Best Wine Baskets 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Wine Country 2. Picnic Time 3. HappyPicnic
Wine Country Gift Baskets Best Wine Basket Picnic Time Corsica Insulated Wine Basket Bottle Heavy Duty Wine Cooler Bag

We have all been there – racking our brains, trying to think of a gift for our friend’s birthday or a dinner party at your boss’s, or even a wedding gift – and come up blank. Gifting is hard. Finding something appropriate yet thoughtful, especially something that does not seem like a last-minute gas station purchase, can be the most difficult task ever. But the solution is simple.

Wine Gift Baskets- easy gifting with a touch of elegance. Who doesn’t love a bottle of sparkling paired with the sweetest chocolate truffles, or maybe their favorite red wine with an assortment of artisan cheese?
Professional or personal, wine gift hampers are the best gift for any occasion.

To make things even easier we have scrounged the market for you and assembled the Best Wine Baskets to give out this season.

Top 10 Best Wine Baskets 2021

1. Wine Country Gift Baskets

Wine Country Gift Baskets Best Wine BasketTreat someone special to a classic selection of wine and snacks. Wine Country’s gourmet mix of sweet and savory favorites is a humble choice of wine basket’s. “The Connoisseur Gourmet Gift” produced in the USA with the greatest care assures best-quality and only name brand products.

Filled with sesame cranberry cookies, crackers, hummus, pretzel sticks, honey mustard dipping sauce, chocolate coconut cashews, vanilla sea salt caramels, olive tapenade, spicy honey crunch snack mix, and more mouth-watering delights, this is a popular choice.

Perfect for all occasions, packed and ready-to-go with a pretty bow on top, The Wine Country Basket guarantees satisfaction and happy shoppers every time.



2. Picnic Time Corsica Insulated Wine Basket

Picnic Time Corsica Insulated Wine BasketThey have taken wine baskets to the next level with their Picnic Time Corsica Insulated Wine Basket! Woven wicker designed, this 2-bottle wine carrier makes for a charming summer day picnic-partner.

The basket is lined with a polyester exterior and adjustable straps, giving it a whimsical look. Featuring a divided compartment for your favorite bottles as well as premium leather accents, this wine-picnic carrier is rugged and durable. It includes wine and cheese board accessories-a 6″ cutting board, a cheese knife, and a stainless steel corkscrew. Custom-made for a picture-perfect picnic! This basket is a wine enthusiast’s dream gift.



3. Bottle Heavy Duty Wine Cooler Bag

Bottle Heavy Duty Wine Cooler BagKnow a wine connoisseur who loves to travel? This Champagne-Carrying Tote was designed for them! An insulated wine carrier with a flexible interior is just the thing all wine-loving wanderers look for. This travel bag can hold up to four wine bottles, and glasses too with the help of its removable divider, without any clinking or shattering.

Get creative and turn compartments into waterproof cooler bags or ice bags or even a lunch carrier! Moreover, along with the cooler case comes two PS glasses, an all-in-one wood corkscrew, bottle stopper, a bamboo cutting board, and a cheese knife – making it totally worth the price.

The 3-Bottle Heavy Duty Wine Cooler Bag has been constructed with the best of protecting and hard-wearing material like an EVA molded garden lid and bottom and heavy-duty canvas fabric.

Adjustable, hard-to-wear down, travel-friendly, and convenient – there is no chance of accidents with this thoughtfully made travel cooler.



4. Deluxe Cheese Crate With Wine

Deluxe Cheese Crate With WineWant to go all out with cheese? The Deluxe Crate offers a select-mix of five premium kinds of cheese.

The gourmet collection is enough to make anyone go gaga with their nutty Italian Gold Cheese, tart Blue, soft crumbly Cheese Curds packed with a delightful surprise of chives and other tempting flavors. Besides the cheese extravaganza, an assortment of dried fruits, mixed-nuts, three-seeded crackers, garlic-stuffed olives, etc is all delivered in a rustic wooden crate.

Nibble down the extensive spread with an exceptional bottle of Harry & David Pinot Noir that it comes with. Happy Tasting!



5. Mumm Napa Sparkling Wine Gift Box

Mumm Napa Sparkling Wine Gift BoxCelebrate the finer things in life with this box of love. After all, who doesn’t like a little sparkling wine?

Paired with a beautiful bottle of Mumm Napa Cuvée is a salivating list of sides including Smoked Gouda Blend, Butter Toffee Pretzels, Three Cheese Sourdough Crackers, Le Grand Truffles and Sunny Snacks Nut & Fruit Mix.

Brand-quality and sophistication at its best, this wine box checks all the boxes and will definitely make a lasting impression.



6. Classic Red Wine Gift Basket

Classic Red Wine Gift BasketSpecially made for all the red oenophiles, here is a balanced arrangement of lip-smacking gourmet snacks and an Italian red wine blend. A Southern twist on a wine basket, this makes for an elegant yet homely gift.

Inside this paperboard basket, you will find crisp artisan Stoned Wheat Crackers, Savory Cheese, traditional smoked beef Garlic Sausages, Cheese and Cinnamon Pecan Straws and Hazelnut Wafer Rolls. The Classic Red Wine Gift will wrap you in a blanket of comfort with a pinch of oomph.



7. Artisan Meat and Cheese Gift With Wine

Artisan Meat and Cheese Gift With WineGourmet cheese and an artisanal meat platter – what more does a wine fanatic need? Absolutely nothing! This basket is filled to the brim with treats from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, award-winning cheeses and savoury accompaniments. Lemon dill smoked salmon, handcrafted Napoli salami, smoked mozzarella and other salivating delights to go with an irresistible bottle of Harley & David Merlot. The cherry on top is a beautifully crafted cheese slate featuring pear artwork to complete your wine tasting set.



8. Rosé All Day Gift Crate

Rosé All Day Gift CrateEnjoy a warm summer evening with a glass of delectable pink wine in one hand and delicate cheesecake cookies in the other. A wooden crate that brings joy along with a fruity, light-bodied Chateau Montaud Rosé, this is perfect for all occasions.

Underneath which you will find savoury cheeses, cracking water crackers and decadent chocolate cheesecake cookies. A guaranteed contented sigh will be heard once the crate is empty and the plates are polished.



9. Wine And Savory Snack Collection

Wine And Savory Snack CollectionSmoked, spicy and delicious is the theme for the Wine And Savoury Snack Collection.

Promising an afternoon full of flavor and good wine this combination brings to you a California Cabernet Sauvignon matched with salty and tangy accompaniments.

Salami, olive oil, rosemary crackers, cheddar, and more finger-licking snacks complement your wine. Get your binge-on, with this trusted pairing or gift to your friends to enjoy.



10. Wine Party Picnic Gift Crate

Wine Party Picnic Gift CrateBring a gift nobody will forget with this generous crate, carrying a complex Menica Roble and a crisp, golden-hued Chardonnay. Indulge in the buttery goodness of toffee peanuts, premium cheeses, and delicious handmade garlic sausages. A classic complement to all events, bring a gift everyone will remember.



How To Choose A Wine Basket?

It is important to know the taste and preferences of the person to really hit the mark with choosing the right basket for them and so as to not waste your money on another ‘generic and hastily bought’ thing. When deciding on a wine basket as a gift, the main and obvious things to consider are.

1. Does The Person You Are Gifting, Actually Like Wine?

Do they like a glass of red with their meats? Do they like winding down with a tall glass of Chardonnay? Do they enjoy the fruity smell of a good Rosé?

2. What Type Of Wine Drinker Are They?

Some people are red-lovers while others love to sip on their whites. Some may prefer both while the rest indulge in an occasional glass of sparkling wine.

3. What Do They Prefer To Accompany Their Reds Or Whites With?

Cheese and Wine- a combination made in heaven. Cheese is always the way to go. Except when it is not! Although it’s a classic, everyone has their own tastes. Maybe they have a sweet tooth and prefer decadent chocolate truffles over salted nuts.

Wine Baskets can either be the present of the year or a long-forgotten, unopened box in the back of someone’s pantry. It all comes down to the selection of products. That is what makes all the difference. It adds a personal touch to an otherwise boring option. These are the basic points to consider when searching for a wine and treat basket.

Wine & Dine

Hundreds of trials and errors and quite a few pitchers of wine later, wine-experts have put together some classic combinations to go with our favorite beverage. Some of the pairings you cannot go wrong with are-

1. Chocolate

The diversity of chocolate and the variety of wines go together like lock and key. If you like a sweeter note for a post-dinner snack, truffles, cookies or even brownies are the best choice to pair with red or white wine. Dark chocolate tastes divine with a light white wine, leaving you with a bittersweet after taste.

2. Fruits And Berries

The sugary tanginess of a ripe berry is amazing with any wine of your choice. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries – all can be served directly on your platter. Apples, pears, and peaches should be packed for a light summer outing and drunk with a soft Canarnet or a Chardonnay. Seedless grapes, green or red, go well with chilled Champagne. Cut and dice or freeze and serve or simply lay them out on a tray, fruits and berries are versatile in taste and plating!

3. Italian Craze

Pasta and pizzas aside, Italian cheeses are mouth-wateringly delicious, especially with a glass of decent wine. Smoked salami, mozzarella, and funky blue cheeses give an exotic palette cleanse.

4. Hummus

Traditionally prepared hummus is a savory spread cooked with chickpeas. Try swapping a late afternoon meal with hummus and crispy crackers and chips with a robust wine. The plate makes for a hearty and full-filling snacking, filled with a protein punch and of course our beloved drink.

5. Mixed Nuts

Trail-mix munchies are the easiest and lightest partners to any glass of wine. Pack’em up, roast ’em, or eat them whole! Pistachios, cashews, peanuts add saltiness and a little healthiness.

6. Meat

Lemon and thyme smoked sausages, or a full dish of pork chops or really, any meat you want can always be matched with an equally hearty bottle of red wine. Smoked, roasted, grilled, fried … anything works with protein in it.

White Or Red, Confused What To Get?

A layman would say the only difference between red and white wine is the color. The bleeding souls of connoisseurs know there is a world of a difference between the two major types of wines.

White wines are light and fruity while red wines tend to be more bitter and acidic. In general, for someone just discovering the deep, wide arena of Wines, white wine is a good place to begin. Red wines are considered to be a more acquired taste with its puckering flavor.

Now if you are not sure what to get someone, white would be a safer choice. Better yet, get a sparkling or a Champagne bottle, for a celebratory effect. You could choose to go by the seasons in which case a breezy Rosé or any light-bodied pink would be appropriate for a summer party.

There’s always an option to guess by their food habits. Someone who prefers red meats over a lighter fish might choose a strong red wine to accompany their dinner with. While this can get risky but, what’s life without a little risk?

Where To Get One And How To Send?

Wine Baskets are generally available at selective gift stores. Selective because of the alcohol license requirement to see wine. But they are not that hard to find.

Better yet, get it on the internet. You can order one from any online-shopping platform and even directly deliver it to whoever, right at their doorsteps. Keep in mind, all alcohol shipping requires an adult’s (21 years) signature, if delivered at home.

If ordering from a US-based gift store, be sure to check the states they work in. Most stores deliver to selected areas and states.

Also, remember that it is illegal to mail any alcoholic beverage if you do not own a liquor license.
Online-delivery services are also available that send gift baskets internationally and all over the US. It is best to thoroughly research the company you used or choose services via recommendations as not all suppliers have the same products or pay careful attention to quality control.

Take Your Pick!

Who said showing up with a bottle of wine to a party had to be seen as lazy and unoriginal? Up-your gifting game with beautiful boxes of hand-picked delicacies with a fine bottle of wine. Reds to whites to sparkly to pinks, give away any of the favorites with perfect pairings to go-with.

Find baskets or carriers or even trendy coolers for all types of wine enthusiasts. With the right pick of treats, become the best Santa your friends have ever seen. There seems to be a gift basket ready for every and all occasions, all you need to do is take your pick and gift away!

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Here’s A DIY For You!

If you are having trouble finding the right products in one basket, make it yourself! Wine baskets are meant to be based on preference and personal tastes. They are special when only the receiver’s favorite treats are included in them.

The three things to keep in mind when DIY-ing a gift basket are:

1. Add all the favorites: wines, accessories, snacks, cheese, and anything else.

2. Presentation!: keep it pretty and wrap it neatly. It is a gift after all! You can easily find a wooden woven picnic carrier for a winsome look or a basic paper-pleated one. You could go big with a decent wooden crate. Get creative and design the exterior with personalized paintings or writings. Add a bow on top to finish it off!

3. Gourmet or Store-Bought?: don’t get hooked on the names! ‘Gourmet’ is basically a fancy way of saying branded or high-quality products. Something you would not find in the store down the block. While gourmet treats do have their upsides, what really matters is preference and budget. Store-bought goodies work just as well. They are more familiar and come under comfort-food, isn’t that what we all want?

4. Get Those Creative Juices Running!: the best part of doing a DIY gift is that you can modify and play around with the concept. Your gift basket can include anything you want in it, too! Besides the obvious wine and foods, you could include a customized cheese board or serving tray. Thinking of comfort wines give, turn to a fluffy robe to lounge in, or if they like playing chef, an apron works too!

Why Stop At Wine?

If you are doubtful of wine, just send a gift basket! Steal the idea and make it your own. Add your own twist to it. Gift Baskets are a unique way to treat someone special. Try out different ideas, tell a story, and share your bond through a carefully designed basket full of love.

Swap wines for coffee for a bean-lover, or keep the bottle for yourself and send all the gourmet chocolates. Customize and get specific! Gift them according to the occasions, be it an anniversary or a wedding or even a birthday. For something professional, include all appropriate products you know they would appreciate.

An array of options are readily available at any gift store, online and offline, and you could make one yourself. Essentially, it is the same concept as a wine basket. Add all the favorites and relatable items, decorate, and send!

If you are short on time, handcrafted customized baskets can be ordered and delivered viz. gift shops and companies, filled with items you select.

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