Best U-Line Wine Coolers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Wine Captain 1224 2. U-Line UHWC524SG41A 3. U-Line U2224ZWCS00B
Uline Wine Captain 1224 Best Of ULine Wine Coolers 3. U-Line UHWC524SG41A U-Line U2224ZWCS00B

A true wine enthusiast knows the only way to have a perfectly matured, fine-tasting private wine collection is by investing in the best uline wine cooler.

Now, browsing through hundreds of wine accessories products, figuring out the right type of fridge, comparing the list of features, and trying to pick the best one at an agreeable price can be somewhat overwhelming. In this review, we’ve dived into all of the key features of the top shelf ULine Wine Coolers.

We’ve narrowed it down to only the best of the U-Line wine fridges, with their full reviews waiting just for you!

Top 5 Best U-Line Wine Coolers 2021

1. Uline Wine Captain 1224

Uline Wine Captain 1224 Best Of ULine Wine Coolers

This U-Line wine fridge from the Wine Captain 1000 Series is one of the trendiest choices for wine coolers.
It has a modest capacity of 48 Bottles, vinyl-coated sliding wine racks, easy-to-use temperature control digital touchpad, and an elegant black interior design illuminated with LED lighting.

This 24″ built-in stainless steel with a reversible glass door installment is a single zone cooler with a range of 38°-65°F, allowing a one- degree increment. Its impeccable craftsmanship and superior design make the model stand out.

All in all, this wine cooler is a good choice for a starting-out wine collector. While it may be on the higher side of your budget, it is cost-efficient and really showcases your reds and whites.


  • Stainless steel, reversible glass door, and black interior
  • Vinyl coated sliding racks, adjustable to different sizes
  • Digital control pad, LED lighting
  • Built-in installment


  • Superior design and quality
  • Optimum temperature range with one-degree adjustments
  • Digital temperature control touchpad and LED lighting


  • Expensive
  • Warranty assurance is not great
  • No Wi-Fi compatibility or smart features

2. U-Line UHWC524SG41A

3. U-Line UHWC524SG41A

The U-Line 5 Class Single Zone Wine Series is an assorted product line that has integrated your needs into its blueprint. Humble and understated, it is one of the best wine coolers for a wine lover, available in 3 different size ranges-

  • 24″: volume- 5.2cu ft, holds up to 49 wine bottles
  • 18″: volume- 3.7cu ft, holds up to 35 wine bottles
  • 15″: volume- 2.9 cu ft, holds up to 28 wine bottles

U-Line’s 5 Class Collection flaunts an industry-exclusive full-depth lower interior for amplified capacity, as per your requirements.

The single-zone models are energy-efficient and lighter on the pocket. The 5-Class Collection can be customized to have stainless steel or integrated door finishes to match your decor. To top it off, four adjustable leveling legs are provided to fit your home perfectly.

It has the U-Adjust Interior with seven full-extension racks with 19 adjustable positions. The usual convection technology for fast and consonant temperature, digital control pad and variable speed compressor that delivers quicker and quieter operations is available. However, it is not compatible with Wi-Fi nor equipped with the Smart House features like Alexa, Google, or others.


  • Stainless steel body with options for personalization
  • 7 removable, full-extension wine racks; U-Adjust Interior 19 position adjustments
  • Single Zone with a temperature range of 33°-70°F
  • Digital Touch Pad control
  • Adjustable white and blue LED lights.
  • Soft-close door with articulating hinges
  • Four adjustable leveling legs
  • Built-in or freestanding


  • Customizable design
  • Energy efficient
  • Maximum storage technology


  • Incompatible with Wi-Fi and smart house tech
  • Single temperature zone
  • Warranty is less than expected
  • Custom handle and panels not included for the integrated models, so you have to buy them separately

3. U-Line U2224ZWCS00B

U-Line U2224ZWCS00B

The 2000 series, specifically designed for built-in applications, boasts a beautiful black interior work with LED fittings that can be set to stay on for 3 hours or turned off automatically. Their Low-E coated, argon gas filled, triple thermopane glass door protects the wine-tannins from harmful UV Light, preserving the finest of wines.

Rubber-mounted compressors eliminate almost all vibrations, which are key to the best of wine coolers. Wine racks can collect a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. The third and sixth racks allow for larger diameter wine and champagne bottles.

Digital touchpad control, field reversible doors, four adjustable leveling legs, articulating door hinges, and customization options are offered. This Dual-Zone unit has a temperature range of 38°F to 65°F and a volume capacity of 4.7 cu ft and it holds up to 43 wine bottles.


  • Black interior work with LED fittings
  • Adjustable racks
  • Dual-Zone with a range of 38°F to 65°F
  • Capacity for add-ons
  • Volume- 4.7cu ft, holds up to 43 wine bottles
  • Low-E coated, argon gas filled, triple thermopane glass door
  • Rubber-mounted compressors


  • Custom door panels may be added.


  • Customization is not done by ULine
  • Low in energy-efficiency

4. Moosoo 24″ 5 Class Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator

Moosoo 24 5 Class Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator

If you love both your reds and your whites, dual-zone is the way to go. The 24″ dual-zone wine refrigerator lets you store both your favorites in a single unit.

This product, in line with its 5 Class Collection, goes all-in with the latest technology. Complete with convection cooling and A-grade variable speed compressor. Decked in with an industry-exclusive full-depth interior U-Adjust 17 position adjustment for full-extension wine racks, Wi-Fi compatibility-complete with the U-Line U-Connect App to access remote product controls.

Available as a built-in and freestanding model, this design accepts custom door panels. It is a perfect addition to a minimalistic modular kitchen design scheme, with a full in-and-out stainless steel finish.


  • Stainless steel interior and accents
  • Soft-close doors with articulating hinges
  • 6 removable, full-extension tracks; 17 position adjustments U-Adjust for size variations
  • Wi-Fi compatibility with the U-Connect App
  • Dual-Zone with temperature range 38°-65°F (upper) and 38°-65°F (lower)
  • Adjustable white and blue LED lighting
    Volume- 5.1 cu ft, holds up to 42 wine bottles
  • Built-in or freestanding fridge
  • Digital touchpad control


  • Refined technology with ease of use
  • Dual Zone, adjustable storage
  • Included smart tech
  • Warranty guarantee


  • Smart feature unavailable for Alexa, Google Home, or any other besides U-Connect App.
  • High energy consumption
  • The integrated model custom door panels and handles have to be bought separately.

5. N’Finity 3000 Wine Cellar/Refrigerator Cooling Unit


The 3000 series is one of a kind and perhaps the best of the ULine Wine Coolers in terms of technological advancement and elegance.
The 3000 series comes in two sizes-

  • 24″: volume- 4.7cu ft,holds up to 43 wine bottles
  • 36″: volume- 7.0 cu ft, holds up to 62 wine bottles

This is an integrated frame with a larger range and built-in types of units. The design and features are undoubtedly the most striking. The classic black interior has been paired with LED theatre lighting. Additionally, the dramatic flair of soft dim lights even when the door is closed or set to stay on for 3, 6, or 24 hours has been included.

Brightness may be set to the mood with the pre-programmed modes (low, medium, or high). Added protection from UV Rays with Low-E coated, argon gas filled, triple thermopane glass doors guarantees the best preservation for your wine collection.

The advancements in the units are seen with their U-Select controls and a digital OLED display. The U-Select control makes it quick and simple to manage the settings. This is a modern piece for wine lovers, with independently controlled temperature zones and their various setting modes. Temperature ranges from 38°F to 65°F. Let’s you store your red, white, and sparkling wines in the same cabinet.

With all this, there are the usual features ULine provides-limitless integration capabilities with an articulating door hinge, door finishes in stainless steel or integrated panel-ready, and fully adjustable toe-kicks that can accept a custom panel to match your surrounding cabinetry.


  • Black interior with LED theatre lighting
  • Low-E coated, argon gas filled, triple thermopane glass doors
  • U-Select controls with digital OLED display
  • Independently controlled temperature zones
  • Temperature range: 38°F to 65°F.
  • Built-in installment


  • High-end design system
  • Easy set-up and access
  • Wide temperature range


  • Doesn’t accept custom panels
  • Only available as a built-in type
  • Not energy-efficient

What To Look For In Best U-Line Wine Cooler?

1. Cooling Technology

The cooling technology used by a unit is the main selling point for any wine cooler. Thermoelectric and compressor technologies are used to remove the heat from inside the closures and cool down the inner temperature. Thermoelectric coolers use the Peltier effect to lower the temperature while compressors are more like a mini-fridge. They both have their pros and cons, but in the end, it comes down to preference and usability.

2. Vibration

Research shows that vibrations induced in a wine bottle, however small, may change the taste and affect the wine’s maturing process. The vibrational frequency depends on the type of compressor used in the wine fridge. To combat this, good quality coolers are equipped with stabilizing solutions such as compressors mounted on rubber blocks, coated racks, etc.

3. Temperature

The most crucial factor in wine-aging is temperature. In the market, you can see an array of single and dual-zone variants. What are these exactly? Well, single-zone coolers operate only on one temperature setting, while dual-zone can function on two temperature settings at the same time.
This temperature variation means that white and red wines can be practically stored in the same product.

4. Bottle Count

Bottle count can get confusing. What is the ideal number of bottles to have? Some say that you should estimate your bottle count by adding a 20-25% bottle to your current wine collection. While this isn’t a guarantee, it may work! Your bottle count should depend on your preferences and your wine collecting venture.

5. Shelving

The shelving of a model should always be checked for durability. Lower, inexpensive products use plastic to make their racks. These are a poor choice and essentially a total waste of money. The racks should be, preferably, made of wood or metals or any other strong material. Shelves should be practical and easily accessible, with sliding extensions and adjustable sizes.

6. Door

Doors are usually made transparent. While this is desirable for a fancy addition to your clove, the doors should be advanced enough to offer a UV protectant. UV Rays chemically affect the tannins and tend to ruin wines.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned wine connoisseur, U-Line seems to have covered all the bases. There isn’t a feature that has been left out by them in their many wine fridges. U-Line Wine Coolers are one of the best product lines on the market. They are sleek and elegant, modern, and user-friendly. Thus, a proper match for you to highlight your wine collection.

While there might have been slight adjustments that you would have preferred in one of their products, none of them is a major deal-breaker. We hope this guide helps you to find the best wine cooler to make a perfect home for your precious wines.


1. What Is The Best Way To Store Red And White Wines?

White wines age better in a temperature range of 46°-56°F, while for red wines, 58°-68°F range is optimum.
For this reason, it is best to invest in a dual-zone wine cooler, which can be adjusted to store both types of wines in a single space. Thus, it is practical and efficient.

2. Can Other Beverages Be Stored In A Wine Cooler?

If you are not too particular, then the simple answer would be yes. Wine coolers have a cooling range of 45°F- 70°F. This is ideal for wines having higher sugar content and aids the maturing process. However, if you like your drinks chilled, a beverage cooler or a normal fridge would be a better option.

3. Thermoelectric Or Compressor?

Options in both of these cooling techniques are seen in the market. The choice between the two is more about a preference amongst customers. Thermoelectric is more eco-friendly and noiseless, but it can not offer a lower cooling range the way a compressor can. A compressor, on the other hand, works like a mini-fridge. While it effectively cools the interior, it is not that eco-friendly and tends to make a lot of noise.

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