Best Wine With Pizza 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Tiefenbrunner 2. Lyra 3. Radoar
Tiefenbrunner Turmhof Gewürztraminer 2018 Best Wines With Pizza Nals Margreid Lyra Gewürztraminer 2013 Radoar Etza 2015

The composition of a pizza is dominated by yeast. Hence, the overall taste, regardless of the toppings, is doughy. However, as we know, the composition of pizza has changed over the years.

Every country where pizza has reached has its version of the dish today. Moreover, different kinds of pizzas go well with different types of wines. In this guide, we shall help you know which is the best wine with pizza.

As per Italian traditions, the doughy pizza with a simple tomato sauce and cheese goes well with red wine. Moreover, Italians consume pizza as a heavy meal. So, for them, red wine is best suited to compliment pizza.

The American pizzas, be it the famous Chicago pizza or the Brooklyn Pizza, are supplemented with different kinds of toppings. Therefore, the wine options that one can pair with their pizza are also open to personalization.

Top 7 Best Wines With Pizza 2021 

1. Tiefenbrunner Turmhof Gewürztraminer 2018

Tiefenbrunner Turmhof Gewürztraminer 2018 Best Wines With Pizza

The Tiefenbrunner Turmhof Gewürztraminer 2018, a famous white wine from Südtirol – Alto Adige, Italy, tastes excellent with pizzas with mushroom toppings. It goes well with a mushroom pizza because it is a nuanced white wine that does not overpower the flavors of the pizza. So, you enjoy the taste of the mushroom and the pizza crust thoroughly.

However, the flavors of the wine are very significant, too, even though they do not overwhelm you when you are eating. The wine is not very sweet and is on the drier side. The acidity of the wine is minimal, while the texture is very creamy. All these characteristics help it in complementing a cheesy mushroom pizza very well.

Experts even say that this Northern Italy Gewürztraminer wine does not produce even half its magic without a cheesy pizza. The presence of mushrooms is like a cherry on top.

The wine brings different kinds of tropical flavors to the palate. Moreover, it has a spicy edge with several herbs used to make the basic mixture. All these elements make a great beverage to pair with your cheesy pizzas. It is, overall, a well-balanced wine that is worthy of being paired with your favorite pizzas.



2. Nals Margreid Lyra Gewürztraminer 2013

Nals Margreid Lyra Gewürztraminer 2013

Nals Margreid Lyra Gewürztraminer 2013 is yet another splendid white wine that can make your pizza taste even better. In general, the wine tastes best with pork, poultry, fatty fish like salmon, tuna, etc., spicy food, and soft cheese.

As all these elements can be present in the pizza, as part of the base or the toppings thus, pair this wine with your pizza meal can be a great idea.

As stated before, pizzas that are loaded with a variety of flavors go well with the Nals Margreid Lyra Gewürztraminer 2013. This wine has a fair amount of grip that helps it deal with the acidity of the spicy pizza sauce and the toppings.

Generally, it is better to have white wines with light pizzas. However, it is a one-of-a-kind wine that tastes equally good with pizzas that have rich flavors.

The reason why it can contain the spicy nature of such pizzas is because of its earthy base. With a honey and ginger base, the wine strikes the much-needed balance for the consumer. It is juicy, dominated by candy flavors, and leaves a smoky aftertaste.

Simply speaking, everything works well for this wine. Some even call it the best wine for pizza.



3. Radoar Etza 2015

Radoar Etza 2015

A great white wine to have with a pizza, hailing from Südtirol – Alto Adige, is the Radoar Etza 2015. It is a premium wine that is rated amongst the top 8% wines from across the world. Like all good wines, it is great to have it after dinner.

Having a pizza meal for supper makes the experience even better. Again a traditional Italian combination that works great even today.

If you like fish toppings on your pizza, you should certainly try pairing it with this wine. Moreover, the wine also tastes well when you pair it with fresh vegetable salads. So, if you are amongst those who like these new vegetarian pizza variants like the salad pizzas, the Radoar Etza 2015 is the best wine for you.

The taste of this wine is bound to surprise you at first. While it has an excellent balance, it manages to leave a strong salty taste on the palate. Each sip gives out a good fragrance and aroma and provides the taste of mountain apples and fresh herbs.

The Radoar Etza 2015 has an exceptional taste, but it does not overpower the pizza’s flavor. It is the reason why it complements the dish extremely well.



4. Elena Walch Gewürztraminer 2019

Elena Walch Gewürztraminer 2019

Elena Walch Gewürztraminer 2019 is yet another exquisite white wine from Südtirol – Alto Adige. The region is home to several old wineries that produce the finest wines in Italy. This wine forms a great pair with light pizzas like the Margheritas.

It is unable to handle the acidity of other types of pizzas. Hence, it would be best to combine it with simple ones, having minimal toppings and sauces.

It is still able to manage the creaminess of the pizza quite well. Moreover, the combination of soft cheese and white wines is already very well known to drinkers. If you do not need the wine for handling the acidity of the pizza, the Elena Walch Gewürztraminer 2019 is a good option.

It is because the curation of this wine is such that it will not overwhelm the flavors of the pizza, while it will still provide a satisfactory experience of drinking an exquisite white wine.

Another reason why you should have this wine with a cheese Margherita is because of the incredible mineral notes that it has. With icing sugar, exotic fruits, and some sweet spices, the wine leaves a good aftertaste on the palate. All other features of good white wine, like the aromatics, are also present, but they are not as good as you might expect.



5. Elena Walch Concerto Grosso Gewürztraminer Alto Adige 2018

Elena Walch Concerto Grosso Gewürztraminer Alto Adige 2018

Elena Walch Concerto Grosso Gewürztraminer Alto Adige 2018 is another good option if you are looking for a wine to enjoy with your pizza. A decent wine that has a significantly bold taste is just as good as any other beverage that goes well with a classic Italian pizza.

It is a North Italian wine that compliments pork, fish, and chicken equally. Hence, if you are a pizza lover who is always keen on adding loads of toppings on the base, this wine can be a great supplement to your evening feast.

For a pizza that is heavy on cheese and toppings, a white wine like this, that can provide essential support to this density, will be a good bet. For many people, a very creamy and cheesy pizza is not easy to eat in sufficient amounts. A beverage like a good wine can be paired with such meals to balance the dish’s overpowering characteristics.

The wine isn’t too sweet and lies on the drier side of the spectrum. The Elena Walch Concerto Grosso Gewürztraminer Alto Adige 2018 has a soft taste that delivers notes of peach, apricot, and melon on the palate. It will be a great choice.



6. Fritz Muller Perlwein Müller Thurgau Trocken 2014

Fritz Muller Perlwein Müller Thurgau Trocken 2014

Very rarely do we see German wines being highly rated and praised by seasoned wine drinkers. However, the Fritz Muller Perlwein Müller Thurgau Trocken 2014 is a fantastic light wine produced in Germany. Made in the wineries of Rheinhessen, the wine finds an unusual partner in the Italian Pizza. The two complement each other quite well, and the combination is famous all over the world.

People suggest that a thin crust pizza piled with salad greens like arugula and spinach is the best meal to have with this wine. With so many veggies on the plate, you need a beverage that can give a tangy flavor in between.

Fritz Muller Perlwein Müller Thurgau Trocken 2014 does the same. It is refreshing to sip the wine between bites. It also enhances the taste of the pizza manifold.

The tangy flavor of the wine comes from its fruit extracts. The taste is dominated by citrus fruits, lemons, peaches, apples, kiwis, and a small number of cherries. The alcohol content of the Fritz Muller Perlwein Müller Thurgau Trocken 2014 is on the lower side.

Moreover, it has a beautiful and sparkling appearance that entices the drinker tremendously. Overall, it is a good wine to have with your pizza.



7. Antolini Recioto della Valpolicella Classico 2017

Antolini Recioto della Valpolicella Classico 2017

After enjoying a wholesome pizza meal, all that you wish for is a good dessert. Having dessert wines that are fruity and sweet is always a great experience. Wines like the Antolini Recioto della Valpolicella Classico 2017 are the best ones to have on such occasions. A dessert wine coming from Recioto della Valpolicella Classico, its taste is delicious and exciting.

The wine is not exclusively meant to pair with a pizza. You can have this wine after eating anything and everything, and you’ll end up enjoying it each time. If you have had a pizza loaded with cheese, you can try this dessert wine that gives a much-needed sweet aftertaste. Besides, it is also helpful in clearing the cheesy richness from your mouth after you have enjoyed all the flavors.

The taste of the wine is heavily dominated by cherries to make it sweet. Usually, ordinary cherries are used in smaller amounts to make wines. However, high-quality cherries with other elements like chocolate, vanilla, rosemary, apple strudel, and caramel are the defining parts of this fantastic wine. Choose the Antolini Recioto della Valpolicella Classico 2017 after a rich pizza meal.



Pairing Wines With Different Pizzas

1. Margherita

Margherita pizzas are the standard pizzas that you can find almost anywhere. These pizzas are probably the simplest variants and go well along with medium-bodied wines.

These wines enhance the acidity of the sauce used in the pizza. Due to this enhancement, an otherwise plain Margherita gets an exciting taste.

2. Pepperoni

Another standard one, pepperoni, is the most common non-vegetarian pizza that you can find. The pizza contains spicy meat toppings.

A wine like the Sauvignon or the Sangiovese tastes best alongside pepperoni pizzas. However, other wines that can balance the acidity of the pizza toppings also taste good.

3. Vegetarian Pizzas

Vegetarian pizzas contain salad toppings, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, peppers, etc. The flavors of all these vegetables and spices are not very overpowering. So, a wine like a Chardonnay that has complex flavors will make the dish complete.

Wines that contain elements like herbs and zesty citrus extracts are also great for pairing with such pizzas.


So, we hope that you will be able to select the best wine with pizza. The experience of drinking a variety of wines helps pair them with different dishes. Many people remain confused about whether they should pair white wine or red wine with pizzas.

Simply speaking, it depends on your liking. Following the traditional way is not compulsory in this regard.

From the wines that we have suggested, you can buy anyone that suits your requirements. While all of them have great taste, they taste much better once you have them with your favorite pizzas.


1. Is White Or Red Wine Better With Pizza?

Traditionally, people used to pair red wine with pizzas for evening meals. A simple pizza with a spicy sauce always tastes good with a glass of red wine.

However, white wines are also good when you are having a variety of flavors on the crust with the toppings. Hence, it is based on your choice and likings whether red wine will taste better or white wine.

2. What Is The Best Drink With Pizza?

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks complement the flavors of a pizza equally well. Beer and pizza are a classic combination. Wines bring out the best flavors in a pizza. If both of these drinks are not available, a simple fizzy soda will work wonders too.

3. Does Moscato Go With Pizza?

Premium sparkling wines pair well with almost any dish whatsoever. The same is the case with pizzas. If you want to drink Moscato wine with dinner, there is nothing like pairing it with a good pizza loaded with cheese and exciting toppings.

4. Is Chianti Good With Pizza?

Chianti is among the most popular red wine varieties, which is enjoyed by seasoned drinkers worldwide. The famous red wine from Tuscany forms a classic pair with pizzas. Even a pizza that has relatively simple flavors tastes excellent when combined with the Chianti wine.

5. What Wine Goes With Pesto Pizza?

Pesto sauce and toppings on the pizza can be a little tricky when it comes to choosing a complimentary drink. Usually, if there are greens on the pizza, going with Sauvignon Blanc is the safest and the best option.

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