Unruly Red 2017 Wine Review

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Some of the most luscious reds that come out of California are its blends. While many follow the famed Bordeaux recipes with success, this big mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel from Unruly puts a uniquely Californian stamp on the French tradition. Voila! Unruly Red Blend 2017 vintage.

Have you heard of “the Judgement of Paris”? I am not referring to the Greek myth, but the infamous wine tasting event held in the “City of Lights” in 1976. At this blind tasting of French and Californian reds and whites, the latter came out tops in each category much to the shock and surprise of the wine world. It was a game-changer for the Old and New Worlds.

Cabernet Sauvignon was one of the varietals judged ats this event and it is little surprise that the “Sunshine State” entries made such a stir. The most widely planted red in Californian vineyards, it is dry and full-bodied with a fruit-forward character underlined with green bell pepper, mint, and eucalyptus. Local Zinfandel bursts with candied black fruit and jam, finishing with licorice tones and smoky tobacco.

What Unruly has done is craft an exciting and more-ish vino from California’s star varietals. We say cheers to that!

Tasting notes of Unruly Red 2017


Deep rich red with purple tones and medium legs. Looks very pretty when you hold it to the light.


The nose is a blast of juicy red fruit with big plum cobbler and sweet spicy hints.


The black fruit, minty notes tobacco, and structure of Cabernet Sauvignon complements the spicy, jamminess of Zinfandel in a blend that is exciting and moreish. Medium range in all the right places, this Unruly Red Blend has sweetness of black cherry and blackberry balancing deliciously biting dryness, tannins complementing smouldering spice and an explosive body that is masterfully contained. It rounds a smooth, easy drinker with just the right amount of acidity to highlight its lovely jam character. Good value and a great wine for sharing.

Food Pairing

It is easy to pair this deep and juicy red. Italian food with rich tomato sauces is perfect and a hamburger with the works will go down a treat with Unruly Red Blend. It also goes well with a chocolate dessert and makes a lovely solo glass for winding down at the end of the day. Good any night of the week.

Readiness For Drinking

Californian blends are known for being excellent foraging, but you can crack this one open and enjoy it now. If you are patient, a little aging will heighten its fruit and deepen its spice and body.

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