Best Wine Stoppers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Vacu Vin 2. Coravin 3. Le Creuset
Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump Best Wine Stoppers Coravin Model Wine Bottle Opener Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

Though drinking it on the same day is the best way to enjoy wine, sometimes people also decant it for better aromas and flavors. In case you decided to store any leftover wine, you will need a wine stopper. It can be difficult and inconvenient to put the cork back into the opened bottle. This wine accessory keep your wine fresher for a long time by keeping out the air properly. They are available in a variety of designs and prices so you can choose the best wine stopper according to your needs without having to fuss over a cork.

Read on further to look at some of the best wine bottle stoppers that will make your life easier and keep your wine fresh for days, weeks, or even years.

Top 20 Best Wine Stoppers 2021

1. Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump Best Wine Stoppers

A lot of wine enthusiasts and sommeliers recommend Vacu Vin as their preferred sealing for wine bottles. When left undisturbed, lighter wines can last for about three days, and heavier ones can last up to four days. The wine stopper’s vacuum seal actually does preserve delicate aromas and flavors that might otherwise be lost.

Vacu Vin stoppers are easy to use and can be doubled as wine pourers when not sealed. Insert the stopper into the bottle, and the pump can be used to vacuum the air out until you hear a click. This helps in slowing down the oxidation process.



2. Coravin Model Three Wine Preservation

Coravin Model Wine Bottle Opener

Coravin Model Three’s wine preservation system is one of the best tools for maximizing any wine’s life. Unlike most traditional stoppers, this system allows you to enjoy the wine without having to open the bottle. The wine needle is specially designed to pierce gently through the wine cork followed by tipping and aligning the spout with the system uses Argon gas, an inert gas used in the process of wine-making. Argon enters the wine cork while it is protected from any oxygen exposure. The cork then reseals itself when the needle is removed.

There are a lot of other models available, but Coravin 3 comes with Coravin’s SmartClamp that helps in easy angling while Inserting the needle and removing it. It is also cheaper than the other models and comes with a screw cap and two gas capsules.



3. Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

Le Creuset’s aesthetically pleasing and sturdy craftsmanship is well known. Their metal stopper can preserve all sparkling wines and champagnes. It locks bubbles in with a food-safe rubber seal that is airtight and a switch-style valve.

These wine stoppers can be used by screwing the curved base onto any bottle’s crown and then flipping the switch to seal or open again. Designed in France, the stopper is only to be hand washed. It can preserve the contents and lock the carbonation inside for days.



4. Rabbit Wine & Champagne Sealer

Rabbit Wine & Champagne Sealer

Rabbit Stainless Steel Sealer is a pretty good option for wines that are to be consumed the next day after opening. The quality of the material is good enough to stop any air from entering the bottle.

The ergonomic design of this stopper, along with the reliable construction, makes it easy to use. All you need to do is place it on the bottle’s opening, push down and seal it with a twist. Rabbit is one of the wine bottle stoppers with a low price tag, but the reviews also have some negative comments. This too, is hand wash only.



5. OXO SteeL Expanding Leakproof Wine Stopper

OXO SteeL Expanding Leakproof Wine Stopper

If you keep your wines upright in the fridge, the size of the wine stoppers is a crucial aspect to look at. A larger stopper can make it tricky to fit the recorked bottle back inside.

OXO’s expanding wine stopper has a smart design with slim disc-like tops that prove to be the perfect solution to restricted fridge spaces. The top can be pulled up while still sealing the bottles good enough to prevent leaks when laid on their sides. When the top is pulled up, the silicone seal contracts automatically. These stainless steel stoppers are also dishwasher safe.



6. Michael Aram Calla Lily Coaster And Stopper Set

Michael Aram Calla Lily Coaster And Stopper Set

Inspired by the curves, sensuality, and architecture of the Calla Lily Flower, this set of coaster and bottle stopper by Michael Aram, an award-winning artist, is a collector’s dream. The sculpturesque piece is so beautiful that it can dress up any bottle or decorate any display case or countertop.

The handmade design pieces from this collection are perfect for gifting or flaunting in a gathering. The collection follows a picture of a bouquet of lilies held by a woman with a vision of contemporary romanticism by Aram. The materials used are Natural Brass, Stainless Steel, Marble, and White Enamel.



7. SZUAH Wine Bottle Stopper

SZUAH Wine Bottle Stopper

SZUAH has a reliable design of a silicone body with ridges that can fit any bottle that needs resealing and not just wine or champagne. They are long enough to pull out of the bottle easily the next time you open it. They have stainless steel inside that gives them weight and depth. The steel is rustproof, and the material of the silicone is food grade.

They come in a pack of 10 stoppers of assorted colors under $10, which is a very good deal. Though the price is quite low, the seal is very tight and retains the flavors of champagne, wine, beer, and soda by preventing carbonation. SZUAH adds a pop of color to your bar and is very easy to use.



8. Joie Expanding Beverage Bottle Stopper

Joie Expanding Beverage Bottle Stopper

Joie Expanding Stoppers are made of a plastic top with a lever to press and create a leak-proof sealing, and a cylinder-shaped rubber wrapped durable bottom. This locking mechanism is great to make sure the bottle is airtight with no flavor lost. It can also be used on soda, vinegar, oil, and champagne bottles but might not fit as perfectly as cone stoppers.

The only disadvantage of this stopper is that it can’t be guaranteed to fit the mouth of every bottle to perfection. However, if your wine bottle is compatible with the stopper’s cylinder size, it would be one of the best options for you. It comes in packs of three different colors, which should ideally be hand washed for a longer lifespan.



9. Outset B229 Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers

Outset B229 Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers

These stoppers made of silicone resemble a cork, therefore looking elegant and natural when inserted into a bottle. The silicone is easy to remove, durable, and completely safe. They come in packs of four assorted colors that are soothing to the eye and not too bright. You can rest assured about your wine being intact for longer as they are completely airtight.

They can be cleaned by hand or can also be tossed in the dishwasher. Outset B229 is also fit for gifting as it comes in great packaging. The only downside to this product is the seal’s cylindrical shape, which makes it difficult to fit in beverage bottles other than wine.



10. Haley’s Original Corker


This wine accessory by Haley’s serves a total of five functions! With its simple yet innovative design, you can preserve, serve, and enhance your wine. It is made from plastic that is food safe, BPA free, and durable. There are ridges in the design to ensure proper sealing along with a tiny funnel at the bottom for a consistent, drip-free pouring action that doubles as an aerator for the wine. It also has a cap to keep dust, air, or any unwanted particle from getting into the bottle and a filter to catch wine sediments.

The stopper can fit almost any beverage bottle and can be kept either upright or lay horizontally, without any danger of spilling. This versatile wine topper is reusable as well as dishwasher free.



11. Kollea Winte Stoppers

Kollea Winte Stoppers

If you are forgetful and have often failed to recall that you put a stopper on a wine bottle days ago, Kollea is the one for you. There are number markings on the top of the stopper that allows you to keep track of the number of days the stopper has been used. You can turn the dial to the date of storage so you won’t have to remember anything.

With a few pushes, the pump sucks out the air and makes sure the seal is tight to preserve the wine for a longer period. The materials used are FDA grade and very durable. It will fit in any standard wine bottle and comes in cute gift boxes, making it a perfect gift for a wine enthusiast.



12. SaikerMan Stainless Steel Wine Stopper

SaikerMan Stainless Steel Wine Stopper

SaikerMan has a design very similar to Joie, but their material is different. This stopper is made of stainless steel, which makes for a stronger seal and a sleeker look. It is effortless to use too; all you need to do is place the stopper on top of the bottle and push the lever down. Lift up the lever to reopen it and it comes out smoothly.

SaikerMan can also be used for beer and oil in addition to white and red wine bottles. It saves your wine for up to 10 days by keeping the taste fresh with this very simple yet effective device.



13. MiTBA Bottle Sealer Champagne Stopper

MiTBA Bottle Sealer Champagne Stopper

MiTBA is a strong contender in a world of multi-purpose stoppers. Unlike many stoppers with one lever, MiTBA Champagne has a clip or clamp mechanism that can be pushed to lock in the stopper to the bottle to make it firmly sealed. The materials used to make it are rubber, plastic, and stainless steel. The pumping feature can be used after that to prevent the loss of carbonation of the drink.

This champagne stopper also has a date tracking feature so that you can keep track of the days since it was resealed. As opposed to a wine stopper, MiTBA has a pressure pump that helps in preserving the bubbles of any fizzy drink or sparkling wine, champagne. This exclusivity for bubbly drinks is the only disadvantage of this stopper. But when sparkling wines alone are taken into account, MiTBA is one of the best wine stoppers to preserve the drinking experience by retaining their fizz and taste.



14. Vinaka Wine Stoppers

Vinaka Wine Stoppers

A stopper can be functional as well as cleverly funny like Vinaka. It has amusing word art with wine-related phrases on the stoppers. The pack comes with five wine stoppers with different fun writings. They are easy to insert and remove with leak-free seals. They fit most bottles of red wine but not Champagne as they pop off from the pressure.

Made with FDA approved durable silicone, they have colors that resemble wine or its bottle, making them look natural. They can be cleaned very easily in the dishwasher. Though they don’t have many advanced features to offer, the design itself is enough to attract any minimalist. They also make for an attractive and fun gifting option.



15. Avina Wine Stoppers

Avina Wine Stoppers

If pumping can feel like an extra burden after a glass of wine; Avina is a perfect choice that eliminates that step and still seals the bottle airtight. It has an easy push and lock system that lets you preserve wine for as long as a week. You can store your resealed bottles both vertically or horizontally without any fear of spilling. To reopen, simply release the lock by lifting the lever and take the stopper off.

The materials used in the making are durable and food-safe rubber, plastic, and stainless steel. Every pack comes with three wine stoppers at a reasonable price.



16. LIZIMANDU Wine Bottle Stoppers

LIZIMANDU Wine Bottle Stoppers

Imagine a tiny version of a world-famous painting sealing your wine after a drink. Yes, that is a real thing you can buy! LIZIMANDU wine bottle stoppers come with a miniature form of Van Gogh’s painting- Starry Night. Made in a conical shape with stainless steel and rubber ridges, it fits almost any bottle.

The top bearing paintings are nearly the size of a penny, which looks very cute yet intricate. There are a lot of designs to choose from, each guaranteed to catch your guests’ attention. These stoppers also make for the perfect gift for any admirer of art and wine.



17. Foneeus Wine Stoppers

Foneeus Wine Stoppers

Foneeus is a chic wine stopper made from non-toxic food-grade silicone that brings life to your bar. It has an elementary leak-proof airtight design with a high-temperature resistance of up to 250 degrees celsius. It is safe for dishwasher use and can fit any bottle that uses a standard size cork.

The best part about this stopper is its shape making it appear like your wine bottle is wearing a hat. It is a perfect affordable choice for fashion and wine lovers.



18. Quntis Electric Wine Bottle Stopper

Quntis Electric Wine Bottle Stopper

Quntis is an electric wine stopper that preserves the quality of wine for at least two weeks. It sucks out the air in the bottle quickly and maintains a vacuum inside for a long time. You don’t even need to pump the air out; all of it happens automatically as soon as the stopper is inserted into the wine bottle. The pumping process resumes on its own whenever the air pressure inside exceeds 20-25 Kpa. The wine is kept out of the preservation plug by a smart tilt identification.

The LED light on the stopper’s top lets you know the working status- a green light indicates the vacuum process is complete, whereas a dim light notifies the battery is exhausted. It can be used for almost 50 times with two AAA batteries and fits most wine bottles. The sleek design makes it all the more desirable for classy wine lovers.



19. Marofin Electric Wine Stoppers

Marofin Electric Wine Stoppers

Marofin is another top-notch electric wine stopper with an intelligent built-in sensing system. All you need to do is insert and press the silicone stopper into the bottle mouth, and it starts the ventilation process automatically.

There are two smart lights to indicate the status of the vacuuming process and the battery left. It keeps the wine tasting fresh for almost seven days and does not fit into any other beverage bottles. Marofin has a bottom cover for dust protection to keep your wine absolutely clean and free of germs.



20. Private Preserve Wine Preservation System

Private Preserve Wine Preservation System

Although this is not technically a wine stopper, Private Preserve is a great accessory that serves the same purpose. It consists of a unique formula of inert gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon. It is designed to keep your wines fresh by stopping the oxidation process and preserving the wine’s character for weeks or even months. The bottle gives out up to 120 sprays and is priced very reasonably.

It is recommended by critics worldwide and works by simple laws of chemistry. You don’t have to use any special stopper to reseal the bottle after this spray; even the original cork will do the job.



Factors To Consider When Buying A Wine Stopper

1. Design

Though function is the primary factor that affects wine preservation, a little bit of style with it will do no harm. According to your style, there are plenty of designs of stoppers available that will add some quirk or elegance to your wine bottle. Made from a variety of materials that give different looks, you can get wine stoppers of different colors and shapes, from hats to dragons to miniature paintings.

2. Material

There are a lot of materials that a stopper can be made of- the usual ones include plastic, rubber, stainless steel, or glass. The material plays a vital role in determining the effectiveness and durability of the stopper. If you go for rubber stoppers, check that they don’t tear easily and are strong. Other materials might leave some room for air if the design isn’t perfect. You can go for a stopper with a clamp or lever feature to avoid this situation.

3. Effectiveness

From all the stoppers’ materials, glass ones are mostly for form and don’t really serve the function as good as the others. However, not all the others are entirely perfect. Some pose difficulty while inserting into the bottle. The true effectiveness can be tested by attaching them to a bottle and then turning it upside down to check if it leaks.

4. Versatility

Some stoppers fit some bottles but are either too small or too big for others. Unfortunately, the test for your wine bottle will only pass after you have bought, tried, and tested the stopper. To avoid this uncertainty, it is safer to buy a stopper that fits almost any bottle. You’ll know that if the stopper claims to fit, not just wine bottles but champagne, vinegar, soda, and oils. You can otherwise choose stoppers with a clamp or lever that ensures a tighter seal in any bottle.

5. Price

Wine stoppers are usually not very expensive for most people to afford. However, some are priced very highly without much function or style to them. It is only reasonable if the technology used is very versatile and advanced; otherwise, some stoppers come in packets of multiple designs, which can be a great bargain.


Types Of Wine Stoppers

Wine stoppers are essentially cork-like accessories that seal the bottle to cut off the airflow. They help to stop or slow the oxidation process down. To put it simply, they replace the cork more efficiently. Wine stoppers can save you a lot of wine and hence money. They come in a lot of material and function types mentioned below.

1. Plastic

Plastic stoppers come in a variety of forms. They come with rubber ridges as a standard stopper or decorative touches like lights or graphics taking it a notch further. They can also have random shapes of fun objects or expanding variations of the same. Vacuum sealing stoppers are also made of plastic.

2. Rubber

Rubber along with silicone makes a good choice of material for wine stoppers because of their elasticity. They are even added in glass or stainless steel stoppers for a better grip. Rubber is also used in the adjustable ridges of expanding wine stoppers. They not only do a great job protecting your wine but also are available in many designs making up for the aesthetics.

3. Vacuum Sealer

When a vacuum sealing stopper is stuck on the bottle mouth, the air inside is removed to stop the oxidation. This extends the wine’s shelf life more than a regular stopper. These stoppers push or pump the air out, creating and maintaining a seal until it is reopened. Most vacuum sealers come with separate stoppers and pumps. However, the dual vacuum stoppers are the easiest to use.

4. Pourer Stopper

Wine pourers are accessories that are inserted into the bottles for ease of pouring without any spillage. As the name suggests, the pourer stopper acts both as wine stoppers and pourer, which is very innovative and convenient from a design perspective. The materials that go into making them are usually rubber, metal, or plastic. They also feature an opening and closing mechanism which works through a lever, alternating the pouring and stopping actions.

5. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wine stoppers are a more durable option than any other. They are usually cone-shaped and fit almost any bottle. The job of proper sealing is done through the rubber ridges on the cone. The best thing about these stoppers is the designs on top of them, made of various materials like plastic or wood or crystals or anything aesthetic. Though it doesn’t contribute anything important to the wine storing process, it does add a touch of beauty to your bottle. Some stainless steel stoppers also have a clamp or lever for extra protection against leaks when used in other bottles like Champagne.

6. Glass Stoppers

These wine bottle stoppers resemble the stoppers on most liquid decanters. They, of course, have rubber ridges for better sealing. Their purpose is mostly to add an aesthetic value to the bottle by elevating its look with glass’s elegance. Apart from that, glass stoppers are not as effective as the other ones because of their relatively weak seals. They can also break or crack easily if mishandled because glass is fragile.

7. Inert Gas Preservation Systems

Inert Gas Preservation Systems are very similar to the vacuum stoppers. The difference is that they use a different inert gas, usually argon or nitrogen instead of vacuum with a guarantee of extending your wine’s life for at least a week.

However, you have to be careful with these, as they can destroy your wine beforehand, if not used properly. The argon might spoil the drink if the correct preservation technique is not followed. So it is advisable to start with a cheaper wine first and then move on to using it on good quality wine once you master the technique. After that, these can prove to be a friend of your wallet.

8. Wine Access Systems

Though wine access systems are not exactly stoppers, they are an essential part of the wine preserving product community. They let you access the wine while maintaining the drink’s organoleptic characteristics untouched. To put it simply, you don’t have to remove the cork and expose the wine to oxygen in the air to pour some out. Unlike stoppers, this property allows you to keep the wine’s flavor, color, and texture intact for months.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Do Wine Stoppers Keep The Wine Fresh?

Wine stoppers stop any more air from entering the bottle. Most of the average wine stoppers do not have a pumping system to take out the air present inside previously. Therefore the wine will turn even if you put on a stopper. The longest wine will still be fit for drinking is about seven days however, that is also affected by the type of wine in consideration. Any time more than a week will yield a deteriorated smell and flavor.

2. How Long Will The Wine Stopper Last?

Wine stoppers are made with durable materials and can last for years if used carefully, like not tossing them in the dishwasher very often. Nevertheless, a low-quality stopper made from materials like fast rusting metal or easy tearing rubber will obviously not last long.

3. Can Wine Stoppers Also Be Used For Champagne?

Some wine toppers have a clamp lock feature and can be alternatively used for sparkling drinks like champagne too. If not, the fizz will create pressure to pop the stopper off, eventually making room for air to enter. To ensure not spoiling the drink, it is better to use a stopper intended for champagne rather than using the same wine bottle tops.

4. How To Store Wine More Effectively?

After you pump out the air or put a traditional stopper, it is advised to store the wine in a refrigerator. The lower temperature will slow down the oxidation process while keeping the bottle away from sunlight. This way, your wine will be saved longer than usual.

5. Is It Okay To Drink A Weak Old Wine?

This depends mostly on the type of wine you drink, the alcohol percentage in it, and the storage method. Wines with a minimum of ten percent alcohol can be consumed even after a week. It will even retain the flavors if the bottle was refrigerated and resealed with a good wine stopper.



Wine stoppers are very useful but only for a brief time. Some vacuum systems keep the wine drinkable for a long time, but most of them only retain the flavor for around a week. If you are looking for something that will preserve your wine for even longer, wine preservation systems are the way to go. Nonetheless, stoppers do come in handy if you want to store the wine for a couple more days rather than discarding the left amount. They also lend an interesting look to your bar and bottles.

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