Best Wine With Salmon 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Vigneto Saetti 2. Coteaux du Layon Rochefort 3. Tramari
Vigneto Saetti Rosso Viola 2019 Best Wine With Salmon Coteaux du Layon Rochefort 2018 San Marzano Tramari Rose di Primitivo 2019

Salmon is a quite versatile fish used frequently for special occasions. If you are planning to serve salmon for the next special dinner, you must be wondering what wine would go perfectly with it. Though not many hard and fast rules exist when it comes to wine pairings, there are some wines that go better with salmon than others. Your choice of wine will also depend on the type of salmon you have and the type of dish you are preparing.

Wild vs. Farmed Salmon

With increasing consumer demands, farmed Atlantic salmon has become more common on dinner tables. The texture of farmed varieties tends to be fattier than their wild cousins. In the case of seared salmon, specifically the farmed ones, a chilled Pinot Noir is the obvious choice.

Pinot is perfect as it picks up well on the caramelized crust and the richness of the fish. However, you can also consider Chardonnay.

Bold Red Won’t “Kill The Flavors”

The myth that red wine pairs well with fish have been going around for a while. Though it isn’t true, it is better to not go too big. Strictly avoid a full-bodied red wine to pair with salmon as it will only kill the flavors of both the wine and the fish.

Salmon With Cream Sauces And Herbs

Taste is very subjective. Nonetheless, there are some essential rules that don’t hurt. Sauvignon Blanc’s herbaceous notes and minerality match well with a salmon that is prepared with citrus and fine herbs. If the salmon has cream and butter as accompaniments, Chardonnay with a hint of oak will be the perfect highlight for the fish.


A Pinot Gris from Alsace or a Riesling from Germany can bring out the flavor of spices in cooked salmon, for example, the sweetness from the miso sauce.

Smoked Salmon

Good quality smoked salmon has had a timeless appeal- starting from the traditional Christmas morning meals to light summer lunches and classic canapes. A Reisling will be great for a classic smoked salmon dish with capers, onion, and a slice of lemon.

Some people also prefer sparkling wines, especially those made out of Chardonnay in a blanc de Blancs style. These are high in acidity and therefore do a great job of handling the saltiness of smoked salmon. Smoked salmon on toast is best paired with Chardonnay Champagne. Chilled Manzanilla Sherry is also a good combination with smoked salmon.

Salmon Sushi

Sushis come in small bites. Therefore, a citrusy and crispy wine like Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc is perfect with it. Sauvignon balances well with the acidity of the salmon and is strong enough to balance with the bold note of the rice.

Now that you know what type of wine goes with which method of preparation of the salmon, here we have the guide curated for you to choose the best wine with salmon for your meal.

Top 6 Best Wine With Salmon 2021

1. Vigneto Saetti Rosso Viola 2019

Vigneto Saetti Rosso Viola 2019 Best Wine With Salmon

Rosso Viola 2019 is made from hand-harvested Lambrusco grapes. These grapes are crushed and fermented in steel tanks at a controlled temperature, and the alcohol fermentation is done without any grape pressing. The sediment immediately falls to the tank’s bottom, which eliminates the need to micro-filter. The grapes are fermented for a second time in the spring in bottles at controlled temperature and pressure. The wine is then disgorged after a patient, four-month-long refinement.

The wine has a ruby red shade with a traditional Lambrusco nose that emphasizes red berries and violet. On the palate, it has firm yet soft flavors of cranberries, plums, and black cherries with some earthy notes too. Another attractive feature of this wine is that it is organic.



2. Coteaux du Layon Rochefort 2018

Coteaux du Layon Rochefort 2018

This one belongs to the Loire Chenin Blanc style of wines that have a characteristic high acidity. Most of the wines of this variety tend to be off-dry to medium sweet containing notes of straw, honey, and flowers. The best of the lot become golden and honeyed as they are made of grapes affected by noble rot. The drier styles have a chalky minerality to them.

Chenin Blanc grapes come in a variety of styles and they span the Loire river that flows out to the Atlantic Ocean. The region consists of areas with diverse climates and soils. However, the inherent acidic quality makes the Chenin Blanc lose its charm in cooler vintages with an overpower of acidity.

Coteaux du Layon Rochefort 2018 has a pretty, luminous amber color. With aromas of Mirabelle plum, bitter orange, and honey, it also has some hints of honey and gingerbread. The palate is rich and sweet with a pleasant acidity manifested from the palate’s center to sustain the sweetness. The finish is refreshingly bitter with caramelized notes. This makes it one of the best wine for salmon.



3. San Marzano Tramari Rose di Primitivo 2019

San Marzano Tramari Rose di Primitivo 2019

The name Tramari means “between the two seas” which indicates the area of production of this wine. This rose was born about 100 meters above sea level in Salento, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub that features both landscape and aromatic bouquets. The grapes used in its production are Primitivo, a representative variety of the Puglia region.

This rose is light and fresh with rich scents of aromatic herbs and red fruit. It has aromas of watermelon, raspberry, lemon, mint, and pomegranate. The palate is incredibly elegant as it is juicy, balanced, and fresh with notes of red fruits, rosemary, lavender, and lemon.

With a dry and light mouthfeel, it has a mineral nuance in the finish. As good as it is as an aperitif, it is also excellent when paired with fried seafood, fresh cheese, and fish soups- arguably far ahead in the race of the best wine with salmon.



4. Turmhof Gewürztraminer 2018

Turmhof Gewürztraminer 2018

Made purely from Gewurztraminer grapes, this wine matures for almost seven months after the maceration of the skins. It ranges from luminous to deep golden yellow in color. The aroma is multilayered dominated by rose petals, lychee compote, honey, and lime. It also has notes of elderflower and green bell pepper with an excellent full-bodied structure.

On the palate, you can taste mostly citrus notes of lime, lychee, elderflower, green bell pepper, medicinal herbs, and a bit of saltiness and bitterness. The mouthfeel is dry with high acidity and a pronounced intensity creating a persistent finish. Overall, it is complex, crisp, polished, and intense.



5. Monte Rossa Prima Cuvée Brut N.V.

Monte Rossa Prima Cuvée Brut N.V.

Monte Rossa’s masterpiece Prima Cuvee is widely known for its graceful elegance as the winery’s visiting card. It is a blend prepared from 85% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir and 5% Pinot blanc and is kept in the bottle for a minimum of 20 months for refining.

The color is straw yellow with a persistent and fine perlage. The delicate sparkling wine displays immediate aromas of white flowers, fresh fruits, peaches, and pears to the nose. It also has hints of brioche and lemon peel. Textured softly with a gentle fizz, it has enough of a citrus grip to captivate you till the last sip.

The palate offers a complex yet harmonious range of flavors of apple, pear, and lime that is fresh and persistent for a long finish. It will continue to develop for the next 5 years but is undoubtedly delicious today as well. It pairs exceptionally with seafood, Italian appetizers, and hard cheeses. Moreover, it is also sustainable and vegan.



6. Paltrinieri Radice 2018

Paltrinieri Radice 2018

The Paltrinieri winery spreads across 42 acres and is situated in the historic area of Cristo di Sorbara. As it sits between two major rivers of Modena, the sandy soil and fertile silt make up for the perfect environment to grow Lambrusco grapes. The Radice 2018 has a pale pink rose color to it. With a light fizz, it is less bubbly than any traditional sparkling wine as the second fermentation process takes place inside the bottle. The winery uses indigenous yeast for the production and releases the bottles with crown cap closures.

‘Radice’ means ‘roots’ in Italian and pays homage, along with the winery map drawn on the label, to the roots of the vines. The nose of this wine has the enticing scents of citrus blossom, yellow stone fruit, wild red berry, and a comforting yeasty whiff of pastry dough. There is also a note of smoke and clementine oil.

On the palate, you find delicate pink grapefruit, tangerine, and crushed strawberries combined with crisp acidity. A saline note also helps it to provide a great finish. You can find lees or yeast sediments at the bottom of the bottle as the wine is not disgorged before release. This contributes to giving the wine extended longevity. Pair this with some smoked trout, a simple cheese platter, or a plate of sushi.

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