Voga Sparkling Rosé Wine Review (2015)

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I have to start this review with a disclaimer: I am a sucker for anything Italian. It seems to me that over the centuries, Italy, when it comes to the things that matter in life, has effortlessly got everything right: music, food, architecture, art, l’amore, style, and, needless to say, vino.

I have another disclaimer: I am a sucker for bubbly.

So, coming across Voga Sparkling Rosé from Italy, I had to take a deep breath, step back, and count to ten before making any moves.

Really, what I love about this fizz is it is made from Pinot Grigio which makes a refreshing change from the usual bubbly varietals which often get the limelight (although do not misunderstand, I love them all to bits as well). Pinot Grigio is related to Pinot Noir and is famed for its zesty citrus notes. The northern Italian style has cut an enviable niche for wine lovers’ palates in fine expressions of this varietal. The elegant grey-purple of Pinot Grigio’s skin casts a lovely pinky hue through Voga Sparkling Rosé and its light frizzante flavors are perfect at the end of a long, hot day.

Voga is a new player on the Italian wine block but has quickly built up a loyal following with its range of classic Italian stills and sparklings made primarily from Italian varietals. They have even introduced a vodka to its range which is filtered through Nebbiolo for that local touch.

Voga wines bank on their combination of two of Italy’s most iconic export; the aforementioned style and wine. Bottled in elegant, cylindrical, gently curvy flasks, Voga describes them as “the perfect accessory for the fashion-forward”. I am a little traditional when it comes to wine bottling as how Italy already does this, especially for sparkling and sweet wines, is more than enough moda for me. However, it is the land of design so the chic Voga bottles might well float your boat. See what you think. Cin Cin!

Tasting notes of Voga Sparkling Rosé Wine


To the eye, Voga Sparkling Rosé Wine is pretty pink with copper highlights and endless streams of bubbles!


The nose bursts with spritely grapefruit, fresh, summery strawberry notes, and juicy peach. There is also a very subtle hint of biscuit.


The palate reflects how Voga Sparkling Rosé looks. Leading is golden, tart apricot with pinky highlights of cotton candy adding feel-good notes. It is a full-bodied rosé displaying typical Pinot Grigio tones of lush fruit. Zesty orange and lime play with light, lovely pear all rippling with dense, persistent bubbles that leave a pleasing tickle in your throat.

Food Pairing

Voga Sparkling Rosé is delightfully refreshing on its own as an afternoon or evening bevy. If you a serving it with food, think light starters and mains. It is a beauty with seafood, salads, and even gently fried fish as its acidity balances textures and flavors. Vegetable risotto goes like a dream with this rosé and sushi is always a sure winner. Its delicate sweetness also makes it ideal for fruit salad and sorbet.

Drinking Readiness

This is a great wine for Valentine’s Day but there is no need to wait until then. Chill it well, get out your bubbly glasses and enjoy now.

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