Best Small Wine Fridge 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Koolatron 2. Dometic 3. Vinotemp
Best Small Wine Fridge Koolatron WC06 Dometic MF-6W Vinotemp IL-OW006-2

The right wine cooler is as important as choosing the perfect bottle of wine. Several factors need to be considered carefully before you purchase the best small wine cooler, regardless of whether you’re a wine connoisseur or if wine tasting is a hobby for you.

Though it might seem daunting, we’ve got you covered. We have created a list of the best small wine fridges available in the market today. Read on to find out more.

Top 11 Best Small Wine Fridges 2021

1. Koolatron WC06 Thermoelectric Cooler

Koolatron WC06

Designed to store and display 6 wine bottles, Koolatron’s thermoelectric cooler is one of the best small wine refrigerators available in the market today. This wine cooler is ideal for condos, kitchens, offices, and home bars. Its compact flush-back design makes it space-efficient and takes up minimal area.

Its thermoelectric cooling technology helps you keep your wines cool while also saving energy. Moreover, it doesn’t vibrate, so you don’t have to worry about noise.

This wine-storage is temperature-controlled and enables you to set its temperature to the ideal conditions according to the type of your wine. The racks are removable so that you can customize the space accordingly to fit larger bottles.

Its mirrored-door design paired with the black color gives this cooler a sleek appearance. The illumination feature gives your wine bottles a classy display. The dark interior also helps protect your wines from UV radiation.

Koolatron’s thermoelectric cooler will make a great addition to your wine display. We totally recommend that you try it.


2. Dometic MF-6W Wine Cooler

Dometic MF-6W

If you’re looking for the perfect storage space for your treasured wine bottles, then this cooler is something to watch out for. This cooler has a storage capacity of 6 bottles. Its silver design makes it irresistible to take your eyes off of, so rest assured you can flaunt your wines in the best display possible.

Its compact build takes up very little space and is quite easy to maintain. It has an electronic thermostat for easy temperature control. The control panel conveniently shows both the pre-setup as well as the actual temperature. You can set the temperature to the ambient value according to the ideal climate for your wine bottles.

This cooler efficiently utilizes electricity and saves energy. It is noise-free and provides your wines with a quiet space. It has a magnetic safe lock for increased protection and a drip tray for collecting water. The shelves are removable so you can adjust the positions of your wine bottles accordingly.

Dometic’s wine cooler is a great choice for an efficient wine cooler.


3. Vinotemp Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Vinotemp IL-OW006-2

This wine cooler has a storage capacity of 6 bottles and is among the best small wine coolers available. This metal storage unit has a sleek design with the look and feel of a perfect wine cooler. It has a glass window for better display of your wine bottles and can also be illuminated by the in-built blue LED lights.

This cooler has a dual-zone feature, which means that you can simultaneously store two different types of wines at their respective optimum temperatures. You don’t have to worry about either of them going bad.

It is also energy-efficient so you can use it guilt-free. The digital thermostat allows you to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures quite easily. You can enable the temperature lock control to maintain a steady temperature throughout.

You can store it anywhere as it takes up minimal space. Since it functions on its own, you can mount it on a tabletop or any sturdy vertical surface.

Vinotemp’s wine cooler is an excellent option if you’re looking for a small wine cooler and comes highly recommended.


4. Black+Decker Bottle Wine Cellar


Black+Decker’s classy wine cellar stores upto eight wine bottles. It has a sleek black exterior so that your wine bottles are displayed in style.

This cooler adheres to the European standard noise measure of 38 dB. The thermoelectric cooling system allows for a noise-free cooling process so that you can enjoy your wine in peace and quiet. Its design has a sophisticated appeal, thanks to the recessed door handle. This cooler functions as a display piece too.

It is convenient to use and has an electronic thermostat so that you can set the ideal temperature for your red and white wines with ease. The cabinet has adjustable leveling legs that enable you to set its height according to your comfort. The cooler operates within a temperature limit of 46-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its triple-pane glass door adds to the sleek look and helps maintain the optimal cooling temperature. The interior lighting feature enhances its appearance. Its flat back design helps save space, making it more compact.

Black+Decker’s wine cellar is one of the best small wine fridges out there and is ideal for offices, home bars, and kitchens.


5. Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Cellar

Cuisinart CWC-800CEN

Combining technological sophistication with convenience, this small wine refrigerator is a must-try for all. Let’s check out why.

It has a storage capacity of 8 wine bottles and is quite compactly designed. You can mount it on a table or any plain surface and it functions on its own.

It employs a thermoelectric cooling system that helps cut down on energy consumption and increase the efficiency of your wine cooler. It is also built to function with less noise so that you can enjoy your wine in peace.

Its LED display gives it a sleek appearance and also makes it easier to keep track of the temperature. The digital thermostat allows for better control of the temperature thereby ensuring that your wines remain at their optimal temperatures.

Apart from the easy temperature adjustment, this cooler also has an interior lighting feature, which adds to its classy appearance. This greatly enhances your wine-drinking experience.

The contoured racks and sleek black housing make this cooler a stellar display that every home and wine collection deserves to have.


6. Vinotemp Bottle Mirrored Refrigerator

Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE

This beautiful wine cooler has one of the classiest looks ever, hands down. Designed to fit 7 bottles, Vinotemp’s Mirrored Refrigerator features a patent-pending mirrored trim and gives your home or office an elevated elegant look.

It is available in classic black color, which adds to its attractive appearance. This wine cooler cabinet is quite strong and sturdy. It has a dual-paned glass door that makes it easier to access your wine while also protecting your bottles.

It has an electronic thermostat reading that allows for smoother adjustment of temperatures. Be it red or white wine, you can easily turn the temperature up or down according to their ideal climate.

The racks are made with wire shelving, which makes them sturdy and further helps in keeping your wine bottles secure. You can store your best wine bottles with no worries at all.

Its efficient energy consumption also produces less noise and is convenient to use. The soft glow of its interior lighting makes your experience even better.

Combining high technology with finesse and optimal storage, Vinotemp’s Mirrored Refrigerator is a strong contender for the best small wine fridge.


7. Magic Chef Wine Cooler

Magic Chef MCWC6B

Yet another sleek wine cooler available on the market today, Magic Chef’s wine cooler has a classy black appearance with a white finish to make it even classier.

Designed to store six wine bottles, this fridge has a clever compact structure and is suitable to mount on top of any plain surface. It can fit in perfectly well in your kitchen, home bar, or office.

It offers adjustable temperature control so that you can set the cooler to the ideal temperature for your wine bottles according to the type of wine. The digital thermostat is very convenient to use and easy to figure out.

This cooler employs thermoelectric cooling technology that allows for efficient use of energy. You can keep your wine bottles chilled for longer periods without wasting much electricity.

Its sculpted chrome shelving makes it lightweight yet sturdy. This makes the cooler much easier to manage.

This cooler also has interior LED lighting that enhances its overall ambiance and makes it a great display piece as well. Magic Chef Wine Cooler is one of the best small wine refrigerators out there now, and we highly recommend that you get your hands on it.


8. EdgeStar Wine Cooler

EdgeStar CWR70SZ

With a storage capacity of 7 bottles, this is one wine cooler to watch out for. Its streamlined design makes it easy to store anywhere, be it your kitchen, home bar, or office space.

Its stainless steel build gives it a sleek appearance that suits any atmosphere. You can also use this cooler to add a modern feel to the room you keep it in. It also has a tinted, UV-resistant glass door to protect your wines from losing their authentic taste.

This cooler is specifically constructed to be recessed under a countertop and be placed between cabinets. It is not ideal to keep it inside cabinets.

It is noise-free and has a digital thermostat that allows for convenient temperature adjustment. Its compressor is highly efficient while the internal fans are evenly cooled to avoid any hot spots.

The shelves are removable so you can keep larger bottles accordingly. The cooler also has ambient LED lighting to enhance its appearance.

Though EdgeStar’s Wine Cooler is a great choice for a small wine fridge, its cost might be a little high compared to other wine coolers.


9. Vinotemp VNTIL-OW002


This is among the best small wine coolers because it’s an open cooler. Unlike in a closed wine cooler, you can chill your bottles while keeping them in the standing position. This helps cool the bottle better, and you can cool it even after opening it.

It can store 2 bottles at a time and occupies very little space. It functions on its own and is easy to carry around anywhere you want. You can also mount it on top of a flat surface and keep it anywhere as you wish.

Its thermoelectric cooling technology gives your wine bottles energy-efficient cooling. The temperature can be digitally adjusted, which makes it very convenient to use. You can set the temperature anywhere between 41 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vinotemp’s small wine fridge will make a great addition to your parties and get-togethers with its modern design and open cooling feature. We highly recommend this one.


10. Commercial Cool Wine Cellar

Commercial Cool

Designed to store 6 wine bottles, Commercial Cool’s wine cooler comes in an elegant black colour that instantly catches your attention. Be it for parties or a wine tasting experience, this cooler is bound to attract attention.

Thanks to its compact design, it is stylish and consumes very little space. It has a recessed door handle that saves up more space and gives the cooler a sleek look.

Its temperature control panel functions electronically and makes temperature adjustment more convenient. You can set the temperature anywhere between 54 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit according to the type of wine you’re storing.

The cooler also has an interior LED light setting integrated into it for a better ambiance. You can use the touch panel to regulate the light settings according to your mood.

It employs thermal electric cooling that saves energy as well as bills. Commercial Cool’s compact wine cooler is an excellent choice for an efficient small wine refrigerator.


11. NutriChef Wine Cellar

NutriChef 8 Bottle

If you’re looking for the best small wine fridge that can hold 8 bottles, you’ve come to the right place. The last wine cooler on our list comes highly recommended and we couldn’t agree more.

This cooler goes for the minimal aesthetic and adds a sleek look wherever you keep it. It has a glass door secured in an air-tight seal, which further adds to the classy appearance.
It is freestanding, and you can store it anywhere in your home or office, on a table, on the floor, or under the counter.

Its effective touch screen panel allows for easy control of the temperature settings of your cooler. It also has an ambient LED lighting system that helps with visibility while also enhancing the ambience.

Its ultra-quiet cooling system prevents any noise so that you can let the cooler run in the background while you get on with your day.

Nutrichef’s Wine Cellar is an outstanding option for a small wine refrigerator and is a must-try.


Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Small Wine Fridge

Though it might seem trivial, getting the right wine fridge is a tricky task. To guide you through the process in a hassle-free manner, there are a few factors you ought to keep in mind while buying the best small wine cooler for your home or office.

1. Capacity

How many bottles do you intend to store in your cooler? This is a pertinent question because necessity is a crucial factor when you buy anything.

Small wine coolers generally have a storage capacity ranging between 2 to 30 bottles. The storage capacity of your cooler must depend on the amount of wine you wish to keep at home.

2. Storage Space

This is very important because most people prefer to keep their wine cooler where it is noticeable to other people. After all, the best small wine refrigerators are quite elegant.

Most wine coolers are equipped to function on their own without wire support so you can mount them on a tabletop or any flat surface. The coolers that require setting up might require proper storage space.
Make sure you have adequate space to store the cooler you’re getting. Keeping a large wine cooler in a cramped room is not really the best idea.

3. Temperature

Different types of wines have different storage requirements. Hence you must get a wine fridge that can be set within a large temperature range. The ideal range of temperatures could be anywhere between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The larger band of temperatures also increases the accuracy of your temperature setting and provides a better storage environment for your wine cooler.

4. Thermostat Accuracy

An electronic thermostat is always preferable. However, before you buy the best small wine fridge, it is advised that you test the temperature of your cooler with a thermometer and cross-check it with the thermostat reading. This ensures that the thermostat of the cooler is functioning properly and that the readings are as accurate as possible.

5. Noise

Make sure you check the decibel rating of the cooler before you make the purchase. While background noise can be interesting to some, too much vibration can put a damper on the entire mood of the room.

Vibrations can also cause irregularities in the sedimentation process of your wines, ruining their taste. That’s the last thing you need from your wine cooler.

6. Appearance

This is something people tend to ignore while making electronic purchases; the appearance of the product can affect the mood of the room to a large extent. The best small wine coolers often come in sleek black, silver, or white colors to give them a classy feel.

Good-looking wine coolers can also enhance the entire appearance of the room in which you keep them. Not only do they chill your wine bottles, but they also act as elegant display pieces to wow your folks.


There are plenty of wine coolers available in the market but choosing the best small wine cooler according to your requirements and the factors we’ve mentioned above is essential.

The amazing wine in your home deserves an equally amazing storage space. Wine coolers are a great investment, and putting in some careful thought before you make the purchase is always prudent.

So, without wasting any time, do your wine collection a favor and check out the best small wine refrigerators.


 1. What Are The Ideal Temperatures For Different Kinds Of Wines?

Different types of wines need to be stored at different temperatures to get the best version of wine. Ideally, red wine can be stored anywhere between 50 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. White wine is best when stored between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The best small wine fridges have a considerably wide temperature range to allow for the storage of different wines.

2. What Is Thermoelectric Cooling?

Thermoelectric cooling, also known as Peltier cooling, is usually employed in smaller appliances for efficient energy consumption. During thermal electric cooling, only the fan moves, thus reducing the noise produced by the wine cooler. As only one part moves, there is very little vibration.
It is also easier to maintain devices with this system as only the fan needs looking after and can be easily replaced.
This cooling system does not contain any hazardous agents like CFCs, thereby contributing to the conservation of the environment and efficient energy use.

3. What Is The Advantage Of A Dual-Zone Cooler?

The best small wine coolers come with a dual-zone cooler that allows you to cool different kinds of wines at the same time at different temperatures. You can set the temperatures to the optimal requirement of both wines and simultaneously chill them.

4. Should Wine Be Cooled In A Dark Environment?

Light can have adverse effects on your wine, especially the UV radiation. UV rays can cause discoloration and affect the flavor of your wine. The best small wine fridges come with an interior LED lighting system so that you can retain visibility even when you keep the wine in a dark area.

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