Best Wine Preservers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Vacu Vin 2. OXO SteeL 3. Pernali
Vacu Vin Wine Saver Best Wine Preservers Oxo SteeL Vacuum Wine Saver Pernali Premium Stainless Steel Electric

Are you a wine person? You may need a wine preserver to keep up the wine’s quality and flavor. To make it easier for you, we have found out the best wine preservers in town. All you need to do is go through these excellent picks and find the best one for you! Let’s dive right in.

Top 14 Best Wine Preservers 2021

1. Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Best Wine Preservers

Vacu Vin Wine Saver is a highly efficient wine preserver that you ought to buy. It includes a wine saver pump in black and six rubber stoppers. Both these components have their own function to perform. The pump helps to remove air from the bottle while the rubber stopper seals the bottle.


  • Preservation

This awesome wine saver creates an airtight vacuum that is capable of preserving the wine once the bottle has been opened. This keeps the wine fresh and flavorful for up to 2 weeks.

Additionally, it helps to prevent the oxidation process that is responsible for the deterioration of wine. Vacu Vin Wine Saver ensures that your wine remains in good condition for a particular period.

  • Durability

This product is highly durable, which is what every customer looks for when they buy something. It is capable of tolerating regular and prolonged usage. It does not wear out easily. Instead, it is reusable and can be utilized for many years to come.

Keep in mind that this product can only be subject to hand wash.

In short, this is one of the best wine preservers available in the market.



2. Oxo SteeL Vacuum Wine Saver

Oxo SteeL Vacuum Wine Saver

This silver-colored wine preserver aces the job in saving your wine. It keeps the wine fresh longer than a traditional cork. Moreover, the pump easily extracts air from the wine bottle by slowing down the oxidation process. This helps flatten the taste of the wine.

Let’s move onto its features.


  • Design And Structure

This is an easy-to-hold wine preserver with a contoured neck that prevents pinching while you are pumping. Additionally, the soft, comfortable grips are non-slip and can prove to be the perfect purchase for you.

  • Preservation

In just a few easy pumps, the wine saver does its duty. The stoppers that come with the product form a vacuum seal. This helps preserve the wine’s flavors and aromas until you’re ready for your next glass.

In a nutshell, the OXO SteeL Vacuum Wine Saver comes with two stoppers within an affordable budget. The very robust OXO pump is a must-buy for wine lovers. Though it has got mixed customer reviews, the pros outweigh the cons in this wine preserver.



3. Pernali Premium Stainless Steel Electric

Pernali Premium Stainless Steel Electric

This is an all-in-one set designed with everything desired by a wine lover. It is the perfect choice for a beginner as well as an experienced wine connoisseur. Let’s dive right in to know if this is the best wine saver for you!


  • Sleek Design

Boasting a high-quality, sleek, sophisticated, and stylish design, this electric wine opener effortlessly extracts corks from up to 30 bottles on a single charge. It has remarkable quality stainless steel with a blue LED charging base.

It also comes with a simple push-button operation with a see-through extraction window. Moreover, it also includes a premium pourer with an easy-pour design.

  • Efficiency

This electric vacuum wine pump preserver automatically eliminates the air and seals opened wine bottles. This helps retain the freshness. The set also includes two integrated stoppers with a date-setting function. The included foil cutter easily removes sealed wine tops.

Briefly, the Pernali Premium Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener also offers great after-sales service if any damages are found.



4. Sello 2 Wine Preservation System

Sello 2 Wine Preservation System

Sello is an innovative wine preservation system that effectively uses active packaging technology to ensure excellent wine tasting. Let’s take a look at its unique features.


  • Superior Technology

This product utilizes cartridges that constantly work to absorb oxygen and excess moisture within the wine bottle. This is highly effective in maintaining the original flavors and aromas of the wine. It is a widely used system by food and beverage manufacturers across America to extend shelf life.

  • Outstanding Value

Sello is a beautifully designed, reusable wine preserver and dripless wine pourer. It is also a commonly used effective preservation solution for liquor, spirits, and beer. It is also compatible with all kinds of bottle types.

  • Improved Design

A successor to the original model, this product has reached the market with significant improvements in both durability and functionality. It is easy to use and is also an ideal preservation system for homes, restaurants, and wineries.

  • Performance Driven

It is an exceptional, performance-driven product that is way ahead of other alternative wine preservation systems. It has also proven to be an outperforming product through testing.

  • Made in the USA

Sello is patented in the USA, and it includes 1 Sello Wine Preserver Device plus 12 Sello replacement cartridges. The system offers a one year warranty and a great after-sales service.

All in all, this is a comparatively good product. However, while analyzing the customer reviews, one common drawback is the breakage of the red cap. After two times of usage, it was found to be not firm enough. You can always seek the company’s help through customer support services on such matters. Apart from this, the product can be a good purchase for you.



5. Private Preserve Wine

Private Preserve Wine

This is another best wine preserver that provides you the ultimate solution to save your wine. It effectively helps prevent oxidation of fine wines, liquors, cooking oils, and even vinegar. Rated as the best wine preserver worldwide, this system utilizes a unique blend of inert, non-toxic, FDA approved, medical-grade and non-volatile gases to seal the wine’s surface.

This helps the wine stay perfectly fresh. Let’s now move on to its features.


  • Unique Combination

The product adorns a unique combination of argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen to not strip the wine of its fragrance. It also displaces all oxygen to prevent spoiling.

  • Easy to use

You only have to follow a few simple steps to use this wine preservation system. All you got to do is place the extension tune in the bottle opening and follow the recommended doses. This enables you to eliminate all the oxygen. Once you’re done, quickly remove the straw and press the cork tightly in its place to avoid inflow of oxygen.

  • Recyclable

This system comprises four extension straws. This product is made in the USA, and the best part is every component is recyclable. This helps you minimize your carbon footprint, too, which makes this product a must-buy.

The Private Preserve Wine Preservation system will help you save your wine remarkably. Don’t let a full empty bottle fool you, though. It contains enough gas for 120 total uses. In short, to keep your alcohol fresh, go for this product.



6. ArT Wine Preserver | Enjoy Your Wine

Private Preserve Wine

If you want to enjoy your wine longer, you certainly need to check out this product. It is a perfect solution for all wine drinkers as the argon spray is much easier to use than vacuum products. It also allows you to keep open wine in the refrigerator for up to a few weeks.

So, what are its special features?


  • Best for Red and White Wines

Wines often have different oxidation times, depending on the variety. This product helps you avoid this by extending the life of any opened bottle. It is achieved through displacing oxygen. Be it red, white, or fortified wines- this product enables you to drink a couple of glasses of wine in a week.

ArT also works well with various wines that are used in cocktails and hence allows you to preserve leftovers, too.

  • Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers

Oenophilia can be defined as the love for wine, and wine lovers are always pursuing new wine-preserving technology. The ArT Wine Preserver set is a fantastic birthday or wedding anniversary gift. Gifting this means you genuinely love and care for the other person.

  • 100% Food-Grade Argon

Argon is a very useful inert gas that works well to displace oxygen in a bottle of wine. It helps retain the taste and look of the wine. All you have to do is simply spray the can into an open bottle for about two seconds. Then insert the stopper and refrigerate the wine.

Each time you open the bottle, don’t forget to respray. Home winemakers consider this product as the best wine preserver, especially during fermentation. This can be your ultimate solution to keep your wine fresh.

Additionally, ArT wine stoppers are highly recommended to prevent excess oxygen from entering into the bottle. The product comes in various packs, 1-pack includes one stopper, 3-pack includes three stoppers, and 4-pack includes one stopper. Moreover, the preserving kits enable you to keep the wine refrigerated three times longer.

In a nutshell, this is an affordable wine preserver that accurately serves its purpose.



7.  Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Made in the Netherlands, this great wine preserver can be a great deal for you. It is specifically designed for use with all of Vacu Vin’s Wine Saver Pumps. Both the pump and stoppers work efficiently together to remove air from the air bottle.

The product includes four Grey Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers.
It is also suitable for all Red and White Wines.

Easy and convenient to use, the universal Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers just need to be inserted into the bottle. After this, pump using a genuine Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump until you hear the patented “Click.” The “click” denotes an airtight seal.

It also helps you preserve the taste and flavor of the fresh wine for up to many weeks.
Vacu Vin Wine Saver is also constructed using high-quality, food-grade rubber that makes it dishwasher-safe. They are also extremely durable and will last for many years to come.

Like two sides of a coin, a product will have its own pros and cons. Beware of the inferior-quality goods that come with this purchase. Customers have complained about the quality issues a lot and so think before you make a decision.



8. Haley’s Corker 5-In-1 Wine Aerator


Made in America with BPA-free, food-safe plastic, this product does a great job in sealing opened bottles to keep the wine inside fresh. Haley’s Corker 5-in-1 comprises an aerator, pourer, wine filter, stopper, and a leak-proof bottle stopper. Let’s move on to its features.


  • Leak-Proof

Haley’s Corker creates an airtight and liquid-tight seal to preserve wine. The bottles are stored upright or on either side without leaks. Hence, it provides a leak-proof system of wine preservation.

  • Protection

This wine saver aerates freshly opened wine bottles. It also filters the cork, sediment, and tartrate as the wine pours. You don’t have to worry about the wine splashing or dripping. It does a neat job in that aspect. Furthermore, it protects the contents in the bottle from dust and bugs that are seen outdoors.

  • Suitability

Haley’s Corker is highly suitable for liquors, spirits, wines, coffee syrups, sodas, sparkling waters, cooking oils, kinds of vinegar, and much more. Also, it keeps the tables and counters mess-free.

This product fits most standard-sized bottles. If you want to reuse it, you can always do so as it is reusable. It is also dishwasher safe. In case you receive a product with defects, make sure you contact them regarding the same.



9. Coravin Model Two Premium

Coravin Model Two Premium

The Coravin Model Two Premium is an intuitive wine preservation system that helps you keep your wine fresh and flavored. It utilizes the very effective Coravin System to preserve wine.

Let’s see what its features are.


  • Convenience

The product gives its users the freedom to enjoy the wine on their own terms. The Coravin system offers wine enthusiasts to pour and drink any amount of wine without even removing the cork. So the pour-without-opening feature is an attractive addition to this wine preserver.

  • Design

This premium designed wine saver adorns a Teflon coated wine needle. It is specially made to be gentle on the wine cork and to pour wine both quickly and smoothly.

  • Superior Wine Storage and Preservation

This best wine saver is filled with ultra-pure argon gas (99.9%). Further, the Coravin capsules are designed with patented technology to ensure that no argon escapes from the wine bottle. It also guarantees that the wine will never lose its taste even after many years to come.

This can be your ultimate solution for wine preservation. The Coravin Model two premium comes with a wine preserver designed with metallic accents and textured rubber grip. Additionally, it includes two Coravin Capsules that permit you to freely pour up to fifteen 5-ounce glasses of wine.

Though it sports a lot of amazing features, it does have its own cons. In case of a receipt of damaged products, there is no provision for return. Free pouring of wine sometimes experiences a hindrance, as well.

The customer reviews are both in favor and against this product. Thus, make sure that you buy the right wine preserver.



10. ZOS Wine Preserver

ZOS Wine Preserver

Are you looking for an effective, affordable, and well-performing wine preserver? Well, the ZOS Wine preserver is the perfect product for you. Let’s jump right into its unique features.


  • Effectiveness

ZOS introduces the most effective way to preserve open bottle wines by absorbing 100% of the oxygen. It extracts the excess oxygen that can damage the wine within minutes. This product has completely redefined the market as one of the best wine preservation systems.

It helps keep your wine fresh for up to 2 months. Now you can confidently pour some good wine into your glass without much thought.

  • Easy to use

ZOS is undoubtedly the most easy-to-use and effective wine preservation system available in the market. All you’ve got to do is insert the preserver into the bottle like a stopper. It easily fits most 750 ml bottles, depending on its usage.

However, it may not be compatible with large screw cap necks and oversized wine bottles.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic

Both the ZOS Wine Preserver and Refill Cartridges are purely made from 100% safe food materials. They are non-toxic as well and do not pose any threat.

  • Risk-Free with Lifetime Guarantee

You can always try these products without risk. ZOS stands by its products with outstanding customer service and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. If you are unhappy with the product, you will always be free to return it for a replacement or a refund.

It includes reusable refill cartridges that can last about 15 bottles, depending on the usage. Additionally, it comes with a ZOS Wine Preserver, a ZOS Testing Holder, ZOS cartridge, two batteries, and simple and easy-to-understand instructions.

To summarize, this is a great wine preservation system that can do wonders for your wine collection by keeping them safe and fresh. It also boasts several positive customer reviews. So, don’t be late to get your hands on the best wine preserver in town.



11. Best Wine Bottle Stopper

Best Wine Bottle Stopper

An all-around wine saver with some of the best features, this product is sure to be a game-changer for you in wine preservation. If you want to store your wine safely, then follow along to know its unique features.


  • All-in-one Wine Saver

This is the best all-in-one wine preserver you can get your hands on. You can now put an end to your hunt for the right pump and perfect stoppers. This product is innovative and adorns a compact, all-round design that reduces storage and increases your convenience and expectations.

  • Keep it Fresh

This is a remarkable product that allows you to keep your wine fresh whenever you wish to. Most often, wines go bad when overexposed to air or oxygen. The unique pump/stopper that comes with the package extracts most of the oxygen from the bottle. This allows you to store your unfinished wine for days and even weeks!

This system has been widely accepted as a dependable preservation solution for homes and bars that are looking to minimize wastage.

  • Standard Size

The size of the product is sure to fit almost all standard-sized bottles. However, it is not recommended for champagne or sparkling wine because the pressure in such wine bottles requires a different stopper. So If the product doesn’t fit well, you can send them a note for a refund/return according to your convenience.

This wine saver-wine stopper combo is small enough to fit inside most refrigerator shelves. It is always best to store the bottles upright.

In short, this is an excellent product that you can buy on an affordable budget.



12. Ezbasics Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

EZBASICS Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

EZBASICS provides you a great wine saver with a vacuum pump to remove all the oxygen inside the bottle, thus keeping the wine rich and flavored. It is made of highly durable stainless steel and turns out to be a great product in this price range.

Below are its various features.


  • Durable

The Wine Air Pump is made of stainless steel that makes it more durable. It is much more long-lasting than a plastic wine sealer pump. You don’t have to look for another option; instead, you can reuse this perfect wine preserver for up to a few years. It works well to remove all the air or oxygen within the bottle to maintain the wine’s flavor and richness for about one week.

  • Date Markers

The Vacuum Wine Stoppers are capable of recording the time you last opened the bottle. If you want to find this specific time, you need to simply turn the ring on the stopper, and that will point to the time the bottle was previously opened. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Gift for Wine Lovers

This is a classy looking product that can be hand operated easily. It is well-built and stylishly designed for personal use and can make an adorable gift for your friends and family. You can gift this fabulous wine preserver for a wedding, holiday, anniversary, birthday, or to any wine enthusiast.

  • Compatibility

The EZBASICS wine preserver is also universally compatible and is almost suitable for all red and white wines.

Apart from a few design flaws, the product does a pretty good job and will be worth every penny.



13. Repour Wine Saver

Repour Wine Saver

Repour Wine Saver can be the answer to all your problems regarding wine preservation. It effectively removes harmful oxygen from your wine and keeps your collection safe, and thus, you can include this product in the list of the best wine preservation systems.

If you want to know more about the product, take a look at its features.


  • Design

Repour is a stylishly designed wine preserver that is a perfect fit for a standard 750ML bottle of wine. You can use it for about five 5-ounce pours, and it also sports an outstanding capability to absorb oxygen from 1500ML of air.

  • High-Quality Material

High-quality material is present inside the stopper, which helps to continuously remove all of the oxygen from the air above the wine. It also extracts the oxygen from the wine itself and effectively stops the degradation process.

As the wine saver works to eliminate all the oxygen, it depletes its active ingredient. This is why its use is unlimited.

  • Long Term Preservation

Most of the preservation products make use of air displacement. This reduces the level of oxygen but does not eliminate its presence in the wine. So, they are only able to keep the wine fresh for a few days at most.

However, Repour leads the show by keeping your favorite wine rich and fresh for days, weeks, and even months.

Reviewed as an extraordinary wine saver by customers, Repour is certain to fulfill all your wine preservation needs.



14. Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine Stopper

This 2 Pack Wine Preserver is the perfect solution for your home, bar, or restaurant. It will allow you to keep the counters tidy and mess-free.

Let’s take a quick look at its features.


  • Keeps Your Wine Fresh

This well-performing wine preserver plays a vital role in minimizing wine oxidation. It is made possible through the suction of air out of the wine bottle. You have to pump the vacuum wine stopper several times to let it absorb the oxygen lightly. This helps you preserve the wine’s flavor and richness for weeks instead of days.

  • Spill and Leak-Proof

This product guarantees you a leak-proof experience while pouring out wine. The vacuum rubber seal fits extremely well with most wine bottles and other bottles with similar characteristics. It also preserves your wine better than the original cork and effectively prolongs its freshness.

  • Safe and High Quality

It is perfect for a household, hotel, club, bar, and many more places. The safe and high-quality nature of the product will never disappoint you. Made of premium and durable food-grade silicone inside, it lasts longer than similar preservers. The product has food-grade ABS outside, as well. It is undoubtedly safe for the human body and is non-toxic.

  • 100% Guarantee

You can buy this product with the utmost confidence, as the company has got you covered. All they want is their customers to be happy and content with the wine stoppers. If you are unsatisfied with the product you received, let them know about getting your problem fixed.

They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will always be at your service by providing prompt customer care. Sometimes the stoppers may fail to fit perfectly in champagne and similar bottles, but you always have the option to return it or ask for a refund.

In a nutshell, this is a high-class wine accessory and is sure to live up to your expectations. Go for it!



Ready To Buy The Perfect Wine Preserver?

We are sure that these handpicked choices of the best wine preservers have put an end to your dilemma. From efficiency, durability, and safety to many other factors, the decision to buy the right wine preserver can be a difficult one. However, now, we have prepared you well to choose from a wide variety of premium choices.

It is essential that you land your eyes on the ideal wine preserver instead of buying a low-performing product. You have to analyze each product and its features by utilizing enough time. This will help you to save a lot of hours and energy post-purchase. Check out for warranty of the products to make it a risk-free buy, as well.

In case of default, most companies provide you with friendly and approachable customer support services. You can always ring them up for a refund, return, or replacement. They will be at your service 24/7. Also, most wine preservers are made of safe and high-quality material, which makes these products non-toxic.

So, it is now time for you to get your counters mess-free. These easy-to-use products will enable you to get your jobs done quickly and effortlessly. Don’t worry anymore about spills and leaks when you can always use these leak-proof wine savers.

Keep your wine fresh, flavored, and rich with the best wine preservers in town. Don’t forget that they always make a lovely gift for wine lovers and enthusiasts. From birthdays, weddings, and parties to any occasion you can think of, these wine preservers will look good inside glittery gift wrapping!

So, what are you waiting for? Add them to your buy carts and enjoy your wine time.

Happy Shopping!

Factors To Look Out For In The Best Wine Preserver

Finding the best wine preservation system can help you gain tremendous benefits. You need not worry anymore about your wine going bad if you get your hands on the best wine preservers. There are several factors that you have to keep in mind before you buy the right wine saver. It will not only help you preserve your wine but also your time and money.

Below are the factors to consider while buying a good quality wine preservation system.

1. Efficacy

This is the most important feature of any wine preservation system. Efficacy is the ability to perform a task to a satisfactory degree. Don’t buy products that are not worth your money. Take time to understand the science behind their functioning. This will help you to buy the perfect wine preserver.

2. Space Utilization

Once you buy a wine preserver, you need to keep it in a desirable location. For the same, it becomes important first to find the right space for it. Study how much space will be utilized by the product/system, if the available area is adequate, etc. Also, ensure that the product is portable and can be used in more than one place.

3. Easy Usage

Once you’ve placed your hands on the right product, you should also be able to use it easily. Each person has a varying level of comfort when it comes to a particular item. Considering the time spent and the amount of effort involved, you’ll be able to analyze the ease of use of a product/system.

If these factors don’t go along well, it is most likely that the product will be difficult to use.

4. Cost Of The Product

Another key factor is the cost. It is always good to consider how much you will spend to save a bottle of wine. Also, keep a note of additional costs like maintenance cost, etc.

5. Style

If you’re new to wine preservation systems, there are two main styles that you need to know. They are vacuum systems and gas-based systems. The first system uses a vacuum to suck the oxygen from the bottle to prevent oxidation. The second system includes a gas called argon that is sprayed on the bottle for the wine to last longer.

Hence, it is up to you to choose the right system to save your wine.

6. Price

If you want to buy an expensive wine preservation system, make sure you have the right budget for it. It is quintessential to ensure that the product suits your needs well before you make your purchase decision.

Plus, opt for a product with a warranty so that your money doesn’t go down the drain.

7. Effectiveness

The effectiveness of the system is to be taken into consideration. Some systems still tend to allow air to get inside the wine bottle, and we don’t want that. Some systems keep the wine fresh for up to 7 days, while high-end ones can go for several months.

8. Durability

Last but not least, durability is an inevitable factor that decides the quality of a product. A vacuum system generally holds a hefty price tag than a spray solution. This is solely because it does a great job in terms of wine preservation. However, sometimes, price does not determine the quality of a product/system.

So, don’t let the price fool you, and take a wise decision.


1. How Long Does Wine Last With A Wine Preserver?

The bigger the surface area, the faster the oxidation takes place inside a wine bottle. To slow down this process, you need to remove as much air as possible from the bottle. This can be easily done using an efficient wine saver. These devices make use of vacuums that seal the surface of the wine to prevent the inflow of oxygen. This ensures that your sparkling wines will last from 7 to 14 days!

2. What Happens To An Open Bottle Of Wine?

Air can easily get inside an opened bottle of wine. It often tends to open up the wine’s flavor, but too much exposure can diminish the taste by making it mute and flat. In comes a wine preservation system to our rescue. It extracts unnecessary air from the bottle to help retain the flavor for a relatively long period.

3. Do Wines Need Refrigeration After The Preservation Process?

Wine can be preserved by using a spray solution or vacuum. In both cases, you need to refrigerate the wine so that it stays fresh longer. The flavor can also be retained for up to a few weeks through refrigeration.On the other hand, if stored at room temperature, it is more likely to be exposed to sunlight. This causes the flavor to fade away. At a colder climate, the process slows down and will make your wine last longer.

4. Does Argon Affect The Taste Of Wine?

Argon being an inert gas, does not undergo any chemical reaction with substances like wine. Hence, it does not change the taste of wine. Plus, argon is non-toxic and is safe to use. Argon effectively prevents oxygen from entering the wine bottle.

5. Is It Possible To Replace A Cartridge?

Yes, it is possible. You can unscrew the used cartridge and replace it with a new one. Always remember to reduce exposure to oxygen to the maximum while installing refill cartridges. Insert the new refill cartridge in the test holder and try it out. You can either leave it in the test holder or get it placed inside an open bottle of wine.

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