Best Red Wines Under $20 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Alma Negra 2. Marani 3. Teliani Valley
Alma Negra M Blend Best Red Wines Under $20 Marani Kindzmarauli Teliani Valley Kindzmarauli Red Semi-Sweet

From the luscious Pinot Noir to the classic Cabernet, from the royal Shiraz to the sensuous Merlot, red wine is perfect as it blends with all your moods. With its unique fermentation process, nutritional values, and fantastic taste and aroma, red wines are always a great option to serve with dinner.

While an expensive bottle of vintage red wine can be a great gift to your loved ones, you would prefer to search for a cheaper option when hosting a dinner party with several guests. But choosing good quality red wine at a low price becomes confusing at times.

To save you from the trouble, we are here with ten great suggestions of the best red wine under $20 that will leave your guests wanting more!

Top 10 Best Red Wines Under $20 2021

1. Alma Negra M Blend

Alma Negra M Blend Best Red Wines Under $20

The M Blend is a delicious red wine from the Mendoza Region of Argentina. This vintage wine is produced in the Alma Negra winery from 100% Bonarda type of grapes and contains 13.5% alcohol content. This wine, rated among the top 1% of all wines globally, is one of the best wines under $20.

Every sip of this wine will give you a mild oaky or earthy taste with a sweet yet slightly heavy black fruit or plum-like flavor. Its ruby red color is indeed a treat to the eyes. This wine has a beautiful spicy aroma that makes it perfect for pairing it with red meats or strong cheese.


2. Marani Kindzmarauli

Marani Kindzmarauli

While buying red wines, you never have to stick to a particular region or a country. We suggest you explore the various flavors around the world and we can assure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed. This Kindzmarauli is a red wine from Georgia’s Telavi region and is an absolute delight to your taste buds.

This wine, counted among the top 1% of all the wines, rightfully claims to be called the best red wine under $20. It is produced in the Marani Wine Estate by blending pure Saperavi grapes. It contains 11% alcohol content. It has a distinct black fruit flavor with a mild dark chocolaty or oaky undernote. This semi-sweet yet dry red wine can turn any dinner party into a memorable feast.


3. Teliani Valley Kindzmarauli Red Semi-sweet

Teliani Valley Kindzmarauli Red Semi-Sweet

Another red wine from Georgia is this Kindzmarauli Red Semi-Sweet wine produced in the Teliani valley in the Kakheti region. Made from the Saperavi grapes, this wine has 12.5% alcohol content. This Kindzmarauli wine also rates among the top 1% wines of the world.

This Kindzmarauli wine will give you a unique blend of red fruit and black fruit flavor to your palate. With a balanced amount of tannin and a smooth oaky undernote, you can pair this wine perfectly with spicy dishes. However, this wine has some traces of sulfite, which can cause hypersensitive reactions in some individuals.


4. Barista Pinotage

Barista Pinotage

This Pinotage hails from the Western Cape region of South Africa. It is made from Pinotage grapes in the Barista wineries and contains 13% alcohol content. It has a bold, dry taste with a mild acidic tang. Its smooth texture and dark red hue is a great option to serve with dinner.

This full-bodied wine has a smooth, silky blend of tannin. You can perfectly pair it with pork or steaks. Every sip of this wine has a wonderful oaky, earthy note with a dark black fruity taste.

This Pinotage is one of the best wines coming from the Western Cape and rates among the Top 2% wines worldwide. Serve this at your dinner party, and your guests will leave in awe.


5. Foppiano Vineyards Petite Sirah

Foppiano Vineyards Petite Sirah

Sirah is always a delight to your taste buds. This delicious wine is made in the Foppiano Vineyards established in various regions of the United States.

They come from the Russian River Valley, California, North Coast, and also Sonoma County. It contains high concentrations of tannin and 14.9% alcohol content.

Wine experts have voted this Petite Sirah as one of the top 2% wines produced in the whole world. It has a dry yet slightly acidic taste with a black fruit flavor. Its wonderful spicy aroma with an oaky aftertaste is a perfect match with beef, lamb, or other game meat like venison.


6. Atalaya La Atalaya del Camino

La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi Reserva

Spanish red wines can be a great addition to your date nights. This La Atalaya del Camino comes from the Almansa and Castilla regions of Spain and is produced in the Atalaya Wineries.

It comprises the Grenache type of grapes with 15.5% alcohol content. Rated among the top 3% wines from the Almansa region, this wine is rightfully considered among the best red wines under 20.

This petite Sirah is a full-bodied wine with a dark blackberry hue, which gives out a beautiful toasty, mahogany aroma. Your palate will feel a blast of vanilla, chocolate,e, and cinnamon flavors, along with a spicy red fruity undernote.

With a smooth velvety texture and well-balanced tannin concentration, you can perfectly pair this Sirah with steaks, veal, or poultry dishes. It also tastes great with pasta.


7. La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi Reserva

La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi Reserva

This Vina Alberdi Reserva wine comes from the Rioja region of Spain. It comprises the Tempranillo type of grapes in the La Rioja Alta Winery. This wine has a magnificent ruby red color that will adorn your dinner table. It is counted among the top 2% of all the wines produced globally and is one of the best red wines under $20.

This Spanish Rioja Red wine has a bold, dry taste with high acidity and high tannin content. Its mild red fruity flavor with an earthy, oaky undernote makes it a great match with beef, lamb, veal, or poultry dishes. It has a powerful spicy aroma and an acidic yet leathery aftertaste that will linger in your mouth for a long time.


8. Lapostolle Cuvée Alexandre Carmenere

Lapostolle Cuvée Alexandre Carmenere

Want something lesser-known to impress your guest? This Chilean Carménère can be the best red wine under $20 for you.

This Cuvée Alexandre Carmenere, produced in the Rapel Valley and the Colchagua Valley of Chile, is made with 100% pure Carménère grades in the Lapostolle Wine Estate.

This Chilean Carménère is one of the best wines from the Colchagua Valley and rates among the world’s top 2% wines by wine experts.

It has a gentle blend of tannin and a deep crimson color that is an absolute delight to the eyes. You can pair this with beef, lamb, poultry, and also pasta.

With every sip of this wine, you can expect to feel a blast of flavors of berries, red fruits, and spices on the palate. With its slight earthy, oaky aroma with a dry, acidic taste, this wine can uplift any dinner party’s ambiance.


9. Bogle Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon

Bogle Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon

Californian red wines have been the favorites of many wine lovers. If you wish to try one, this Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon can be one of the best red wines under $20. It is produced in the Bogle winery of California, United States. It is made by blending Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with 14.5% alcohol content.

This wine has a bold, dry taste with a mild acidic tang. With moderate tannin content and deep reddish-purple color, this Cabernet Sauvignon is among the top 3% of all wines produced in California. It has a strong and balanced taste with a thick, buttery, smoky aroma. You can perfectly pair this wine with steaks and lamb and other game meat.


10. El Enemigo Cabernet Franc

El Enemigo Cabernet Franc

With a vivid ruby-red hue and an intense mixed aroma of eucalyptus, vanilla, cedar, and strawberry, this Cabernet Franc is a red wine worth trying. Produced in the Mendoza region with Argentina, it is made in the El Enemigo Winery with pure Cabernet Franc grapes and has about 13.9% alcohol content.

This wine is also one of the top 1% of the wines produced in the world. With its unique flavor and aroma, this Cabernet Franc goes well with almost all dishes, especially red meats. According to wine lovers, this red wine goes best with grilled steaks. It has a balanced tannin content and a leathery, oaky aftertaste that gives a persistent finish.


The Types of Red Wines You Must Know About

Buying the best red wine under $20 is not so simple. There are multiple types of red wines available, each made with different grapes, by a different fermentation process, and aged in diverse manners.

Also, red wines are produced in a lot of countries and have various hues and aromas. It takes a bit of knowledge about different red wines to choose the one that will be perfect for pleasing your taste buds.

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet is one of the most popular red wines consumed in this world. It has a bold, acidic taste with a dry yet elegant flavor.

Its dark red hue and complex aroma can lift the ambiance of any party. It tastes best when paired with steaks and poultry dishes.

2. Merlot

Merlot has a sensuous touch in its name. This luscious, velvety, soft red wine goes well with vegan dishes or pasta.

Merlots are best served with fatty and saltier foods. You will fall in love with its smooth texture and fruity flavors.

3. Zinfandel

Zinfandels are famous in the United States. It usually has a mild strawberry or cherry-like flavor with a spicy undernote.

Zinfandels are generally high on alcohol content but have low tannin concentration. You can pair its unique flavor perfectly with pizzas and pasta or any other cheesy dishes.

4. Malbec

If you love a mild oaky taste in your wine, then Malbec is just the perfect red wine for you. With a soft fruity flavor and a toasty, smoky aroma, Malbec can be one of the best red wines under $20. Malbec is a versatile wine. BBQ, brisket, pork, or steaks, you can Merlot with whatever you like.

5. Shiraz

Shiraz has a nice royal ring in its name. They consist of darker, juicier Syrah Grapes. Shiraz wines taste slightly like tartlets and have lesser complex flavors and aroma. These wines are a match made in heaven with spicy foods. Shiraz also tastes great with a platter of cheese.

6. Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo hails from Italy too. It is a bold tasting, full-bodied red wine with a high amount of tannin. They are quite affordable and are a great option to serve at your dinner parties. With a pale garnet red color, this wine has grippy, leathery goodness that clings to your mouth for a long time.

7. Sangiovese

Sangiovese are much-loved in Italy. It has a light tanginess with a dry taste. Sangiovese are best served with Italian delicacies. You can also pair with game birds. Its sweet taste will uplift the taste of ducks and venisons.

8. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noirs are also quite popular among red wine lovers. They are more complex than Merlot, with a smooth, silky texture. It has a fruity flavor with lesser calorie content and also lower sugar concentration. This red wine tastes great when served with salmon or other fatty fishes.

9. Madiran

Madiran is a wine considered to be good for your health. They contain high amounts of antioxidants and high levels of tannin. Its dark inky red color is aesthetically pleasing and can be a great option to serve on your date night

10. Barbera

If you love tangy tastes in your wine, barbera can be an excellent pick for you. These wines are low in tannin but high in acidity. With a deep red hue and a mild oaky flavor, these wines taste great with Italian cuisine.

Is Red Wines Good For Your Health?

Red wines are not only a feast for your eyes and taste buds, but it is beneficial for your health too. Red wines contain the right amounts of antioxidants, flavonoids, and other components. Let’s see how they are good for your health.

1. Promotes Better Cardiovascular Health

Red wines are known to control heart and cardiovascular health. They have polyphenols, resveratrol,l, and quercetin that help reduce the ‘bad’ cholesterol in your blood and encourage the build-up of ‘good’ cholesterol. Red wines also help in lowering blood pressure by relaxing the arteries. They are also known to prevent cell stress.

2. Acts as an Anti-inflammatory Agent

Red wines have a rich amount of resveratrol, which has outstanding anti-inflammatory properties. It helps deregulate the body’s natural inflammatory properties to a standard level and differentiate between healthy and unhealthy cells.

3. Helps in Balancing the Blood Sugar Level

Resveratrol is a versatile component. It helps in preventing insulin resistance in your body and also prevents metabolic disorders. Anybody who has Type 2 diabetes and looking for a dietary solution can include a moderate amount of red wine in their daily diet.

4. Has Anti-carcinogenic Capacity

With a high concentration of antioxidants in red wines, they have excellent anti-carcinogenic properties. They help boost the body’s immune system and stop the tumor cell’s proliferation and reduce cancer progression.

5. Improves Cognitive Function

Research has found that a moderate amount of red wine if consumed daily, can have neuroprotective benefits. They help in maintaining long-term mental acuity.

It also helps conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Red wines also help in improving memory retention and focus.

6. Helps in Combating Obesity

Red wines also have a compound known as piceatannol. It is known to be effective in reducing the growth and generation of fat cells. Thus, red wines may help in maintaining a healthy weight.

Whether it is a candlelight dinner with your beloved or a soiree in your house, red wines are perfect for all occasions. With its desiring scarlet hue and soft spicy aroma, its flavors are a perfect match with red meats like steaks and lambs. Red wines can taste delicious with pasta too.

With their incredible health benefits, red wines are an excellent addition to any diner table. We hope these recommendations of the best red wines under $20 from various countries will help you find the perfect one that best suits your taste buds.

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