Best Wine Clubs 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. The California Wine Club 2. Cellars Wine Club 3. Vinesse Wines
The California Wine Club Best Wine Clubs Cellars Wine Club Vinesse

Whoever started the first wine club (and there is evidence it could be someone in the following list), should be given the wine equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize.

In all seriousness though, they provide such a valuable service to wine lovers. A wine club saves you time by doing all the work for you in seeking out good-value wines. It also provides the huge service of using the benefit of its experience to find you unique vintages from around the world that you would likely never know about otherwise.

There is a huge array of wine clubs out there for you to choose from. The first thing you need to do when deciding which club to subscribe to is to ask yourself some questions about what you expect. Do you want a club that brings you wines from local wine regions or from all over the world? Is it important to you that the wines are organic or biodynamic? Do you want low-alcohol wines or are you happy with vintages made in the traditional manner with standard alcohol levels? Do you want reds, whites, or rosés – or a mix? By the glass or by the bottle? Limited edition or just darn good?

Then there is how the club selects the contents of your case. Is it important to you that an online wine club uses the latest available tech to fine-tune your particular tastes down to the exact tannin levels you prefer in your Cabernet Sauvignon or just how much oak you like in your Chardonnay? Or do you like to have a wider interpretation of your tastes so you can be pleasantly surprised by your wine club deliveries?

Last but not least are the all-important practical questions? Which club offers the best value for money? Which has the best wine delivery service and wine club reviews? How about extra perks, deals, and bonuses? Does your shipment feature material that provides information about which region they come from, who made them, and how to enjoy them?

Whatever your preferences are, there is a wine club out there that will tick all your boxes. Read on and find out about some of the best going.

Top 12 Best Wine Clubs 2021

1. The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club Best Wine Clubs

Cost: $41.95 – $231

Philosophy: Small is Better

The philosophy of The California Wine Club brings the wines of boutique producers to the public. Its belief is that wines from small producers have more character than mass-produced wines. A small, dedicated, family team puts a lot of leg work into sourcing red, white, and rosé wines. They visit artisanal wineries personally, meet the teams in the vineyards and wineries, and invite them to offer their wines to the members of their club.

Wines mostly come from California with a few from Oregon and Washington. There are also a handful of wines from France, Germany, Argentina, and Australia.

The California Wine Club offers six levels of membership to suit customers’ tastes and budgets with some of the best wine club deals around.

Featuring mom and pop winemakers from California, the Premier Series Wine Club launched the company. Customers get two hand-crafted, award-winning wines in each order and a choice of colors and wineries. These can be ordered each month, every other month, or quarterly.

The Signature Series Wine Club is The California Wine Club’s higher tier aimed at connoisseurs that collect wines. You have access to hidden jewels from a huge network of artisan winemakers – wines that have Silver and Gold scores from wine competitions and critics. Vintages are limited production and sought after by wine aficionados.

The International Series Wine Club is for wine lovers who want to head a little further afield for their favorite varietals. You get to order Malbec from Argentina, German Riesling, and Bordeaux from France. Sticking to The California Wine Club philosophy, all of the wines are made by boutique outfits.

For those who love their classic reds, the Aged Cabernet Series Wine Club offers something special. Premier Cabernet Sauvignon aged for a minimum of 8 to 12 years give you the opportunity to taste what skilled winemaking and time can do.

The Pacific Northwest Series Wine Club puts Washington Cabernet Sauvignons and Oregon Pinot Noirs from hand-picked wineries in the spotlight.

The Case Club option allows you to haul in caseload quantities of wine. They are mostly from California but also include selections from The California Wine Club’s other regions.

This range of memberships makes the California Wine Club one of the best wine clubs.

One of the great features of this wine club is each membership level is pay-as-you-go and you can cancel anytime. Each shipment includes tasting notes and insights into the winery. You save money when you re-order your favorite wines and shipping costs decrease with more wines. You also get a wine advisor who suggests wines based on your preferences, VIP tours to the California vineyards, and wine storage in the club warehouse when you go on vacation.



2. Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club

Cost: $29 – $369

Philosophy: Wine Brings People Together

Husband and wife duo Mark and Holly Ihrig started Cellars Wine Club in 1999 when online retail started to make a splash and have not looked back. Mark had years of experience of running a brick-and-mortar wine store, so the idea was to bring that personal spirit to a digital storefront.

The Ihrigs have links with world-class wine producers from their neighborhood in Washington State and around the world. An in-house team of tasters is the foundation of their “no bad bottle” guarantee where you get a full replacement if you’re not satisfied with your wine.

Cellars Wine Club has nine clubs to pick and choose from starting from a single bottle package to full-case options.

The club offers 2-bottle membership packages for premium wines, import wines, 90-point wines, West Coast wines, sparkling wines, sweet wines, and natural wines. There is also the option to sign up for a delivery of a trio of reds. If you want bigger shipments, you can opt for the 12-bottle case packages with a selection of premium wines, wines exclusively from outside the USA, and exclusive wines that have all received a rating of at least 90 points from renowned wine critics. There are also several options for the proportion of reds and whites you get in the mix.

You have complete control over how frequently you receive shipments. There is the option of one-off or regular deliveries.

So you can fully enjoy your selection, each package includes winery details alongside wine tasting notes and wine tips. Cellars Wine Club has a team of wine consultants on hand for discussing your personal preferences and advising about new wines that may suit your palate. It helps you save a little cash firstly, with delivery costs because they cover standard shipping and, secondly, you get discounts on re-orders making this club one of the best monthly wine clubs.

There’s a philanthropic bonus; every time you order your favorite wine or explore new styles and varietals, 15% of the cost of your purchase goes to a non-profit body. You get to choose from a range of vetted organizations. There is no extra cost to you and, whenever you pour yourself a glass of wine, you know you have helped someone out.



3. Vinesse


Cost: Starts at $12

Philosophy: Excellent Value for Money

Offering one of the widest selections of wine club membership packages going, Vinesse has something for every budget and preference. The aim is firmly on value for money regardless of whether you are buying Champagne or wallet-friendly wine.

Two wine fans founded Vinesse in 1995 with the noble aim of making unique boutique wines available to all with convenient delivery. One of the best wine clubs, it also believes in helping customers who are new to wine to become more self-assured about their viniculture knowledge and what they like. Vinesse occupies the territory between cheap, mass-produced wines and expensive vintages where many premier wines exist. It works directly with award-winning winemakers and producers to create and buy top-quality wines for its wine club line.

Vinesse has 14 different wine club package themes that range from single varietals to a mix of wines from specific regions. The themes comprise American Cellars Wine for wines fromregions across the USA, Pinot Noir for wine lovers who enjoy this earthy, fruity red, California Treasures for members who favor wine styles from this sunny region and, Malbec which includes different styles of this versatile and popular red. If Oregon and Washington State wines are your thing, Vinesse has a Pacific Northwest package and if you have a soft spot for Chardonnay, you can order a package devoted to this varietal. Other grape types include Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. There is also a Light and Sweet package which offers what it says on the tin, a Grab Bag, Elevant, and Earth-Friendly option offering wines made with organic principles in mind. Of course, no wine club would be complete without a Sparkling Wine category; Vinesse has this as well.

Reflecting its commitment to quality at a reasonable price, Vinesse members have voted they would buy more than 95% of the wine club’s reds, whites, and sparklings again.

There are a few perks for new members. You get your first shipment of 8 premier wines for only $49.99 including shipping.

If you stick with Vinesse, you have the choice of five different bottle quantities ranging from 3 to 12 and a selection of delivery intervals to choose from. All in all, it is pretty flexible to suit your wishes. If you are unhappy with any wine you receive, Vinesse will replace it and there is free delivery on 12 or more bottles.

To help you enjoy those bottles, even more, Vinesse supplies tasting notes and suggestions on food pairings.



4. Wired For Wine

Wired For Wine

Cost: $169.97

Philosophy: 90 point + Wines Only

Wired for Wine is an online wine store with an impressive selection of wines from around the world covering all kinds of niches. It has a selection of fine whites, white blends, reds, red blends, rosés, and sparkling wines. It even has kosher wines and sake.

This store runs a wine club as one of its services named the 90+ Wine Club. One of the top wine clubs, as its name suggests, only wines that have received a critic’s score of 90 points or above make it into the club – and into your wine rack!

The 90+ Wine Club does not have the kind of flexible member options that some other clubs offering only three options for subscribers. You can choose a case of 12 reds, whites, or mixed (the white case may contain rosé or sparkling wines). However, it makes up for the limited number of member packages with a guarantee that there will never be any bulk wines in a case and prices are always below retail.

The caliber of wines you could receive in your selected color category will raise your eyebrows for all the right reasons. For example, in a box of reds, you may get the likes of 90-pointer, Double Canyon Horse Heaven Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, or La Posta Pizzella Vineyard Malbec 2017, which has earned 93 points. Or how does a St Cosme Cotes-du-Rhone 2017, 90-pointer sound? In a box of whites, you will find the likes of Allan Scott Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018, a 90-point wine, Sean Minor 4B Chardonnay 2017, a Gold Medal winner, or a 91-pointer like Bohigas Gran Reserva Extra Brut Cava 2014. Of course, these are not necessarily the exact wines you will receive but they give an idea of the standard you can expect from one of the best online wine clubs.

With every shipment, you receive tasting notes and bespoke food pairing suggestions put together by wine experts. Additionally, the wines are curated with the change of season in mind, so you get pairing recommendations that are in tune with the weather. Nobody wants a tomato and mozzarella salad suggestion in the depths of winter!

Once you sign up for the membership, your deliveries of wine are sent quarterly to your home or office with free ground shipping. Membership automatically carries on until you cancel it. If you do make this decision, there is the flexibility to do so any time as long as it is at least 7 days before the next shipping date. Wired for Wine is pretty good with refunds as well. If you are not 100% satisfied, send the case or bottle of wine in question back within 30 days, and you will get a full refund.



5. Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club

Cost: $110

Philosophy: Only Organic, Biodynamic Wines Will Do

This one is for all you wine fans who love rare, boutique wines and, if they are organic and biodynamic, all the better. Sourcing wonderful wines from around the world that are also nice to nature is the cornerstone of the Plonk Wine Club ethos.

Founded by Etty Klein, a trained wine lover who has featured in Wine Enthusiast’s Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers List, Plonk Wine Club has left no stone unturned to find natural wines produced through organic and biodynamic methods, and free from pesticides or acidifiers, alcohol enhancements, artificial sugars or any kind of chemicals. Wines are hand-picked by wine experts who meticulously select hidden gems deserving of more exposure and worthy of your tastebuds. This selection process involves tasting hundreds of wines before deciding on which make the grade for Plonk.

It is not just natural wines that are the order of the day; Etty and her team seek out indigenous grape varietals from around the globe that you might not otherwise have a chance to try. This feature makes it one of the best wine clubs for people who want interesting, healthy wines but do not have the time to do the leg work to find them.

You get to tailor-make your wine club subscription according to your wine style, quantity, and frequency preferences. You can choose an all-red, all-white, or a changing selection including rosé and sparkling wines. The choices for case size are flexible as well with a choice of 4, 6, or 12 bottles per delivery. When it comes to frequency of delivery, there is the option of month-to-month payment with an ongoing subscription or, if you like to organize your wine in advance, you have the choice of prepaying for 2, 6, or 12 shipments. For convenience, deliveries can be made at your home or office and it is absolutely free.

To top it off, each shipment of wine includes in-depth tasting notes for each wine plus recipe suggestions for you to try at home with your selection.

The great thing about Plonk Wine Club (aside from the fact that you get beautiful, interesting natural wines from small producers around the world) is its flexibility. You can change your membership anytime during the course of your subscription. This means that, say you want to change over from red to white or the other way around, there is no problem.

Plonk Wine Club is a little pricier than other wine societies but, if you are happy to pay more you get the cream of the natural wines crop delivered to your doorstep.



6. Firstleaf


Cost: $90

Philosophy: Gets Better with Every Box

If you are into getting super-tailored wine shipments based on your feedback and preferences, Firstleaf is one of the best wine clubs for you. From the get-go, they swiftly build a profile on your wine preferences resulting from how you rate the wines that arrive in each shipment.

First of all, what is the lowdown on the club? The bedrock of operations is to have the most-customer-centric wine club possible, and with over 100,000 members, it looks like Firstleaf has got the formula right. Its portfolio of wines includes numerous top prize winners with plenty of silvers, gold and platinum medals among Firstleaf’s vast selection. The club’s wine team travels around the globe to find top-class wines for your subscription. This team tastes more than 100,000 wines a year but only 2% make it through. One of this club’s unique points is how it not only sources wines members want but produces them with winemakers around the world. This is how dedicated it is to ensure the wines on your glass are customized to your palate.

How it works is you take a quiz that pairs wines to your palate then order an introductory case of wine. You rate each bottle, and your preferences are stored to be used for your next order, and so on. Using its patent-pending technology, your shipments are always paired precisely with your taste, be it for reds, whites, or a mixed case.

Following your introductory offer, you can opt to receive 6 bottles of wine at a frequency of 1,2, or 3 months. If you want to double up your order, you will get a duplicate order for $159.95 plus tax. This includes free shipping. This works out at $15 a bottle which is up to 60% off retail prices.

Another feature of membership of the Firstleaf wine club is access to an exclusive wine concierge team. These experts are on hand to discuss your likes, hone your tasting profile, and give you tips on food pairings.

If at any time during your membership you wish to purchase extra bottles of wine outside of your scheduled deliveries, you can do so and enjoy membership pricing perks.

You can take advantage of a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your money back if you do not love the wines in your shipment. You can also cancel your membership at any time.



7. Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars

Cost: Starts at $80

Philosophy: Wine Meets Data

Looking for tech-backed insights into your wine preferences? If so, Bright Cellars is one of the best wine clubs to join. Two friends, Richard Yau and Joe Laurendi met at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and decided that they wanted to take their tech-savvy and love of the drinks business to create a wine club that everyone could enjoy. The problem was that Richard and Joe were craft beer and cocktail fans and did not know anything about bouquets, legs, or the traditional method. This did not stop these wine newbies.

Realizing that they were facing that huge and elaborate landscape known as the wine industry, they decided they would tackle it and bring value to customers with algorithms. Both Richard and Joe were sure this approach would not only help them navigate their own lack of knowledge but also help wine lovers fine-tune theirs.

The result was the creation of the Bright Cellars Wine Club which features the state-of-the-art Bright Points algorithm. This technology has helped the team at Bright Cellars to build a bridge of expertise between them and their members. It also gives customers the added bonus of getting deeper awareness about their own tastes in wine – awareness they can use for every membership order they make.

You get started by taking a short quiz that determines your taste profile. Like acidic whites with good minerality? Or do you prefer fruity reds with light tannins? Your quiz results create a record of your preferences which becomes more tailored with every rating you give your membership wines. The BrightPoints algorithm brings back four new wines that match your profile, and you are off!

The tailoring does not stop there. Every time you taste and rate a wine, Bright Cellars scores it by comparing 18 attributes to your preferences, and an in-house team of certified sommeliers make matches made in heaven that is sent to your doorstep each month. As you taste and rate the wines you get in your Bright Cellars shipments, you get to learn a little more about why you like the wine you do. This process keeps bringing back perfect wines for you plus you pick-up interesting information about vineyard and winemaking processes that add to your sipping enjoyment.

You are not stuck with your preferences either. If you decide you would like to try something new, you just have to reach out to the concierge team and fix it up.

The membership model is flexible; there are monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly options and you can skip a shipment or cancel whenever you want. Bright Cellars also offers a bottle-replacement guarantee if you receive a bottle, you are not 100% satisfied with. The team likes to call this “guaranteeing your delight”.

If you want to sit back and let your wine club do all the work for you, Bright Cellar is an ideal choice. And, if you refer friends, you get bonus bottles which surely makes it one of the best wine clubs going.



8. Get Vine Box

Get Vine Box

Cost: $79 Every Quarter

Philosophy: By the Glass Tastings

Get Wine Box offers a concept that every wine lover has longed for at one time or another: wine delivery by the glass. If you like to taste your wines before investing in a full bottle, this is the best wine club membership for you.

What is Get Vine Box all about? It goes for small producers with stories to tell about a sense of place. You know you are onto a good thing with this wine club because they are big on terroir-expressive wines and want their members to have the chance to try a range of glass-portion servings. Get Vine Box source wines you are not likely to find anywhere else very easily and range from traditional styles from established wine regions to funky offerings from up-and-coming wine-producing countries. In short, it is about combining all the traditions of winemaking with fractioning technology so that their members can enjoy tasting portions of wonderful wines.

What is fractioning technology? It is what happens when you transfer the wine into a (usually) smaller container but without losing any of the characters that oxygen can rob it of. Get Vine Box does this by using a closed-nitrogen environment that maintains each wine’s bouquet, texture, and flavors.

You get 9 new wines by the 100ml glass every quarter. Each wine has its own set of tasting notes and tips for food pairing. If you especially like one and want a full bottle, Get Wine Box can help to arrange this. Through membership, you build up credits which you can exchange for a bottle of your newly discovered favorite.

Extra benefits include savings of up to 25% and free shipping.

The only downside with Get Vine Box is there is a waiting list for membership. This is probably a good thing though because it hints that it is one of the best wine clubs so get on that list to get one step closer to those glass-sized samples.



9. Revel Wine Club

Revel Wine Club

Cost: Starts at $52/ Shipping included

Philosophy: Choosing Wine is Not Rocket Science

Revel is an offshoot of the Winery Exchange which has been producing much-loved wine, beer, and spirits since the early 2000s. The team has spent hours walking through vineyards, visiting wineries, and tasting wine so it can offer club members the best, handpicked wines. Revel believes that selecting a wine with personality should not be complicated.

Revel Wine tailors its wine memberships to budget, lifestyle, and taste through a wide choice of premier wines it makes with a network of award-winning wineries in the USA and abroad. This is also the best wine club for organic and sulfite-free wines especially since it makes them themselves. Having the option of trying these types of natural wines is a bonus if you like to mix your selection up with those produced by traditional methods. In other words, you can have the best of both worlds. The Revel Wines portfolio includes 10 certified organic red wines, plus4 reds that are organic and sulfite-free. It also offers a few whites in the former category.

Revel Winesfunctions from the premise that the customer should call the shots, not only through choosing wines and price points, but also deciding on the desired experience. It is also one of the best value wine clubs out there with subscriptions starting at $52 for 4 bottles. In fact, the existence of expensive wine clubs was one of the reasons Revel Wines was started; to make wine shopping for great-value wines easy, stress-free, and budget-friendly.

When you become a member, you have the choice of receiving 4, 6 or 12 bottles every month, every two months, or quarterly. You can go for all reds or whites or a mix if you prefer to have some variety for your solo sipping or get-togethers. Shipping costs are included in the cost. You can change your wine preferences or arrange to skip a delivery with a click of your mouse.

Membership with the Revel Wine Club entitles you to a 15% discount on wines and merchandise from the online shop. Additionally, if you are in California, you can enjoy complimentary tastings for two at Revel’s premises in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles.

An extra bonus to membership is the chance to have first dibs on the fabulous new wines the tasting team brings from far and wide.

If all this is not enough to make you fall in love with the Revel Wine Club, it also has low-calorie wines in its range!



10. Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines

Cost: Starts at $159

Philosophy: Handcrafted with Honesty

If you love wine, but do not like the high sugar and alcohol levels that come with it, Dry Farm Wines is the best monthly wine club for you. Its portfolio includes wines that are as pure as they come, hailing from small, organic, and biodynamic vineyards from around the world. As the club’s name suggests, all wines are the result of dry farming. This means there is no irrigation system in place and the vines have to dig deep to find their own water source which leads to lower yield, higher-quality grapes. What are more, vines range in age from 35 to 100 years which also means more concentrated, top-quality fruit?

Dry Farm Wines handpicks its growers. It goes for family producers that practice organic farming in vineyards that are great examples of biodiversity. Plants, herbs, flowers, animals, and insects all make their homes there adding to a rich, natural ecosystem.

This club’s wines are also pure in other ways. In the winery, producers practice minimal intervention for clearer wines that let nature shine through. Dry Farm Wines seek wines that undergo dry fermentation for lower sugar levels and its range never passes a 12.5% alcohol level with many as low as 7%. Its wines also have an incredibly low level of sulfites and no additives. Importantly, wines only ferment with natural, ambient yeasts for a purer product and finer taste. There is also no or minimal fining. This attention to detail to its natural wine range has earned it top monthly wine club reviews.

A meticulous tasting team ensures that every bottle is one that will bring plenty of taste enjoyment to members. What does this mean for Dry Farm Wines? It looks for a sense of place, otherwise known as good terroir expression, and a vibrant personality in a wine.

How do Dry Farm Wines know each bottle it works with meets its standards? It vets every producer, and each wine undergoes lab analysis with a certified enologistto make sure all those sugar and alcohol levels reflect the levels of a naturally-made wine.

Members of Dry Farm Wines can opt for deliveries to arrive monthly or every other month and receive a range of 6 or 12 exceptional Natural Wines sourced from small producers around the globe. Different grape varietals, styles, and countries are included in each delivery so subscribers can bank on getting something new and interesting each time.

Shipping is complimentary and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

A highlight of Dry Farm Wines is it offers what it calls a “100% Happiness Guarantee”. It is so confident that you will enjoy each wine its team selects for you that it will replace any bottle that does not meet your standards and foot the bill as well.

In our view, if you want to enjoy wine but as healthily as possible, this is one of the best wine clubs for you.



11. Wine Insiders

Wine Insiders

Cost: Starts at $89

Philosophy: Exclusive Artisanal Wines

The Wine Insiders Club is very possibly the best online wine club for those extras and bonuses that make your dollar go that bit further.

First of all, when you join you get an introductory selection of 12 wines for $89 plus 3 free bottles from a premier Bordeaux producer. Additionally, with your second shipment, you get a complimentary Deluxe 7-Piece Lever Pull Corkscrew Setto enable easy and professional bottle opening and pouring. Afterward, with selected shipments, you can expect complimentary accessories that make your wine drinking experience more fun and – well just give you that connoisseur vibe. Finally, some club experience subscriptions include bonus summer and winter deliveries.

The Wine Insiders Club is just what it says; it sources exclusive top-quality artisanal wines from all over the world that cannot be found anywhere else. Judging from its wine lists, it has the major regions, varietals, and styles covered plus categories like vegan, organic, and low sulfite wines. All of the wines in The Wine Insiders Club have gone through a rigorous testing process. The club wine curators have 50 years of combined experience. What they look for first is the highest-quality wine then filter down to a selection for all budgets and occasions. Only 3% of sampled wines make the grade.

As a subscriber, you can select a case of 12 reds, whites, or a mix. Your shipments arrive every 12 weeks and, for flexibility, you can skip a delivery or cancel your subscription whenever you wish.

In each of your shipments, you also get material that provides an in-depth look at the varietals, producers, and regions.

Customer-friendly to the core, The Wine Insiders Club is also the best wine delivery club. If you cannot be at home to sign for your shipment, you can arrange for it to be delivered to one of 10,000 pick-up points and collect it at your convenience. Delivery is free for shipments of more than 6 bottles.



12. Wine of the Month

Wine of the Month

Cost: Starts at $24.96 monthly

Philosophy: The Original Wine Club

Credit where credit is due, this is one of the best wine clubs online partly just because it is one of the first if not the original wine club. Run by the second-generation owner, Paul Kalemkiarian, it launched in 1972 and has been going strong since.

When you join this vintage wine club, you receive two top-quality wines on your doorstep every month. Acting as subscribers’ personal sommelier, Paul tastes the wines himself, clocking up 400 every month from all the major wine regions. Out of this vast quantity, only 2 (which Paul is happy to have in his own cellar) are added to the Wine of the Month Club portfolio. Premier wines do not equate with sky-high prices here; the aim is to source wines that give you the best bang for your buck.

This best wine of the month club offers more than 10 wine membership options to cover all tastes. The selection comprises The Wine Club Classic Series Wine Club, the California Wine Series, the Vintners Series, the Limited Series, the Cellar Series, the Case Club Series, the Mystery Case, the Napa Series, the Bordeaux Series, the Rosé Series, and the Pinot Noir Series.

Paul has a lifetime of firm connections throughout the wine industry partly handed down from his father and partly developed by himself. This is where he goes to find smaller, lesser-known wineries making amazing wines, saving members the trouble of digging out hidden gems themselves. He makes a point of avoiding big names just because his belief is that customers do not need any help finding them! Paul is also meticulous about sourcing wines that reflect their terroir. He always has a selection of wines from the same varietal displaying different characteristics depending on where it is grown and vinified.

The Wine of the month club is big on educating customers so includes an informative 24-page newsletter featuring information on the winemaker, each wine’s origin, what to look for in each of your selections, how to store the wine if you wish to cellar it, and the best food pairings for each bottle. This also covers valuable details on storage and service temperature settings.

Each shipment of wine includes a red and a white, usually one domestic wine and one international for a wider experience. You can change this to focus on whichever color is your preference. Subscribers also get to choose the frequency of shipments with a choice of monthly, every second month, or quarterly deliveries. Shipping costs $9.95 and you can cancel your subscription whenever it suits you.

The original wine club guarantees that if a member does not like a wine, it will send a bottle that suits his or her preference with no quibbling.

Committed to growing the knowledge and experience of members and providing context for their wine enjoyment, The Wine of the Month Club runs special dinners to offer ideas on how to match wine and food to perfection. These dinners are held in San Diego, Pasadena, and Las Vegas and feature experts who give tips on how to make wine and food pairing a success.

It may be one of America’s oldest wine clubs, but Paul has taken the cream of what his father started and updated it for the 21st-century wine lover with tradition at its core. This is one of the best wine clubs if you are looking for good old-fashioned savvy combined with a modern outlook.

Whatever you are looking for in an online wine club, there will always be something that fits the bill. With the convenience of the web and sophisticated supply chains, you can find a club that suits your budget and delivery frequency preferences to get outstanding, interesting wines on a regular basis.

Plus, there is no rule that says you have to just go for one online wine club. By all means, mix and match!

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