Domaine Ricard Les Trois ChĂȘnes Touraine 2017 Wine Review

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One of the most wonderful things about the Loire Valley is the quantity and quality of wineries dotted along its namesake river banks. You can spend days exploring one little spot and still only touch the tip of the iceberg. You pack up your car and look back longingly through the rear-view mirror at all the jewels of wineries you did not manage to visit. The downside to this plethora of wineries is that so many do not export their products. As with other French wine regions, they simply do not need to because their markets are well established locally. Many a bottle of wine gets packed into an increasingly heavy suitcase as the only solution to enjoying a gorgeous Loire wine that you would otherwise never taste again.

Thanks for small mercies like online shopping and the chance to buy beauties like Domaine Ricard Les Trois ChĂȘnes Touraine 2017from Domaine Richard with the click of a mouse.

This Loire-style Sauvignon Blanc is made from fruit grown on vines that are more than 70 years old. If they are cared for meticulously, the older the vine, the more intense and refined the quality of the wine. To preserve the delicate qualities of the fruit, Domaine Richard hand harvests grapes and ages this Sauv Blanc in used Barriques so as to add a touch of oak without overpowering its fine aroma and flavors.

Vintner Vincent Ricard manages his vineyards organically and uses mysterious yet effective biodynamic methods to produce the finest fruit. When he took over the family winery in 1998, he left the cooperative it had been part of and struck out n his own to craft estate wines. His work paid off as today his vintages are placed in Michelin Star restaurants across France.

Tasting Notes of Domaine Ricard Les Trois ChĂȘnes Touraine 2017


Les Trois ChĂȘnes Touraine is clear straw colour with golden hints.


The nose exhibits clean primary aromas of white peach and apricot with only a brush of oak. I also got lovely lilac, white florals, and bergamot.


On the mouth fresh pear leads with warm strokes of melon and stone fruit. A sprinkling of lemon and red grapefruit adds sparkle while brilliant and persistent minerality adds complexity. One of the features of this wine I enjoy is its round, cushiony, creamily textured weight courtesy of steady fermentation and careful lees aging. Gentle oaking gives a light, supple structure without masking full honey notes and fruity flavors in this crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. The finish is zippy, lightly spicy, and lingering.

Food Pairing

This masterfully-made wine is fit to match any Sauv Blanc favorites. It is heavenly with seafood cuisine and divine with sushi. Ravioli with a light sauce is also a good pairing and roasted lamb goes down a treat. For vegetarians, try Les Trois ChĂȘnes Touraine with creamy mushroom risotto or a grilled vegetable platter.

Drinking Readiness

It is fresh, it is vibrant, and it is ready to crack open now. Santé!

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