Vampire Pinot Noir (2013) Wine Review

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I have never really been into the whole vampire thing in popular culture but, when it comes to wine, it is a different matter altogether.

Winemaker Michael Michat had the idea of Vampire germinating in his mind for years before he put pen to paper (or grape to glass). He even traveled to the vampire country Transylvania to check out the viniculture there in his quest to turn his dream into a reality. Vampire’s base is in Beverly Hills but grapes for its range of wines are not grown in the neighborhood. In the early days, fruit traveled from France and Italy while latterly it has come from California’s Carneros, Paso Robles, Mt. Veeder, and St. Helena. How did the journey to Transylvania play into early vintages? Much of Vampire’s first wines were made from grapes from Transylvania. It is not for no reason that Vampire’s catchphrase is “sip the blood of the wine”.

Michael’s selection of wines comes under three series: Vampire, Dracula, and Trueblood. Wines are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and made into red blends in old-world, fruit-forward styles. Michael also walks on the light side with ready-made sangria called Fangria and Je T’aime Brut and Rosésparkling wines.

While wine is the mainstay of Vampire, they offer a plethora of other products like gourmet coffee, balsamic vinegar, and chocolates. Also in stock are wine accessories, vampire-themed jewelry, and even a book called “A Walk in the Sun” written by Michael’s wife, Lisa.

Vampire Pinot Noir is vinified from grapes harvested in Napa Valley’s Carneros just before the sun comes up to protect the flavors and quality of the grapes. Aged in French oak for 18 months, this Pinot Noir has intense fruity notes throughout.

Put aside the slightly gimmicky tale of Vampire’s blood and you will find a wine that ticks all the boxes a Pinot Noir should. That being said, it is a great wine for a Halloween party!

Tasting notes of Vampire Pinot Noir 2013 Wine


A pretty and alluring pale red makes you want to take a sip and fast!


The nose is fruity and cherry rich with subtle notes of tobacco and hints of oak. There are also some delicate floral and mineral notes.


A fruit-rich nose broadens out to a black cherry and blackberry palate all soaked with spicy plum and pepper. One of the lovely features of Vampire Pinot Noir is concentrated pomegranate that glows from the first sip through the sensuous, soft tannins to an oaky finish. Silky, smooth, and full-bodied, this is a wine to sip by itself or enjoy with food.

Food Pairing

Vampire Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with tomato-based dishes so think margarita pizza and rich pasta cuisine. It matches both lean types of meat like chicken and steak main courses plus goes hand-in-hand with a classic burger. If you like fish, a piece of grilled tuna is luscious with this red, and vegetarians can tuck into a veggie-stuffed lasagne.

Readiness for Drinking

It is bursting with fruitiness so no need to wait. Enjoy Vampire Pinot Noir now.

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