Casa Verdi Ultra Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review

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The most widely planted grape in Chile, Cabernet Sauvignon thrives in the wide range of environments in this tall, narrow country. At 4,270 km long and an average of only 177 km wide, four important geographical features define this South American nation. To the west, there is the Pacific Ocean, at the shore the coastal mountain ranges, to the east the Andes and in the middle, the Central Valley located snuggly between these two massif ranges. The country’s extreme geography is the bedrock of its unique vineyard terroirs which support a wide selection of grape varietals produced in different styles.

Cab Sauv first arrived from France in Chile in the middle of the 19th century as part of a program to suss out how this European noble varietal would fare there. The answer was and is “very well”. Today, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted grape in the country, ripening to perfection courtesy of long, sunny summer days and cool nights. The thick skin of this hardy grape means a fruit-forward nose and palate plus high tannins. Chilean Cab Sauvs allows these qualities to shine and frames them with signature elegance combined and complexity.

The Verdi family brought winemaking traditions from Italy in 1918 when founder Aniceto Verdi arrived with a dream of producing wine in Chile’s Central Valley. This region was already renowned for its high-quality soil and ideal grape cultivation climate. At first, Aniceto sold wine in unlabelled bottles but everyone knew who made them and they soon garnered the byword, Casa Verdi and it stuck.

Even though Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are a touch bunch, Case Verdi hand harvests the grapes for its Casa Verdi Ultra Gran Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon to ensure the unique properties of the fruit are kept intact for premium winemaking.

Tasting Notes


To the eye, Casa Verdi Ultra Cabernet Sauvignon is deep ruby red and simply invites you to have a taste.


There is an intense core of ripe strawberries and luscious black fruit with fine hints of licorice and spice.


Deep, rich red and black fruit is the bass note of this Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon from its heady nose to its lasting finish. Its lavishly jammy character is beautifully balanced by spicy licorice and a touch of cocoa in a well-rounded expression of this versatile grape. Aging for twelve months in a combination of French and American oak leaves lovely, sweet tobacco and vanilla notes and grippy tannins in a smooth and satisfying mouthfeel tempered by ripples of acidity. Masterfully structured, full-bodied, and just sumptuous!

Food Pairing

Pair Casa Verdi Ultra Cabernet Sauvignon with rich meats like steak, roast beef, lamb, spicy sausages, or even a good old hamburger. For vegetarians, mushroom rich dishes are an excellent match, and this wine loves a platter of hard cheese. If you want to be creative, pair it with a cheese soufflé.

Drinking Readiness

Casa Verdi Ultra Cabernet Sauvignon has the fruitiness and acidity for enjoying now and it can be cellared for bottle aging to work its magic.

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