Best Wine With Chicken Parmesan 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Jam Jar 2. Liano 3. Pasqua
Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz Best Sweet Red Wines Under 20  Umberto Cesari Pascua

Do you have chicken parmesan on the menu and are wondering what wine is best to bring out its delicious array of ingredients? White wine is best right? After all, the main ingredient is chicken and wine pairing logic says white wine with white meat. Then again, the rich mix of tomato and parmesan cheese just begs for an accompanying red wine.

The fact is that because of its wide-ranging blend of ingredients wine pairing for this popular Italian dish is not cut and dry. The good news is, this means if you favor red wine, you have a great pairing. Equally, if you favor white wine you have a great pairing. How so?

It depends on how you prepare this tasty dish. Chicken parmesan (or chicken parmigiana if you prefer the Italian name) consists of breaded chicken breast covered in crispy breadcrumbs in tomato sauce with different Italian cheeses adding creamy salty notes to the mix. That is a lot of flavors, so you need to pick your wine carefully.

Are you making a crust that is heavy on breadcrumbs and herbs or mostly grated parmesan? Is your sauce made in a rich, heavy tomato style or a more delicate dressing with hints of basil and olive oil?

Made in so many styles, wine pairing with chicken parmesan can be a nightmare or a dream. Make it the latter with the following wines.

Top 4 Best Wine With Chicken Parmesan 2021

1. Castello di Meleto Chianti Classico

Castello di Meleto Best Wine With Chicken Parmesan

While we all know that rules are meant to be broken and that applies to wine and food pairing as much as anything, there is a strong tradition of serving food and wines together that come from the same region.

We are going to go with this for Castello di Meleto Chianti Classico, a medium-bodied red that loves a rich tomato sauce. If you are preparing chicken parmesan in this style, a good Chianti is an ideal pairing wine.

This red from Castello di Meleto is reddy-purple hinting at the intense nose and palate of the wine. Indeed, it is powerfully spicy and balsamic with ripe red fruit all enveloped in tight, gentle, well-balanced tannins. Its smooth, round character is down to malolactic fermentation and aging in used barrels which impart just enough spice without being overpowering. A fruity, deep Chianti, this wine has won silvers in global wine competitions and from leading critics so is a done deal for your tangy, tomato-rich chicken parmesan. Its fruit brings out the slight sweetness in the tomatoes and a seam of acidity complements the salt from the cheese. This is an all-around winner for this favorite Italian dish.


2. Umberto Cesari

 Umberto Cesari

Sticking with the theme that food and wine from the same locale make perfect pairings, an Italian Sangiovese-Cabernet Sauvignon blend is ideal for chicken parmesan that is all about the meat. The chicken is grilled before being prepared in the dish, bringing out layers of savory flavors that are complemented by herb, cheesy breadcrumbs. You may even be adding some bacon or ham to the recipe for a tasty addition of light fats. The sauce features tomatoes but is light and more like a dressing.

A red like Umberto Cesari is a match made in heaven for this style of chicken parmesan.

Hailing from Emilia-Romagna in central Italy where some of the country’s most famous culinary goodies come from – including Parmigiano Reggiano one of chicken parmesan’s key ingredients – this classic red is just the ticket for a savory dish.

This red is composed of 70% Sangiovese for fine, fruity acidity and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon which adds structure and enough tannic grip that is ideal for lights meats such as chicken and ham. It is bursting with ripe red fruit notes with lovely black cherry gleaming throughout. Underpinned with gentle, earthy woodland notes, elegant with a long finish it is a great match for herb-rich, meaty chicken parmesan.


3. Pasqua Pinot Grigio delle Venezie


This famous Italian dish is called chicken parmesan for a reason; it features one of Italy’s favorite cheeses, an ingredient that makes the dish.

It makes sense then that you might want to make a feature of this salty, savory, nutty cheese making it lead all the other ingredients. If this sounds like your kind of chicken parmesan, go through your wine rack, and pick the freshest, most acidic white wine you have for a perfect pairing.

When a dish is salty and savory, there is nothing better than this style of white wine. The zesty, fresh acidity complements the savory notes of a cheese-forward chicken parmesan to perfection.

Pasqua is a great white wine for chicken parmesan. Hailing from Veneto in northern Italy, it boasts the kind of acidic green fruit and citrus that brings out the best in savory dishes. Balanced, fresh, and youthful, chill well before serving.


4. Roscato Sparkling Sweet Red Trentino


There is no way we are going to suggest wine pairings for chicken parmesan without breaking out the bubbly. Wine lovers often think fizz is fine to get a party started or to enjoy with dessert, but it is also a luscious partner for tomato-rich, cheesy, salty, lightly fatty dishes.

A sparkling red wine cuts through the creamy texture of a dish like chicken parmesan refreshing the palate and making each bite clean and enjoyable. The red fruit teases out the flavors of the tomatoes and complements the savory notes of the cheese.

Try Roscato with this recipe for its raspberry, strawberry, blackberry mouth. Being red, there is just enough grip and body to match light meat like a chicken without overpowering the dish entirely. It also has a brush of sweetness that goes like a hand in glove with fruity tomatoes.

When selecting the perfect wine for your chicken parmesan recipe, look at what you are highlighting your particular take of this versatile Italian dish and decide from there. The range of ingredients will give you plenty of fine choices. Be adventurous; go for a wine you would never otherwise have considered!

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