Terroir du Trias Bandol Rouge (2013) Wine Review

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The sun-soaked terrain of the Bandol in Provence, France is famed for producing deep, intense reds that age to magnificence. To give some idea about how intense these wines are to begin with and how fully they age in the bottle, after ten years or more, they are the kinds of wine you can pair perfectly with a piece of rich, dark chocolate cake. Delicious!

The 2013 vintage of Terroir du Trias Bandol Rouge from Domaine de Terrebrune is en route to such splendor but has no less majestic a taste profile for it. It boasts complexity combined with fruitiness – but more on that later.

Domaine de Terrebrune makes a point of carefully creating wines which are made for food pairing from fruit grown in the prestigious Appellation Bandol ContrĂŽlĂ©e, one of the most important designations in southern France. While most of Provence is famed for rosĂ© production, Bandol’s reputation is built on premium reds made from its king grape, the tannic, sun-loving MourvĂšdre (aka Mataro or Monastrell).

Domaine de Terrebrune features ancient, rocky soil where vines fight for survival and produce select fruit. A south-facing orientation, sea breezes, and a Mediterranean climate are ingredients that add to the quality of the grapes. Made for years of bottle aging with a spectrum of refined flavors reflecting each phase (and with ongoing drinkability!), Terroir du Trias Bandol Rouge mirrors this tough yet nurturing terroir. The winery also undertakes hand picking of fruit for the highest quality wines.

Tasting Notes


Inky red to the eye with a touch of amber and legs which are fast and slow-moving.


The nose displays everything a good red Bandol should. It carries well beyond the glass with stewed black plum, blackberry, spice, and a hint of vanilla. I also picked up meaty, earthy notes with a touch of leather.


The palate broadens to show off a typical Bandol powerhouse of persistent bramble and spice. Massive red and black fruit mingle with mineral notes courtesy of limestone in the vineyards. An undercurrent of licorice effortlessly hems in fruity flavors while earthy farmyard notes break out and mingle with classic Provence garrigue. Firm and polished tannins and good acidity frame a southern garden of flavors with finesse. Careful oak aging for 18 months gives Terroir du Trias Bandol Rouge smoky forest floor notes and the harmony this region’s wines are famed for. The finish is lush and endless. Balanced, rounded, bold, and full-bodied, this wine shows delicious complexity.

Food Pairing

Terroir du Trias Bandol Rouge is ideal for serving with red meat dishes, especially those with rich sauces. It also goes like a dream with duck, grilled tuna, strong cheeses, and eggplant lasagne.

Drinking Readiness

With its strong fruity, spicy character this Terroir du Trias Bandol Rouge vintage is ready to drink now and can also be laid down for a few more years of bottle aging for even more intricate flavors.

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