Best Wine Subscriptions 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Winc 2. Vinebox 3. Bright Cellars
Winc Wine Vine Box Bright Cellar Wine

Joining a wine club can bring amazing perks to you along with regular delivery of premium wine bottles. Here are the best wine subscriptions you can opt for.

Buying the perfect wine that suits your taste buds is not at all an easy task. With hundreds of types of wines from diverse vineyards to choose from, it is quite natural for even the veteran wine drinkers to get confused, let alone the amateurs.

However, in this digital age, you do not need to worry anymore about walking into a liquor store to look for the perfect wine your heart is craving for. There are several wine clubs and delivery services that acknowledge your unique sense of taste and pride themselves on sending the best-flavored wines.

All you have to do is subscribe to their services and get your choice of wine bottles delivered right to your doorstep every month.

But how would you know which wine subscription service is the one that will best suit your taste and other requirements? This is where we step in to help. We have performed extensive wine subscription reviews and come up with a wide range of affordable yet tempting wine subscriptions that professional sommeliers recommend. Here are ten of the best wine subscriptions that you can sign up with and discover diverse assortments of wine without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

What As A Wine Club?

Wine clubs are a special service extended to all seasoned wine lovers and also to those who are keen to develop a fine taste for wine. These clubs have been in existence for decades. Modern wine clubs offer the benefit of an online subscription to their members. It is a good way to explore your passion for wine and its culture or want to know more about it.

The members of such clubs are provided with assortments of wine bottles on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. Joining renowned or small-scale wine clubs comes with the benefit of expanding your taste horizon as you get introduced to diverse flavors every month. You can also send their mixed wine box as a gift to your wine lover friends.

Top 10 Best Wine Subscriptions 2021

1. Winc Wine Subscription

Winc Wine

If you want a little guidance to pick the perfect wine from a wide variety, Winc can be the best wine subscription for you. Before you subscribe to Winc you will have to take a quick quiz consisting of 6 basic questions that will help the club to understand your taste preference.

The experts behind the wine club then pick the best wine bottles that align with your “Palate Profile”. From the recommended wines, you can select what best appeals to you and add them to your cart. Apart from this you can also browse through different categories and choose wines you want to try.

Winc works directly with vineyards and procures over 664 types of wines from 78 different grape varieties. Winc uses consumer feedback and ratings and brings the wines that are in trend and are popular among wine lovers.

However, the drawback is that due to its continuously changing wine collection you may not be able to re-order the same wine bottles in your subsequent orders.



2. Vinebox Wine Subscription

Vine Box

Do you prefer to taste a sample before you buy a wine bottle? Then, Vinebox might be the best wine subscription for you. Vinebox sends multiple wine bottles of 10 centiliters as samples for their customers.

They help in introducing you to several wine flavors from various vineyards and assist you in determining which one you like the best. All wine boxes come with tasting notes, recommendations, and pairings. If you find the wine that caters best to your taste buds, then you can buy the full-sized bottles.

Vinebox also curates quizzes for their consumers to understand their taste preference. However, these quizzes are not so extensive like some other wine club subscriptions. They send you small, attractive vials that are enough for a glass and let you enjoy diverse flavors all in a box.

Vinebox also publishes consumer’s reviews and ratings on their website. If you are unsure about them, you can go through them before you sign up for the subscription.



3. Bright Cellar Wine Subscription

Bright Cellar Wine

Wouldn’t you love it if someone understands your choices without you saying it aloud? Bright Cellar does just that for you. When you begin with the subscription process, a 7-question quiz asks about your basic taste preferences.

Taking reference from this Bright Cellar matches wine bottles from vineyards across the world and ships them to your address. Bright Cellar offers the best wine subscription for you if you like a specific type of wine.

They also consider your monthly feedback and determine the type of wine to send you the next month. This means, the longer you subscribe to Bright Cellar, the more preferable wine bottles you would receive.

The Bright Cellar Wine Club was established in 2015 by two wine enthusiasts MIT graduates. Their process of customizing boxes depending on individual preference has been warmly accepted by the consumers.

They even send you wines from international brands that are not available in the local market. However, on the downside, as Bright Cellar only chooses wine of your preference, it restricts you from discovering newer flavors.



4. Firstleaf Wine Subscription

FirstLeaf Wine

Firstleaf wine club has expert curators who cater to you the choicest wine bottles every month from a wide selection of red, white and sparkling wines. You can order your first wine box from Firstleaf at an unbelievable discount and the subsequent shipments at a very reasonable price with an added shipping charge.

This is the best wine subscription that improves with time as they consider your taste preferences as per your regular feedback.

If you are subscribing to a wine club for the first time, Firstleaf can effectively serve your needs. The wine experts of Firstleaf ship an introductory box of their best wines from their collection and ask you to review them.

They update your taste profile with your feedback and refine their wine recommendations according to it. They also offer fast delivery and ensure that each subsequent shipment gets better with time.



5. Thrive Market Wine Subscription

Thrive Market Wine

If you are someone who prefers organic foods, Thrive Market has got your back. They offer you a wide range of wines to select from including organic, no-added-sugar, pesticide-free as well as biodynamic wines. You can browse through these categories and choose the one that you find tempting.

Thrive Market also allows you to select individual bottles according to your taste preference. You can also customize the quantity you want to subscribe for. They are quite affordable too. For a starter, you can select the Clean Wine Starter Pack by Thrive or curate your own case of wine bottles too.



6. Harry & David Wine And Cheese Pairing Club Subscription

Harry & David Wine And Cheese Pairing Club Subscription

Whether you are planning a house party or a dinner date, artisan cheese with wine is always a good option. Harry and David wine club send you unique wine bottles every month with exclusive cheese from gourmet food retailers.

The Harry & David club own the wines they send you which eliminates the extra costs of middlemen. However, they keep shuffling their assortments every month. So, if you love having surprises in your monthly wine boxes, Harry & David can be the best wine subscription box for you.

If you are a lover of cheese too, this subscription will not only let you savor a wide range of cheeses from creameries across the world but also expand your knowledge about international wines.



7. Cellars Wine Club Subscription

Cellars Wine Club Subscription

If you like to select wine bottles for yourself, the Cellar Wine Club can be one of the best wine subscriptions for you which allows customization of the wine boxes. They offer a numerous variety of box styles for you to choose from or even to gift someone.

They have diverse varieties of wines from many international brands. Whether you like red wines or sparkling wines, you can customize your box according to your preference.

Cellar wine subscription also allows you to control your shipments. You can pre-determine when you want your order delivered and how many shipments you want to have a year. You can select between monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Cellars wine club offers one of the most affordable wine subscriptions you can sign up with.



8. Blue Apron Wine Subscription

Blue Apron Wine Subscription

If you are not an avid wine drinker, but occasionally like to unscrew a bottle or two while having a romantic dinner or a celebratory party, the Blue Apron can be the best wine subscription box for you. They provide two-bottle boxes of 500ml that are smaller than the standard-sized wine bottles. You can also subscribe to the Blue Apron meal kit in which you will receive recipes to pair with your choice of wine.

Unlike other wine clubs, Blue Apron has its own winery license. The brand also works along with many renowned winemakers and brings to its customers a wide variety of premium wines. Moreover, this wine club shuffles their wine choices on a regular basis, so that you get introduced to diverse flavours.

The surprise wine assortments keep things interesting for you. Blue Apron Gift Cards can also be an impressive gift suitable for any occasion.



9. The Sip Wine Society Subscription

The Sip Wine Society Subscription

Do you prefer sparkling wines more than anything else? The Sip Wine Society might be the best wine subscription box company that you would like to consider. They specialize in sparkling wines and bring to their customers’ mini-sized bottles from across the world.

If you subscribe to their program, you would receive bi-monthly shipments of three 187 ml bottles of premium sparkling wines from international brands.

The impressive packages and cute little wine bottles by Sip Society make them perfect gifts for any occasion. Once you have discovered your taste, you can also receive full-sized bottles credit at the year-end to stock up your favourite wines.



10. The Wine Of The Month Club Membership

The Wine Of The Month Club Membership

Wine of the Month clubs is the oldest wine club that began in 1972. They send their customers premium wines from boutique wineries every month. You can choose from four monthly wine clubs and even enjoy wines from international brands. The Wine of the Month club also serves you with vintage wines from domestic wineries. It also allows for flexible and customized gifting options.

If you are adventurous enough to try different wines out of your comfort zone, this can be the best wine subscription service that can keep things exciting for you. Wine of the Month Club also allows you to select from box sizes ranging from 2 bottles, 6 bottles and 12 bottles.

You can also subscribe for a single bottle every month. It offers you a wide range of packages such as Classic, California, and Bordeaux packages. You would receive your shipments in impressively designed boxes.



What Are The Perks Of A Wine Subscription?

Whether you crave a glass of crisp wine after a long tiring day or want to save a bottle of premium wine for a celebration, a subscription to a good wine club can be the solution to all. The wine clubs understand your love for wines and bring you the best of their collections every month.

Still not convinced about the advantages of a good wine subscription? Keep scrolling to know what benefits can you avail on signing up with the best wine subscriptions of the country.

1. Get Introduced To Exclusive Wines

One of the best benefits that you can enjoy by being a member of a wine club is that you will be able to expand the horizon of your knowledge about wine. Whether you prefer dry whites or fruity red wines, wine clubs will send you their choicest flavours every month according to your taste.

Once you become a part of a wine club, you will get access to wine bottles before they are introduced in the market. You can even receive high-quality wines that are not sold in the local liquor stores and add them to your collection.

2. Avail Amazing Discounts

What’s better than a good discount? Monthly wine subscriptions is a good way to avail some great discounted deals if you are a wine aficionado. Wine clubs offer lucrative discounts to their members once you subscribe to them.

This is possible because wine clubs purchase wine in a large amount which curtails the extra cost levied by the distributors. However, you might have to pay shipping charges depending on your location.

3. Get Invited To Exclusive Wine Club Events

Many renowned wine clubs plan and organize various events every year that the general public is not allowed to attend. Being a member of a wine club you would get invited to exclusive wine showcases, auctions, wine tastings and a lot more exciting events that any wine enthusiast would love to go to.

This advantage would definitely convince you to get a wine subscription for yourself to gain the first-rate entry to these vineyards and winery events.

4. Get The Opportunity To Be Part Of Cost-Free Wine Tasting

Who doesn’t love free stuff? More so if those get couriered to you. If you sign up with the best wine subscription services, you can get the opportunity to savor premium wine samples and also to share your opinions about them with the wineries. And you can enjoy all of these perks completely free of cost.

5. Get The Latest Wines Delivered To Your Doorstep

Do you despise it when you have to leave the comfort of your home on a holiday but would love to spend the day sipping a glass of chilled wine? The wine clubs have got your back. The most important benefit of signing up for the best wine subscription box is that you would get all recently launched wines delivered straight to your doorstep. You can also opt out of your subscription any time you want or even renew it when you wish.

What To Consider While Buying Best Wine Subscription

Wine clubs are becoming quite popular nowadays and multiple new clubs have begun their business in recent years. Before you invest your money on a subscription, it’s of paramount importance to know which club is ideal for you.

1. Consider Your State Of Residence

All states do not issue permits for alcohol deliveries to customer’s residences. While there are multiple rules and regulations stated by the government that controls the direct shipments and deliveries of liquor to the customers, many provinces do not allow them at all.

So, considering your residential state is important before you subscribe to a wine club. Find out the rules that your state follows about direct shipments and whether or not it’s possible to get wine delivered to your house.

Also, shipping charges may vary from state to state. If you are thinking of joining a club that is far away, your delivery charges will increase manifold. It’s better to look for wine clubs nearby to avoid that.

2. Look For The Type Of Wine Club

If you are new to the concept of wine clubs, then it is good to know that there different types of wine clubs that offer membership. They are:

  • Winery Wine Clubs

If you only prefer a specific type of wine or like a specific winery brand, then subscribing to this type of wine club is the best option for you. These wineries usually host various events and wine tastings year-round that only offers member-only access.

Apart from enjoying amazing discounts and gifts, you can even get opportunities to go to exclusive vineyards and private tasting chambers. This also brings a chance to socialize with like-minded people. However, on the downside, wineries generally have limited options for you to choose from.

  • Wine Of The Month Wine Club

Wine of the Month club is the oldest wine club that delivers by mail orders. These kinds of subscriptions deliver their choicest wine bottles every month to your doorstep. They also offer great discounts and deals and also give you exposure to diverse flavors of wines.

They even send you international wines rather than local ones. However, as a drawback, “wine of the month” clubs do not offer you much flexibility to choose a wine of your own preference. Nonetheless, if you like getting surprised and also love getting sample wine bottles from international brands, these kinds of clubs are the perfect option for you.

  • Local/Regional Wine Club

Regional or local wine clubs are quite common among regular wine drinkers. These subscriptions are cheaper and they also offer convenient discounts. They usually have limited outreach and try to appease their customers with various intimate and exclusive events and wine tasting.

Regional wine clubs are normally domestic and usually offer their vintage family recipes to their members which are not available to the general public.

3. Assess Your Need For The Subscription

Before you sign up for any subscription, ponder over why you need a monthly wine box subscription and how you are going to utilize it. If you are an avid wine drinker, subscribing for one bottle a month may look futile for you.

And if you don’t drink wine so much, you may not need a year-long subscription. However, if you are a social person and like having people over, having some decent wine to serve them is always a good idea. You can subscribe to your favorite winery and impress your guests with flavourful wine each time.

4. Consider The Flexibility Of The Membership

You need to look for the terms and conditions that the clubs lay down for their members. See if they charge extra for subscription or if they allow easy, hassle-free cancellation without incurring any cancellation fee.

Check if there is any minimum purchase requirement. If you are a first-timer and not sure if you would like to continue with any club membership for a long duration, these are a few important things you should consider.

5. Balance The Perks With Your Budget

Wine subscriptions are available in various price ranges to fit your budget. However, before you invest your money in any wine club subscription, make sure you look for the perks that you can avail. Some of the benefits that any reasonable wine club subscription offers are:

  • Discounts on wine gift boxes
  • Discounts on winery events
  • Discounts on special merchandise
  • Offers free wine tasting events
  • VIP events organised by the wineries

Exclusive access to concerts held by the wineries and clubs
If you are not keen on availing these perks, it means you will only receive one vintage or specially brewed wine bottle every month. Subtracting the other perks, a bottle a month can seem to be quite expensive.

6. Look For The Discounts And Combo Offers

Wine clubs usually offer great discounts to their members. Before you pick a club of your choice to get a membership, look for the discounts that the other clubs offer. If you are thinking of gifting someone with a wine subscription, you should consider combo offers.

Also, some wine subscriptions offer access to be a member of multiple wine clubs. If you want to savor vintage wines from various domestic wineries, you would want to look for such combo offers too.

7. Consider Your Personal Choice And Taste

To select the wine clubs that best cater to your taste, you need to be sure about your wine choices. It’s wise to do a little homework about various types of wines and focus on the clubs that offer the one that you liked the best.

If you are a person who loves attending events and visits vineyards, you might like to look into the social aspect that the clubs offer. However, if you are a little adventurous and would like to get a surprise bottle every month, you can opt for such programmes.

8. Consider The Number Of Bottles And The Frequency Of Deliveries

Another important factor to look for before you sign up for any subscription is the number of bottles you would receive in a year and the number of shipments you are meant to receive. In a monthly wine club, you would be receiving 12 wine bottles a year, whereas, in quarterly subscription, you can get up to 4 full cases of wines in a year.

If you have different occasions and events to host all-year-round, then subscribing to a quarterly system is the best option for you. However, if you are the sole drinker in your house, and you don’t expect many guests to entertain, one bottle a month would be enough.

9. Look For The Exclusive Events

Some wineries host exciting events that are not open to the general public. Being a member of their club, you can receive exclusive entries for such events at discounted prices. If you are a social person who loves to attend such events and wine tasting and it’s one of your priorities while subscribing to a wine club, look for clubs who offer such perks.

Also, if you are subscribing to a foreign wine club or that is located in a distant state, you might not be able to attend their events. You would surely want to look into that if you want to attend the events.

10. Go Through The Wine Subscription Reviews

If you are thinking of having a wine subscription for the first time, you might want to look for reviews by previous users. It can be helpful to understand how smoothly the wine clubs and shipments work and what kind of extra perks you would receive.

How Does A Wine Subscription Work?

If you are fairly new to the concept of wine subscription, you would want to know how these subscriptions work. Here are the basic steps of wine description:

Once you choose the wine club you want to subscribe to, select the type of case you want to be delivered to you.

  • Some wine clubs have also curated quizzes for their potential members like you to understand your unique taste and they select the wines that best suit your taste buds.
  • You can also select whether you want the shipment monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.
  • You can also select the time you want your shipments to reach you.
  • Then you have to enter your banking details for payments.
  • After you have completed all these steps, you just have to wait for your wine cases to be delivered to you.

Did You Find The Perfect Wine Club?

Nothing can be better than drinking a glass of good wine with a good company. Being a member of a wine club gives you the opportunity to be a part of a community of like-minded people. You would be able to socialize and share your love for wine with the people you meet.

Moreover, having a stock of wine delivered to your doorstep every month will keep you ready for impromptu parties. We hope that this article will guide you to select the best wine subscription for you. All you have to do now is to impress your guests with a glass of perfectly flavored wine.


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