Peter Vella Pink Moscato Sangria Review

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Sangria, hailing from the blue skies and heat of Spain sings of summer – even if it just in your head! Its fresh feel-good taste is ideal for casual get-togethers, an evening refresher or a day at the beach (or the next best thing – an imagined day at the beach depending on what hemisphere you are in).

Peter Vella Pink Moscato Sangria can tick all of the above. It is made from the ancient grape Muscat Blanc which offers orange blossom citrus and a light floral character ideal for light, delicate, fun wines for light, delicate, fun occasions.

Peter Vella has a long tradition of winemaking in the family going back to the turn of the 19th century when grandma and grandpa ran a small winery just up the road from Napa Valley. The family started to cultivate wine grapes a few decades later. Peter grew up surrounded by vines and their lovely bounty, so it was a natural move for him to follow in his family’s footsteps and launch his own wine company.

The philosophy is to make enjoyable, affordable wines from the sunny vineyards of California for family celebrations and relaxed evenings with friends. Peter Vella is also known for its emphasis on slim box packaging for lasting freshness, easy pouring, and storage plus grab-and-go convenience.

Tasting notes for Peter Vella Pink Moscato Sangria


More red-hued than pink which is fine because that is what we love Sangria for anyway.


Fresh and fruity but really you do not want to spend a lot of time sniffing this one. Just dive in and take a sip!


Peter Vella Pink Moscato Sangria is bright, exploding with fruit and refreshing sip after sip. It looks exactly how it tastes; dazzling red fruit, light and zippy. It has just enough sweetness to balance out the nice tartness. Very moreish.

Food Pairing

Picking the right bites for your wine can make all the difference to how much you enjoy it. Luckily, this luscious sangria goes with just about everything, and the more you chill it the better. With its Spanish origins, it matches well with seafood paella, patatas bravas, or a good old Spanish omelet. It also complements any tune-rich dishes. Its sweet nature makes it an excellent pairing partner for spicy grub like Tex-Mex or Thai food and it loves the salty, spiciness of cured ham, prosciutto, and salami. Rich cheeses like brie or rustic goat’s cheese are ideal with a glass of sangria as it has just the right zest for their creaminess. If you have a sweet tooth, pair Sangria with fresh stone and tropical fruit or strawberry sorbet.

Readiness For Drinking

This is not a wine for aging but for enjoying now. Leave in the fridge until very well chilled and pour.

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