Best Wine Similar To Burgundy: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Friedrich Becker 2. Dominio de Tares 3. Naoussa
Spätburgunder, Germany Best Wine Alternatives To Burgundy Mencía, Spain Xinomavro, Greece

In the wine world, Burgundy in eastern France is synonymous with quality, tradition, and, more often than not, a high price tag. Reds from this region are so well crafted that it is easy to understand why they become the go-to wines for anyone looking for top-of-the-range offerings. However, even the most die-hard Burgundy fan might want to have a new tasting adventure and start looking for wines that provide a similar quality but a new experience. On the other hand, if the price of Burgundies is making you hesitate, you can find alternatives which are just as interesting to drink but do not hurt your pocket.

French appellation traditions may conjure up ideas of something rarefied but in fact, Burgundy is simply 100% Pinot Noir. However, it is worth keeping in mind that this grape is a fussy little thing that only yields outstanding results when handled with world-class skill in the vineyard and winery. It prefers moderate or cool climates plus ripening and harvest timings have a little leeway. This is why the exemplary reds from Burgundyhave become the gold standard for Pinot Noirs around the world.

As well as in Burgundy, this varietal is grown primarily in the USA, Chile, New Zealand, and Australia but winemakers all around the world try their hand at making Pinot Noirs. The best display forest fruits, cherry, strawberry, and violet notes while gamey, forest floor tones also make an appearance. It all depends on where they are cultivated and how long they age.

Here is a fun fact: PinotNoir is one of the key grapes in Champagne and usually appears in sparkling wines made elsewhere in the traditional method. We will leave bubbles for another time though and, whatever your reason for wanting to explore, dive deep into the world of wines that are similar to Burgundy.

Top 6 Best Wines Similar To Burgundy 2021

1. Spätburgunder, Germany

Spätburgunder, Germany Best Wine Alternatives To Burgundy

Translating literally as ‘Late Burgundy’, Spätburgunder is Germany’s answer to Pinot Noir. If you are looking for a new taste of the varietal and not too worried about digging deep in your pocket, a wine from Friedrich Becker winery is a good bet. You will find it in the famed Rhineland-Palatinate area where the wine industry has been beavering away since the first century.

This winery has a reputation for quality Spätburgunder. With its limestone soils and careful winemaking, its alternative to Pinot Noir from Burgundy is fruity, concentrated, smoothly tannic, and elegant. A good place to start is its Sankt Paul.


2. Mencía, Spain

Mencía, Spain

If you have not heard of the Mencíagrape you are in good company. It is only grown in Spain and in Portugal where it is known as Jaen. Its red fruit flavor profile, medium body, and aging ability give it depth and finessed tones which make it an ideal alternative to Burgundy.

TryCepas Viejas Mencía. Deep ruby with black fruit tones and spicy licorice notes, it is balanced and subtle with a lingering finish. Pair with roast beef or lamb.Salud!



3. Xinomavro, Greece

Xinomavro, Greece

If you are new to this Greek grape, you will wonder why once you have tasted it. Hailing from the Naoussa wine region, the quality of Xinomavro wines have earned it the nickname ‘Barolo of Greece’. What it shares with Burgundy is its tannic structure which enables it to age sublimely.

Check out Naoussa. Its fragrant red fruit nose and palate is a little like Côte de Nuits Burgundy. Yiamas!



4. Pinot Noir, Romania

Pinot Noir, Romania

Romania could be called the vineyard of Eastern Europe so great is the area it has under the vine. It lies at the same latitude as France, but its climate is continental. It produces wines from a wide range of varietals with Pinot Noir a natural fit for its cool climes.

You could do worse than start with terra Romana This producer has its roots in France’s wine tradition when a French wine connoisseur visited Romania in 1993 after learning about its viticultural potential from Terra Romana Hugh Johnson’s “World Atlas of Wines”. The trip inspired the winery’s establishment.

Serve plants carefully according to varietal characteristics with Pinot Noir growing on the steepest slopes in calcareous soil. The varietal repays this love with fruit that is juicy and full of flavor for fresh and confident Pinot Noir wines.



5. Zweigelt, Austria

Zweigelt, Austria

One of Austria’s most planted varietals, Zweigelt is a cross between Blaufränkisch and St Laurent. It produces intricate juicy wines with heady bouquets and satiny textures reminiscent of a good Burgundy.

A. Moserwinery offers a good choice to rival Pinot Noir. With vineyards located north of Burgenland, this varietal has the perfect environment to flourish. Careful treatment in stainless steel and oak adds to the depth of flavor of its wines. Take the winery’s Terra Austria Zweigel for example. With its ruby hue, delicate cherry fruit nose and palate, and silky mouthfeel, you can take a sip, close your eyes and imagine you are in Burgundy!



6. Pinot Noir, Oregon

Pinot Noir, Oregon

The Burgundy trail would not be complete without a visit to Oregon in America. In a handful of decades, this north western state has developed a stellar reputation for its Pinot Noirs with Willamette Valley leading the way. An AmericanViticultural Area (AVA), this appellation is home to award-winning producers who harness its wet mild climate to craft outstanding Pinots.

Oregon Claygate Estate Vineyard is a boutique winery that packs a punch with its Pinot Noirs. The steady climate allows its single estate wines to retain vital acidity and complexity during growth and it shows in the finished product. Taste Pinot Noir Oregon Claygate Estate Vineyard as part of your quest for an alternative to Burgundy. It is smooth, deep, and delicately fruity and goes well with beef, game, and poultry.

Burgundy is a top world wine but that does not mean it is without friends and cousins. Enjoy meeting the whole family one glass at a time!

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