when you sip from the glass. The glasses look luminously clear.

The slightly bigger size of these glasses makes it easier to wash thoroughly. They are also durable enough to withstand washing by hand or by the dishwasher.

Not only are these the best red wine glasses when it comes to affordable luxury, but they also make for a good gift item. Bordeaux style glasses are a must-have for your barware set, anyway.



3. Elixir Glassware Red Wine Glasses

Elixir Glassware Red Wine Glasses

These Elixir glasses are shaped like some sophisticated art pieces with a crystal clear Burgundy round body and a tall, slim stem. You can stun your friends and family at your next seasonal gathering when you open a bottle of Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, or Chardonnay and pour it in these glasses for them.

The craftsmanship is spectacular in terms of the design and done carefully to intensify the drinking sensation. It does so through the cut, polished shaped rim that purposefully leads the wine to the center of your tongue. The result is a rush of exquisite taste to the center of your mouth.

These glasses are strictly made with 100% lead-free crystals to make them ultra-clear and safe. The stemware is tempered to withstand shock and makes the overall structure of the glasses strong. The fragile look of these glasses doesn’t mean that their durability has been compromised.

The capacity is 22-fluid ounces and is 9.2” in height with a rim diameter of 2.9”. These are neither too small nor too large but a perfect size that is comfortable to hold.

You can give them as a gift to a newlywed couple or to your mom and dad as a present. The exquisite packaging will impress anyone you wish to gift this box of wine glasses too.

In all, these red wine glasses are worth having in your kitchen.



4. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Red Wine Glasses

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Red Wine Glasses

Schott Zwiesel glasses are made in Germany with Tritan crystal glass – a non-lead, titanium, and zirconium oxide material. The capability of these glasses to resist shock is phenomenal. They do not break easily, do not chip, are scratch-resistant, and are dishwasher safe. This patented model is one of the best red wine glasses by Schott Zwiesel and you should have them in your kitchen.

The dimensions of these glasses are 9.2-inch tall and 4.5-inch wide, and they have a liquid capacity of 23.4-ounce. A one-time fill of these glasses will be enough for anybody. The shape and size are perfect for enjoying a glass or two of Burgundy, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Chianti, Brunello, or Chardonnay.

The glasses come with a design that helps them retain a good balance. This is an important feature that adds value to the money that you spend on these glasses. The base is flat and stands steady, and would not topple over on its own.

Now you know that they will only break when you handle them with carelessness and not on their own, unlike many other glasses. Moreover, they also resist shock to help those who can’t keep a steady hand when they are drunk.

They also do not demand much time in terms of cleaning. You can clean them easily with some soap and water or, alternatively, can put them carefully into the dishwasher. Pat, it dries later with a soft fabric and keeps it safe. The durable design will keep the product lasting if you take care.

This set of six glasses with a sharp-yet-blended geometric look will make your wine tasting experience even more delectable.



5. Riedel Heart To Heart Cabernet Sauvignon Glasses

Riedel Heart To Heart Cabernet Sauvignon Glasses

You cannot expect Riedel to go wrong with their wine glass ranges. It is a 300-year old crystal company and is family-run for a really long time. The industry experience that Riedel has allows it to manufacture glasses that are perfect in aspects like quality, appearance, and size. It knows that the taste of an alcoholic beverage can be affected by the shape and quality of the glass.

If you like your glasses crisp as your wine, the Riedel Heart to Heart Collection is likely to impress you. It is made from a very specific, non-lead crystal that gives the glass an ultra-clear and clean look.

The elegance of the glass also means that they are very fragile. If you are generally clumsy with your glasses, you will need to stay cautious about these if you want them to last.

The shape of the glass resembles that of a diamond. It is fully machine-made, which makes it less prone to having manufacturing faults. The stemware is also unique and adds to the overall splendor of the structure.

All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. These ones come with a holding capacity of 28 ¼ ounces. Its height is 9 ¾ inches. These large red wine glasses make for a steal deal, and you should certainly not miss out on it.



6. JBHO Hand-Blown Italian

JBHO Hand-Blown Italian

The JBHO Bordeaux wine glasses perfectly combine a classic look and practical use. They are best suited to serve red or white wine.

The structure consists of a stunning, deep, U-shaped bowl fixed upon a slender stem. The bowl to stem transition is seamless, which adds more elegance to the structure. These are durable glasses – fragile but resilient. They won’t break unless you are a little too careless or rash with them.

All JBHO glasses are hand-blown using traditional methods, and that is what makes every single piece unique. They are built to upgrade your wine drinking experience. The rim comes in a cold-cut style to allow more flavor to reach your mouth from the drink via the crystal glass. The glass stays stable on table-tops because of their singular flat-foot.

They are made of a material that is completely lead-free. Barium carbonate and zinc and titanium oxides are similar to lead crystals but lighter in weight and shinier. They can also withstand rapid temperature change gracefully.

The whole set four is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Furthermore, they come in reusable packaging. JBHO has more than 10 years of experience in combining craft with design.

To conclude, we can say that you get high-quality at a reasonable price with this set of red wine glasses.



7. The One Wine Glasses

The One Wine Glasses

These glasses were designed by award-winning Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson after years of experience and testing. They come in the ideal shape to make all types of red wine look and taste great. The angle is precise, the bowl deep enough, and the rim a little wider to give you the best possible experience.

Lead makes glasses more fragile. These glasses are made using sturdy, lead-free crystals that make them break-free. The pulled-stem technology adds more to the durability. The glasses are made with just one piece of solid glass, unlike most other glassware that is made with separate pieces for bowl, stem, and base. The result is an overall sturdy structure, which is needed in glassware to make them last longer.

People usually face problems cleaning up their glasses as they are extremely delicate and can break easily. Another problem that people face is discoloring of the glasses after washing.

But with these dishwasher-friendly wine glasses will not bother you much. Their size makes them fit in the dishwasher easily, unlike other larger glasses. They will not become flimsy or won’t etch after washing if you are careful enough because of their durable design.

If you are looking for quality, this is an amazing product for you. A Master Sommelier can never go wrong when it comes to wine and glassware, after all.



8. Amazon Basics Stemless Wine Glasses

Amazon Basics Stemless Wine Glasses

Everybody who drinks wine often knows that they need a spare set of glasses for everyday use. This basic set of stemless wine glasses by AmazonBasics is meant for just that.

Whether you want them just for your immediate family or friends who like to come over more than often is up to you. They also make for a good disposable pair because of their price. You can give them to guests whose hands go shaky once they are sufficiently drunk.

They are comfortable to hold and can take in 15-fluid ounces of wine at once. The dimensions of the glasses are 10.2L x 5.5W x 10.2H in inches. The design is seamless. Nothing too fancy but nothing too disappointing either. The bowl is gently curved – just how it should be. The base is also stable and would not topple over by itself on the table.

They are manufactured out of lead-free crystal that goes by the name soda ash glass. They weigh light, are fragile but will last if you use them with caution.

They can be safely washed in the dishwasher. The one thing you should be concerned about with these glasses is temperature differences, which may potentially lead to breaking.

This is a good set of wine glasses for the price if you want something sweet and simple.



9. Whole Housewares Red Wine Glass

Whole Housewares Red Wine Glass

If you like your wine glasses large, you would like these ones for sure. They are 3.3-inch long, 3.3-inch wide, and 10-inch in height. The bigger-than-usual design allows ease in cleaning and more quantity at a time, of course.

The size of these glasses doesn’t mean that their design has been compromised. They look as sophisticated as any other pair of expensive wine glasses.

The glass with which they are made contains lead-free crystal. The base is efficient in balancing the whole structure. The glass comes with a wider rim and bowl to hold more fluid. The stem is tall enough to allow a comfortable grip and swirling.

These glasses are worth buying because you get a large size at an attractive price. They will make for a good addition to any barware.

Despite their unconventionally large size, the glasses are thin and light and look aesthetic like they should. However, you should only get these glasses if you want a bigger size; otherwise, you will be disappointed.



10. Riedel O Wine Tumbler

Riedel O Wine Tumbler

The Riedel O series has been popular since 2004. It is slightly heavy on the pocket for a stemless set of two, but its premium quality is something that people like spending on. The glasses are machine-made to perfection and are less susceptible to breakage. They are the best red wine glasses without a stem.

They can hold a decent quantity of up to 20-oz of liquid and are casual in style. They are suitable for everyday use and perfect for pouring some Cabernet or Merlot in. Moreover, because of their stem-less design, these are more comfortable to hold while still look stylish.

You will be able to hold these glasses comfortably as they are almost weightless. The rim is wide to help with easy sipping.

Generally, glasses that come with stems require more careful handling than stemless glasses. These Riedel glasses are definitely more stable than other wine glasses that come with stems and are hard to tip over. However, this doesn’t mean that they will not be susceptible to breakage at all. They are just stronger when compared to other glasses.



11. Modvera Stemless Wine Glasses

Modvera Stemless Wine Glasses

These wine glasses by Moderva come in a classic stemless design. The body of the glass comes with a curved bowl that fits snugly in your hand without causing any discomfort. Even if you lose a tight grip over them, they will stay in your hand because they are angled rightly.

This set is best for people who like a slightly larger amount of drink in their glasses. The holding capacity of these glasses is 16 fluid-ounces, and the dimensions are 2.76 x 2 x 4.9 inches. You get quality and quantity both in one set, as this is a set of six glasses. It is unlikely that you get a glass set of this quality for a similar price.

The glasses are chip-resistant and won’t wear off easily. You can expect them to last for a few months, even if you use them daily. These are the kind of glasses that you should have in your kitchen, even if you do not need new glasses. They will make for a nice addition to your barware collection.

They are ideal for all red wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and more. The wider bowl of these glasses will enhance the aeration of your drink when you are swirling the wine. This style of glassware would make your drink taste better than its original taste.

The best part about these glasses is their affordability. Even if it is not the best quality, this set of six red wine glasses by Moderva is still a deal.



12. Rod Wine Store Red Wine Glasses

Rod Wine Store Red Wine Glasses

This set of premium glassware comes with an impressive design and a reliable structure to make it durable. It is manufactured in Bohemia in the Czech Republic, a region known for making the best glasses in the world. Strict eco-friendly measures are used while making these glasses. They use less water to make and replace lead with titanium crystal for making. The crystal even makes them stronger and more durable.

They feature larger bowls that allow for better aeration of the wine to taste the best that it can. More space also means ease in swirling the wine. The fluid quantity of these glasses is 22 ounces. You or your guests wouldn’t have to worry about a refill too soon when they are drinking from these large goblets.

Control is important when you are dealing with glass. You need to be careful with your glasses if you want them not to break down too soon. The structure of these glasses is carefully made with the aim of keeping it fancy but also strong. The base of the glass keeps it in balance, and the stem helps with control.

They are dishwasher friendly and do not pose any threat of breaking or discoloration while in the dishwasher. These red wine glasses are made to last.

Some would say that the pack of three glasses is a little too much to pay for. But the smarter ones know that the size and quality of this kind are worth investing in. it also makes for an ideal gift item for friends or family and comes packed luxuriously too.



13. Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses

Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses

The four-piece set of exclusively Italian-crafted wine glasses by Paksh Novelty is worth having in your kitchen. The glasses in this set are all made of star-glass, which is a lead-free composition. This composition results in ultra-clear and more durable glasses. It also gives added strength to the glasses.

The glasses have a uniform structure because they are laser-cut with precision. They come in a gorgeous bulb shape, curved at the right angles to make them a comfortable hold. They feature a tall stem that helps resist breakage by allowing more control to the holder.

The holding capacity of these glasses is 18-oz. The size is a medium and is preferable for most people.

This Bordeaux-style wine set is also dishwasher safe. It won’t give you a hard time while you’re cleaning it except for being a little watchful as they are extremely fragile. But wine glasses are meant to be delicate, light, and fragile, right? You will have to look for another set if you only want glasses that will last you months.

You won’t have to empty your whole pocket to buy these glasses. They are not much of an investment and are perfect if you’re not too worried about the item being disposable.



14. Bormiolli Rocco Crystal Clear Red Wine Glasses

Bormiolli Rocco Crystal Clear Red Wine Glasses

Bormiolli Rocco red wine glasses feature a laser-cut rim to elevate the taste of your wine. The glasses are super-light and come with a wide, decanter-shaped bowl. The bowl allows more space for swirling the wine, also enhancing its taste and aroma in the process. They have an 18-ounce fluid capacity.

The glasses are thinner than usual and won’t feel like glass in your mouth when you drink from it. These are restaurant quality glasses that you get at an affordable price. They are the best red wine glasses for having your Merlot, Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, or Cabernet Sauvignon in.
The design resembles that of a Zinfandel style glass, but the angles of this glass are more prominent. The stem is short but holdable and distributes the weight of the glass in a way that makes it easier to carry the glass.

With its sturdy stem and base, these glasses will resist breakage. The shatter-resistant design will also help to make them last. Investing in this set of glasses would be smart because you get a lot for spending a little.

Furthermore, they are all dishwasher safe and hence, can be cleaned easily. With no cost of maintenance and stunning design and quality, what more could you wish for in a glass set?



15. Shark Wine Glasses

Shark Wine Glasses

If you like all things quirky, these would be the best red wine glasses for you. These wine glasses come with mini glass-sharks inside them, made out of 100% lead-free and super-clean crystals.

They are tempered and durable and make for cute designer glassware. These quirky glasses come with little sharks inside them. This set of two small, 10-ounce glasses is perfect for people who like experimental products.

If you struggle with pouring the right quantity of wine in a glass, these shark glasses will teach you. The design will help you identify when to stop pouring – just below the fin. You can also use these glasses to practice your pouring before inviting your friends or your boss over to share some drinks.

The size of these glasses is approx 3L x 3W x 8.3H inches. This is a medium-size perfect for a wine tasting or just drinking in the evening with your spouse. You can use this as a cute gift item or for personal use.

This product is durable if you handle it with care. The quality is good but not too promising. This set is definitely not meant for use at formal gatherings. You won’t be too pleased if you only have an eye for a traditional design in wine glasses. However, this is a funky option for those who like something different.



16. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Note Stemware Red Wine Glasses

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Note Stemware Red Wine Glasses

Schott Zwiesel is a popular choice and one of the people’s first preferences for wine glasses. This set is from their Note collection. The set includes glasses with round, deep bowls that give a 23-ounce liquid holding capacity.

They are Burgundy style glasses, except these do not have a bowl as wide as of a traditional Burgundy glass. This set is a must-have for fine and casual dining if you like round-shaped wine glasses.

Made in Germany, the design is patented, resists chipping, scratching, and thermal shock. It combines stylish looks with a durable quality because of Schott Zwiesel’s years of active experience in the glassware industry. They are made from Tritan crystal glass, which is a mixture of Titanium and Zirconium oxide, used to produce a non-lead material.

The dimensions of the glasses are 4.33L x 4.3W x 8.6H inches. It is a small glass, about the shape of a traditional Rose-style.

The glasses are light in weight and are comfortable to keep in hand. They are not the cheapest but are definitely the best quality.

Furthermore, the glasses are manufactured sustainably at Schott Zwiesel. This set of 6 red wine glasses is perfect for a luxurious display. You also get it at a reasonable price.



17. Household Essentials Krosno Vera Red Wine Glasses

Household Essentials Krosno Vera Red Wine Glasses

This is a set of six red wine glasses that can hold 16 fluid-ounces each. The overall dimensions of the glasses are 8.75-inch height, 4.25-inch width, and 4.25-inch depth. These are small glasses with a capacity of 16 liquid ounces each.

When we talk about the design of the glasses, it is pretty unconventional. The bowl is quite angular, but it only adds to the charm. In fact, it gives a modern look to these wine glasses. The bowl is spacious enough to give the wine the area it needs to aerate properly. You will be able to feel the distinct taste of your wine in these glasses despite them being a small size.

The pulled-stem manufacturing gives the glasses maximum durability and the shaped foot adds balance. The bowl is not that deep, and it is the stem that goes all the way up until the angle of the bowl, giving it a unique look.

The rim of these glasses is fire-polished to make it ultra-slim and smooth. The wine will pour gracefully from the rim into your mouth at the right spot. The design of these glasses has what it takes to make your wine taste its best.

An interesting fact about these wine glasses is that they are hand-blown by experienced artisans in Krosno, Poland, using traditional methods. If you prefer handmade things over machine-made ones, you will not be disappointed by this set.

To sum it up, the structure of the glasses is made to ensure that you enjoy your wine. You also get them at a decent price. This set is totally worth getting for your own kitchen.



18. Zalto Denk’Art Bordeaux Wine Glass

Zalto Denk’Art Bordeaux Wine Glass

These are 100% crystal glasses made for red wine like Bordeaux and Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Barbera, and more. They are shaped exquisitely by skillful artisans under the guidance of the best Sommeliers to best suit the taste of these wines. Their design makes them compatible with wines that are high in tannins.

The shape of the bowl plays a major part in bringing out the taste and aroma of the wine. The bowl of these Austrian-design glasses brings the fruity taste to the fore.

The glasses are made by following a rigorous procedure by craftsmen. The process includes reinforcing the crystal through multiple heating and cooling cycles. The rim is also tempered to make it smooth. They are lightweight, sleek, yet resilient crystal glasses.

The upper part of the glasses is angled at 24, 48, and 72 degrees, giving it a unique and elegant look. The stem is extremely thin, looks delicate but is quite sturdy.

The glasses are made with one continuous piece of pulled crystal and therefore resists breakage more effectively. The stem or bowl will not get dislodged while you are washing the glasses.

They have a 23-ounce liquid capacity to hold at a time. The glasses are 9 ¼ inches tall.

Whatever the occasion you want to use them for, these excellent red wine glasses won’t disappoint you.



19. Libbey Signature Greenwich Red Wine Glasses

Libbey Signature Greenwich Red Wine Glasses

These large red wine glasses have a 24-ounce capacity to withhold liquid. The bowl resembles an angular diamond shape and shines clear like one too. Its modern design is perfect for serving red wines like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Zinfandel.

These are extremely easy to clean and dishwasher safe glasses. They won’t break easily and are quite durable. They feature a laser-cut rim for a chip-resistant edge. The liquid will flow naturally from the glass into your mouth because of their rim.

Libbey’s ClearFire method is used in the glass-making process. They stay resilient even after years of continuous usage. With the basic care that glassware needs, you will be able to keep these glasses for a long time.

The pulled-stem brings a seamless transition between the bowl and the stem. The glass also comes with a reinforced flat base to keep the structure stable on your tabletop. You can use it for versatile uses like serving cocktails, drinks, water, etc.

Libbey is one of the top glassware manufacturers in America and is known for its state-of-the-art craft. These red wine glasses are something that you should check out.



20. Finest Crystal Italian Red Wine Glasses

Finest Crystal Italian Red Wine Glasses

These are light in weight and ultra-thin Burgundy glasses. Their 16-ounce fluid capacity makes them best suited for wine tasting and daily use.

They are exclusively hand-blown by premier artisans and are individually mouth-blown and hand-finished in just 5 minutes. You will be able to notice the difference between hand-blown glasses and machine-made glasses when you hold this one in your hand.

Mouth-blown crystal makes the glasses lighter. The handicraft shows as tiny bubbles here and there on the glass surface. This makes it different from the ones that are machine-blown and makes each and every piece unique. The manufacturing of the glasses is finished with a high-temperature hardening treatment that helps make them chip-resistant.

There is strictly no lead content in these glasses. They are made with Titanium crystal that refracts light and makes the glasses look ultra-clear. They also produce the perfect and harmonious clink sound.

The rims of these glasses are only 1mm and allow for an easy flow of the wine. It is advised to hand-wash these crystal glasses to prevent them from damage as the crystal is a porous material.



21. Riedel Ouverture Red Wine Glasses

Riedel Ouverture Red Wine Glasses

This is a set of 2 premium quality red wine glasses from Riedel’s Ouverture collection. The glasses are made from fine crystal and are shaped oval. They only have a short stem that adds to the classy look. The liquid capacity is 11.83 ounces, and the height is 7 and 8/3 inches.

The size and shape are closer to a traditional white wine glass and not the red one. However, they are still suitable to drink your red wine in, plus the shorter profile is good for everyday use.

The glasses balance the tannins to bring out the best fruity flavor in the wine. They will bring out the best in your wine, for sure. They are a little pricey but worth the quality because they are Riedel.

They are short glasses, so if you are looking for something that holds more drink and less air, you should look for some other set.



22. Amazon Basics Red Wine Balloon Glasses

Amazon Basics Red Wine Balloon Glasses

These AmazonBasics red wine glasses come in a unique balloon shape. They are made from soda ash glass and are completely lead-free. This makes the glasses more resilient.

They come in a simple style and are a good choice for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah. They make for an excellent gift item for housewarming, Christmas, or birthdays.

These are medium size glasses that can hold up to 20-fluid ounces. If you like to fill your glass up to the brim, you will like this capacity. However, note that red wine needs space to aerate and develop its taste and you should only fill a little cup at a time.

The bowl is wide because of the balloon shape and that gives the wine enough room to swirl, aerate and develop taste. The stems are thin, elongated, and also slightly flared at the top and the bottom where it connects with the bowl and the base, respectively. The steady flat bottom keeps the glasses in their position on the table.

The glasses will only add to the grace of your dinner table. Even if they break, it will not hurt much because the price of these AmazonBasics glasses is also extremely reasonable. Moreover, you also get a limited 1-year warranty with this set.

They can be conveniently put into the dishwasher for cleaning. The handling of these glasses otherwise requires more care. The temperature difference between the glass and the liquid poured in it can cause breakage. So, you should make sure that the temperature of the drink that you are pouring into the glass is neither too cold nor too hot if you want to avoid accidents.

Overall, this is a good set of glasses equipped to meet the basic needs of wine glassware.



23. JoyJolt Claire Collection Red Wine Glasses

JoyJolt Claire Collection Red Wine Glasses

These glasses by JoyJolt are the finest quality for Pinot Noir. This set of two large crystal wine glasses are crafted with attention to detail. They are made in the Czech Republic using highly durable crystals.

Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, Perfect, large, cylindrical bowl, round rim, elegant stems.

They are a medium size with a holding capacity of 13.92 fluid-ounces. They feature a long cylindrical bowl, around the rim, and short, elegant stems. The dimensions of the glass are 3L x 3W x 8.5H inches. This unconventional design would not be the preference of many, but they are still worth giving a try.

The structure of the glass allows the drink to settle in, aerate, and develop, giving you an enhanced taste. They are affordable, high on quality, beautifully crafted to serve a beautiful taste, and make for a thoughtful gift item.

They are the best red wine glasses for use in your kitchen, home bar, or gatherings. They are made to last and will not disappoint you with their performance. However, uncommon shapes can be a problem for some people. Nevertheless, it does its job efficiently in making your red wine taste fancier.



24. Riedel Extreme Cabernet Wine Glasses

Riedel Extreme Cabernet Wine Glasses

Another Riedel on this guide, this one is from their Extreme collection. The glass derives its name from its extreme contours. Their unique shape will certainly catch the attention of your guests. They are perfectly shaped and offer the highest quality. And honestly, can you expect anything more from a Riedel?

The glasses are all machine-made to give them the perfect diamond shape. The angular bowl with a large surface area makes your drink aerate and develop its taste. You are then left with nothing other than brilliance to taste in your red wine.

The glasses are 4.09L x 4.09W x 9.72H inches in dimension. The size is neither too large nor too small but just perfect for holding the right quantity of a Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, or a Malbec. They come in a unique teardrop/diamond shape that makes them look even more exquisite. These are the best red wine glasses that truly enrich the taste of your wine.

These glasses are also dishwasher safe, like all other Riedel glasses. They are light in weight yet resilient. You can expect them to last long while you handle them with care.

You can get these premium Riedel red wine glasses for a decent price for a set of four. Investing in this will certainly be more than investing in a set of glasses so fragile that it doesn’t last at all.



25. Luna & Mantha Red Wine Glasses

Luna & Mantha Red Wine Glasses

These glasses successfully passed the European lead-free certification. The premium Titanium crystal is used to make these glasses as thin as 0.8mm. And the sleeker the wine glasses are, the better. They are also light in weight and produce a resonant sound upon clinking together. They will last longer if you treat them with care.

The manufacturing method includes traditional hand-blowing by master craftsmen. The special Luna & Mantha 27-step step process is also used by skilled artisans with over 12 years of experience. The unique pulled, seamless, lean stem connects with the bowl as a single piece to give the glass a clean look.

The glasses are shaped like blooming tulips. It not only looks elegant but sophisticated too. These are the kinds of glasses that can spark a conversation at your dinner table.

The structure of the glasses allows the wine to breathe without letting it over-oxygenating. The extra-thin rim makes the experience of wine-tasting even better. The 4 ¾ inch long stem makes it a comfortable hold and makes it easier to swirl the wine.

The base of these glasses is ergonomically designed to maximize balance. They are simply beautiful and, therefore, ideal for serving the most important guests. They come with a guarantee for 120 days too.



26. Spiegelau Professional Style Red Wine Glasses

Spiegelau Professional Style Red Wine Glasses

These 3-star Michelin restaurant-grade Spiegelau red wine glasses are made using no lead-crystal. They come in the classic pulled-stem design and feature a narrow rim and a wide bowl. This is an award-winning barware set.

The traditional shape combined with modern angles makes it ideal for nothing less than a Cabernet Sauvignon. This unblemished glassware with seamless bowls brings the natural hue and viscosity of the wine to the fore to give you a unique tasting experience.

It is a tested dishwasher-safe set that is very easy to clean. It was run through 1500 dishwashing cycles during the testing of independent pieces. The result was scratch-proof, fog-proof glassware that doesn’t lose its shine easily. However, it is advised to avoid washing harshly with hard soaps. It is best to hand wash and polish glassware to keep it as good as new.

The German craftsmanship of Spiegelau brings centuries of experience to make this piece of modern glassware. It is truly the epitome of elegance and quality as a kitchen-piece.

Also, technology and optimized machinery used in the making of these glasses makes their premium quality available at an affordable price.

This is one red wine glass set that you should truly invest in.



27. Coymos Burgundy Wine Glasses

Coymos Burgundy Wine Glasses

The modern design of these glasses makes them look like a decorative piece sitting in your kitchen. They are crystal clear and in the dimensions 16.54 x 12.6 x 6.3 inches. They can hold liquid up to 28-ounces and are large enough to make the wine to get in full contact with the air.

They are made using lead-free glass and are tall enough to make them a comfortable hold. The spacious bowl makes the drink taste smoother and smells better because it gives the drink more room to aerate.

They are hand-blown by a skilled technician within 5 minutes and finished by hand. The ultra-thin rim of these glasses is cold-cut and improves the flavor of the wine further.

The glasses are durable enough to withstand daily washing by hand or in the dishwasher. They will come carefully packed with styrofoam to prevent damage during transportation.

They are light but solid and certainly very resilient. The bowl and stem design are also seamless. They are very affordable, given the quality and worth having in your kitchen.



28. Diko Colored Red Wine Glasses

Diko Colored Red Wine Glasses

The capacity of these Diko glasses is 15.7 ounces. What is special about these glasses is their color. They are an alternative to the regular formal and boring wine glassware and come in four different colors – red, yellow, blue, and green.

They are handmade with uncompromising high quality and this particular design is inspired by the best of the Diko Classic Line. 100% lead-free glass is used in the making of this glass set. Each glass is carefully shaped and hand-blown using age-old methods that are tested and proven to make it durable and resilient. However, if you apply too much pressure and twist the bowl and stem to opposite sides during washing, it will break. Glasses are meant to be handled with care. This set of wine glasses requires just that, nothing more or less.

They come with wide u-shaped bowls that allow for a lot of swirling space to the wine. The sleek and tall stem provides more control and ease in swirling the wine and holding the glass stable.

The glasses are also break-resistant and extremely light in weight. It is recommended that they should strictly be only hand washed as they are not dishwasher safe. These are not the strongest glasses that there are but are certainly worth the cash that you spend on them. They will add more color to your drinking sessions with their impressive build.

Their different colors make them easy to distinguish at gatherings too, thereby giving them a practical quality. They are nicely packaged and would make for a good gifting option.

However, some people believe that colored glasses are not suitable for red wine and they take away the seriousness of drinking the sophisticated drink. But if you like funky things, they would make you happy.



29. Libbey Vina Red Wine Glasses

Libbey Vina Red Wine Glasses

The Libbey Vina Red wine glasses are designed to a perfectly round shape. They are super clear, deep-bowled, and come in a balloon design that looks cute and slightly different from regular wine glasses. It is nothing much but can still catch the eyes of your guests.

The round shape allows easier movement within the bowl when you gently swirl your drink. Your drink will taste twice better when you drink it from this round bowl. Each glass can hold 18.25 fluid-ounces at once. They are perfect for using during family gatherings or just a ‘me’ time. However, because of them being a little too plain, you cannot use them for more formal and special events.

They are made from lead-free materials that make it durable and shinier. The wide foot of these glasses helps them with stability. The stem also makes the overall structure easy to balance. We can say that the structure is carefully made to add to the convenience of the person who will hold the glass.

These glasses can be safely washed in the dishwasher. Truly, they are not the fanciest glasses but good for what you pay. In fact, they are top-notch quality for the price. You will get six decent-sized and sturdy wine glasses on a budget. If you do not want to keep them for yourselves, you can give them to somebody as a housewarming gift or a festive gift too.



30. Lenox Tuscany Classics Red Wine Glasses

Lenox Tuscany Classics Red Wine Glasses

This set of red wine glasses is a deal worth investing in. This is a set of four glasses that comes with an extra pair. The quality of these glasses is also worth-praising.

When we talk about the appearance of these glasses, it is a beautiful traditional shape with a slightly protruding bowl. It is not extraordinary but enough to impress your guests.

The dimensions of the glasses are 2.75 x 2.75 x 9 inches. They are medium size and can be used personally every day or even during gatherings with family or friends. The glasses are all lead-free, making them strong enough to resist breakage. They are made out of European crystal, which makes them extra shiny and clear.

They are dishwasher safe and won’t break easily. The regular shape allows you to use them as simple glasses to serve regular cocktails or just plain water in them. They make for good cocktail glasses during your at-home bar sessions, family meetings, or for your everyday time together with your spouse.

They can hold a quantity of 24 full ounces. This means that you will be set for the next few hours or so with just one fill in this glass.

These glasses are durable, elegant, and also multi-purpose. You get a good quality, stylish shape, and ideal size with two separate pieces for a reasonable price. This is an insane deal that you should take part in. The glasses are also dishwasher safe and won’t cause you any harm during washing.

Apart from their functionality in the kitchen, these glasses would also look good as decorative pieces in your kitchen. Concludingly, it is safe to say that you get a lot with this set of red wine glasses by Lenox than you pay for. They are not the most resilient pair but should be the choice of any smart buyer.



Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Red Wine Glasses

1. Purpose

The purpose you need the wine glasses for and the person you will be serving is a factor that you should consider before buying red wine glasses. People can assume a lot about you by looking at the glassware you choose to serve the drinks in. You would certainly want to make the best impression on important people.

It is always wiser to put a little thought into what you need the glasses before actually buying them. If you want glasses for everyday use only, you can opt for a more simple and affordable set. You won’t be judging your own glasses, after all. The quality can also be compromised if you will be using them every day because they will be more susceptible to breakage and damage.

However, if you like to drink in style and prioritize comfort and pricing, you can look for glasses that are a little more pricey. People buy things that are slightly heavier in the pocket because they usually come with promising quality.

On the second note, you should be particular about the quality and the appearance of the glasses if you need to make an impact on your guests with your glassware. Check out renowned brands in the glassware industry for this purpose. Well-established companies know what people prefer and make products accordingly.

You can rely on brands like Riedel or Luna & Mantha if you have a tight budget but want something impressive.


2. Type Of Wine

Different types of wine require different types of glasses. Wines also evolve in the bottles that they are kept over time. Weather plays a role in changing its taste too. Apart from these, sensory experiences also contribute to the quality of the wine. Suppose, if you open a bottle of wine on a rainy day, it will taste different from what the same would taste like on a dry, dusty day.

Glasses can enhance or flatten the taste of the wine, so it is important to choose the appropriate glass for specific wines. Red wine generally requires more air to react with and develop its taste. Glasses that have larger bowls give that space to the wine. Hence, red wine should be served in larger glasses.


3. Material

The material of the glass that you are sipping your drink from can also change your drinking game. Wine served in a paper glass will be different from wine poured in a crystal goblet.

The material should be non-toxic. Avoid buying plastic glasses as they will only ruin the taste of your wine. Invest in glasses made of non-lead crystals. Non-lead crystals make the glasses stronger and less fragile.

Wine glasses are meant to be fragile, but they should not readily break as soon as you touch them with the slightest of pressure. They should come with a strong stem connected to the bowl as that is the part where the glasses break the most. You are also going to be paying for the material. The better the material, the more you pay.

The material determines the durability and appearance, so research well and choose wisely.


4. Size

The size of the glass is important for various reasons. Wine glasses come in majorly in three different sizes-small, medium, and large. You can pick one according to the amount of wine you like to have in your glass and also what matches your aesthetic.

But, the importance of considering the size of the wine glasses goes beyond just aesthetic and personal preference. It is important to pour the right quantity in the right size of glass as the wine needs space to develop.

A larger glass will give more swirling space to the wine. It may not seem much but the taste of the wine depends a lot on the size of the glass. The size of the glass and the quantity you pour in it can ruin or make better the taste of your wine. You cannot overlook this aspect when you are shopping for the best red wine glasses.

The size also determines the comfort or discomfort that you will experience when you or your guests hold the glass. Typically, a longer stem means that you will get greater comfort because you will have more space to hold the stem. However, if the long stem is also more slender, you can disbalance the glass quite easily.

Similarly, a larger base equals more stability and balance. Now, everybody would like their glasses to stay stable. So choose wisely and pay attention to such small details to get the right red wine glass set for you.


5. Shape

Choose the shape of the glass according to your own aesthetic. However, the shape of the wine glass is not important to consider just for the aesthetic. There are a number of shapes in wine glasses that you can explore. A lot of changes in terms of taste too in the right or wrong-shaped glass for the red wine.

Red wine glasses come in a lot of shapes like cylindrical – which is an unconventional choice, diamond-shaped, balloon-shaped, U-shaped, etc. It is up to you what shape you prefer but it also depends on the wine’s suitability with the shape and mainly the bowl of the glass.

A glass tapered towards the top is suitable for Bordeaux, Cabernet while Burgundy, Pinot Noir ideally requires glass that flares out a bit on the top. If you are choosing a wine glass from an offline store, you can take the help of a Sommelier to help you identify which wine tastes best with which glass.

Next comes the curve of the glass. The curve of the glass can either help you with keeping it held in your hand or can make the task difficult for you. If you are opting for a stemless glass, their bowl should be sufficiently curved so that they are easy to hold. The surface of the glass should neither be too smooth and even nor too uneven. A gentle curve should be enough.


6. Brand

Brands can also make a great difference when it comes to red wine glasses. Well-established brands generally know what it takes to make the perfect wine glass. You cannot expect wine in a Riedel glass to taste the same in just any other glass. Big brands are, therefore, more trustable than any other random brand. Their years of experience in the industry also makes their product more reliable.

You will also get a guarantee on their products and a replacement warranty too, which comes helpful when you are ordering online. Glasses are fragile and can break during transportation. A replacement warranty will ensure that the product reaches you in the best condition. You can receive such small benefits and more when you buy your red wine glasses from renowned brands.


Types Of Red Wine Glasses

There are a number of types of wine glasses – stemless, with stem, designer, colored and more. The type of glass you choose would say about your personal preference so choose wisely if you need the glasses for your guests.

Typically, guests like tall, slim glasses better than round, stemless ones. Vice-versa, people prefer stemless ones over tall and extra fragile glasses for their daily uses because they don’t break or fall easily. If you’re looking for a piece that would last long, you can opt for a stemless glass if you can compromise on the looks.

Furthermore, the glass type has more to do than just the shape and color of the glass. Wine glasses are divided into many types. Given below are some of the most popular types that you should check out and need to know about.


1. Cabernet

Cabernet is the largest in size out of all wine glasses and can be called the king of all wine glasses. They are designed to accommodate more wine and to develop and intensify its smell. Their bowl protrudes slightly to give more space to the wine for swirling.

The large circumference makes more air get in and the wine reacts with it. The rim of these glasses is narrower than the body and this allows the aroma of the wine to rise up and into your nose as you sip.

The overall shape of the bowl looks like a deep U. for a large bowl; these glasses generally come with a shorter stem, which gives it a unique look and puts emphasis on its big bowl. Some people who try Cabernet glasses for the first time get shocked upon seeing their size because generally, people expect wine glasses to be small, thin, and dainty.

The large body of the Cabernet looks tempting but you should never fill it up to the rim. The lesser the quantity, the better the taste because the wine needs space to aerate.


2. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir glasses are most loved for their delicate tulip shape. Its gorgeous rim will make you feel like you are sipping your wine from inside a real tulip. They have a large bowl that allows maximum contact of the glasses with the air.

They generally come with a shorter stem but a comparatively taller bowl. The overall look is elegant. You will feel luxury in your hands when you swirl your wine inside these glasses. They also produce a chiming sound when the wine is poured into them.

The rim is designed in a way that they leave nothing but the goodness of the wine in your mouth.


3. Burgundy

Burgundy glasses have a wide, circular bowl. They are best for wine that has a delicate aroma. The size of the stem of these glasses is also short but okay in comparison to the overall body of the glasses.

When you are sipping from the glass, its circular rim directs the motion of the wine in such a manner that it first hits the middle of your tongue. This causes an almost tingling and enjoyable sensation. Even the slightest of the aromas can be tasted through these glasses.

Their stout design with shorter stems makes them stay stable on the table than most other glasses. Overall, these glasses look very unique and enhance the whole wine-drinking experience.


4. Zinfandel

Many people find it hard to distinguish between a Zinfandel and a Bordeaux. The two glasses are, in fact, similar in shape but Zinfandel is a little shorter than Bordeaux. This glass also has a larger rim than the other one in comparison.

This makes the aroma of the wine reach the drinker while enhancing the taste as well. The bowl is small but fine according to the overall structure. The flavor of the wine will develop as you swirl it in these glasses.


5. Rose

A glass type named Rose should look as charming as a rose too. They have a long stem and a short, curved bowl. There are subtypes when it comes to the Rose glasses. One comes with a flared tip of the bowl and the other one comes with a short, tapered tip of the bowl.

The Rose glass with a tapered tip is best for more formal events as they look more mature. For a casual fine dining session, however, you can pour in the wine in the glass with a flared tip. These are best suited for wine that has not yet aged. It makes it bitter taste turn sweeter in your mouth and prevents the aftertaste that is bitter.


6. Bordeaux

The Bordeaux style is the tallest red wine glasses. However, its bowl is relatively smaller than the others.

This type of wine glass is meant for wines that are fuller. The taste of the wine will evolve into something else when you pour it into this glass. For complete elevation in change, the drink will also require some swirling. You will notice that it will bring out a delicious aroma to rise and that is when the wine will be ready to drink.

The drink goes into the back of your mouth through these tall glasses, giving a pleasurable experience. These are the kind of glasses that allow you to taste all the flavors in the wine. They bring the most out of the wine and make your experience enjoyable.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Makes A Good Red Wine Glass?

A good red wine glass is one that lets your drink aerate and develop its taste and smell. The rest including shape and size are secondary aspects. However, people are very particular about drinking separate kinds of wine from separate glasses. Red wine is generally served in a slightly larger glass.


2. Why Is Red Wine Served In A Large Glass?

Red wine is served in a large glass because it needs room to develop. The drink oxygenates and its taste and smell change accordingly. The taste of your drink depends on the kind of glass you pour it in.


3. Are Stemless Wine Glasses Better?

Stemless wine glasses maintain their balance better because of obvious reasons. The base of stemless wine glasses is wider, more solid and heavier than glasses with stems. Generally, wine glasses with stems are made to be delicate and therefore they can sometimes not maintain their stability on the table. Apart from greater stability, stemless wine glasses don’t make any more difference in the drinking experience.


4. Does It Matter What Glass You Drink Wine From?

Yes, it does matter what glass you drink your wine from. You should only choose a glass that is lead-free and made with crystals for your red wine. The shape and the kind of rim your glass has can also change everything about the wine you are drinking. It is, therefore, necessary to research a bit to know what glass will suit best with your red wine.



With this, our guide to help you choose the best red wine glasses comes to an end. We hope that it has given you an insight into the complicated world of wine glassware.

Red wine is a complicated drink that reacts to the atmosphere, temperature, and many more things. It is only natural that one will require a lot of knowledge and expertise to choose the right glassware for such a drink.

Reading this guide should have made you well-versed with some of the knowledge regarding wine and wine glasses. Remember that the key is paying attention to detail and researching enough. And with the broad variety of glasses listed in this guide, you won’t have to do a lot on your own because we have already made it easier for you.

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